Friday, September 25, 2015

Team Orange too? Seriously? Guess these guys didn't know about the 50 burpee penalty for bringing donuts into the gym.

EMOM 10 min:
Even: front squat
Odd: push jerk
Strength: add 5-10lbs from last time
Endurance: 10-15 reps with PVC, bar, or light weight
5 rounds:
Min 1: 10 push presses 135/95
Min 2: 15 push ups
Min 3: 20 walking lunges

complete the assigned reps and then rest the remainder of the minute.


  1. Fun WOD and really appreciated the push from 5am!

    A) 145# for front squats and jerks
    B) 1 round completed RX, the rest still 135# push press but only 3,4,5,5 reps completed. The push ups and lunges all completed. Should've gone lighter....


  2. Great one Amy. I'm sure some beastly peops will be able to complete this Rx, but I sure as hell wasn't one of them. Worked my way up 5# per round, ending at 170#/ 155# on the strength. Got 1 RND plus 9 PP in round 2 at 135#. Dropped to 115# and was able to complete RNDS 3-5. Hard not to jerk a little on the PP. At 115# the hardest part was the pushups!

  3. Loved today's WOD!
    A) 115# push jerk/ 125# front squat
    B) 85# completed all reps
    I was a little upset that I couldn't RX this WOD. If I would've gone lighter on the first part I think I could've. Those push-ups were very hard to do.