Monday, September 7, 2015

Regular classes are closed today in observance of Labor Day. Please join us for a wod at either 8am or 9am.
On 30 April 2004, while serving as the Gunner on the lead truck in a convoy, SPC Win'E was injured in an attack by an improvised explosive device (IED). On 1 May 2004, he died from injuries sustained from that attack.
Trevor Win’E
In teams of 4 complete:
300 pullups
400 pushups
500 sit-ups
600 squats


  1. Today's workout:
    not enough athletes at the 9am class to have another team of 4 so I did the work as if it were evenly split between 4.

    It was: 75 pull-ups
    100 push- ups
    125 sit-ups (did GHD's)
    150 squats (did PVC OHS- working on keeping my chest up and this helped a lot!)
    Time - 32:49

    Considering this makes 205 pull-ups in 2 days, I'm super happy with that time. Fun stuff!

    Afterwards took a trip to the nutrition shop with Liz Reyna and Jose Valdez for some post workout goodies!