Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Team Blue and Team Orange just completed part I of the CrossFit Team Series! Read Alma's recap of her team's experience! And Congratulate Alma when you see her! She is now officially a CrossFit Level 1 Coach!!!
Team Blue had a couple of conflicts with scheduling days and times to do all events.  Shaun had a spur the moment road trip and the team had to accommodate Alma due to the CrossFit Level 1 seminar.  We started with event #1 on Wednesday night I believe.   I think I can venture out to say that we thought this would be an easy one.  It was not so much. The singles were a force to be reckoned with!  

Next, we did event #2 which was 30 clean and jerks per pair of females and males ascending in weight after each set. Carmen killed it! The females started with 65#. Each female had to do 5 at a time. We made it up to the 105#, getting only 5 reps in.  The guys finished 30 reps at 155#.  Personally I did not feel 100% with any of the weight overhead due to tweaking my right gluteus/lower back. 

As a team we planned to meet Sunday night after Shaun was back in town and I was out of the last day of the seminar.  During our day off we learned that Team Orange actually beat our time in event #1.  Being the competitive individuals we are, we were determined to beat their time.  Sunday would  now be a two event day. I was very nervous! Not only was I not 100% physically, I was completely drained mentally. I didn't want to let my team down. We re-did event #1 and completed event #4, beating Team Orange in both. 

Finally, we completed event #3 bright and early the very next morning at 5 a.m. We strategized and had what I feel was a very smooth, great workout. Currently we sit in 59th place if I'm not mistaken. 

I wanted to cry several times but having awesome teammates and judges really does help. We were so thankful for our judges, Jose Valdez, Travis Frazier, Jen G and Kristi L. 

Tabata snatch warm up with PVC. (just 4 rounds of each exercise)
Down up and shrug
High pull
Muscle snatch
Snatch balance
5 Rounds:
7 snatches 115/75
14 TTB


  1. Thx Alma for your recap - I loved the team series workouts!!! Everyone should really think about joining in next year - it's so much fun to team up with other incredible athletes At cfnm. The best part - knowing your team is relying on you to finish one more rep!!! You have no choice but to be better not only for yourself but for your team.
    WOD - 15:28 RX

  2. I failed to mention that Jason is THE master of strategizing. Thanks to him every workout involved smooth and quick transitions. Thanks Jason!!!!

  3. Thanks to Asa for the squat snatch help this morning and letting me have a skill day. I need mucho help with the snatch.

  4. Don't cheat yourself !!!!!
    Let the sculptors of CFNM chisel away the weakness from your body and create a NEW YOU!!! hence release That Caged ANIMAL you have inside people!!!

    1. haha! That's awesome Kevin! We'll have to make that into a commercial!

  5. Congratulations Alma S!!! You're going to be an amazing coach!!! I can't wait to take your classes!

  6. Sneaky Alma.....didn't say anything to me about this last night! Congratulations!

  7. 8:49 RX
    I strung most of my snatches together, except for the last two rounds doing 5 then 2 and 3 then 3 and finally 1. The toes to bar are always easy in the beginning so I did 10 strung together on the first round and broke the rest up. I did 5 strung together every subsequent round after that and broke the rest up with about two seconds of rest every time I came off the bar.

  8. Thanks guys! I'm learning from the best and still have a long way to go. Lol, sorry Lance. I enjoyed hearing about your travels.

  9. Great workout! I'm feeling the burn for sure! Everyone is so loving and inspiring. I get excited everyday I come workout at CFNM.