Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Post 3 things that you are grateful for today.

EMOM 10 min
even: 5 back squats (75-80%)
odd: 5 strict presses (75-80%)

*athletes will pair up for the strength portion. Find someone who will use same of similar weight for the squat and the press. You might have to pair up with one person for the squat and another person for the press.


EMOM 10 min
even: 10-15 PVC or bar back squats
odd: 10-15 strict presses

For time:
100 double unders (modify with singles 3:1)
30 lunge walks
30 sit ups
75 double unders
30 lunge walks
30 sit ups
50 double unders
30 lunge walks
30 sit ups
25 double unders
30 lunge walks
30 sit ups

RX is listed as above
OH walking lunges 45/25 plate
Med ball sit ups 20/14


  1. 75# endurance (10 reps)
    23:03 RX (GHD sit ups)

    1) this TED talk
    2) Amy for finding these and constantly helping us grow and change and be better people
    3) CrossFit and WODs like this


  2. Great MOD WOD today:
    63# DL
    43# SPP

    11:38 (30 step ups 6# box,30 doggies ea legand 30 wall ball situps 14#)

  3. Awesome wod I think the most difficult part of the wod was the walking RX lunges but hey the challenge it presents just makes me want to push harder and grow stronger
    1) Being Alive
    2) Amy, Asa, and Little Asa for having the BOX so close to home
    3) The Opportunity of CHANGE, to me that means I have a choice between being unhealthy or I can CHANGE my mind set to become healthy

  4. 1. The health of my family!
    2. extremely honored and grateful for every day that I get to watch little Asa grow up
    3. Grateful that we found the CrossFit lifestyle years ago. It has led to many friendships and it has changed our lives for the better. We have some truly amazing people in our lives that we might not have met had we not found CF.

  5. 1. My health as well as the health of my family
    2. Our jobs
    3. I am thankful for the freedom to live my life as I choose.
    "In all things give thanks..."
    1 Thessalonians 5:18

  6. Awesome video Amy!
    Success doesn't equal happiness just as a happy individual does not equal a thankful one rather a thankful individual equals a happy one. Being thankful for anything and everything brings happiness.

  7. EMOM - 135#/65#
    Wod - 15:48 RX+ (I totally skipped the 50s round. Then I realized and has to continue).
    1. My family and wonderful child
    2. My job and the ability to love what I do
    3. My health and happiness.

  8. Strength- 125# / 65#
    WOD- 21:14 RX + 25# and GHD sit-ups