Monday, November 23, 2015


Class schedule for this week:
Monday-Wednesday: regular classes
Thursday: CLOSED (one class at 8am)
Friday: CLOSED (open gym from 9-11)
Saturday: regular classes

For time:
30 wall balls 20/14 (L2 14/8, L1 8/6)
25 box jump overs 24/20 (L2 20/16, L1 16/12)
100 Double-Unders (SU 3:1)
20 wall balls

15 box jump over
75 Double-Unders
10 wall balls
5 box jump over
50 Double-Unders


  1. Nice, friendly competition this morning at the 5 am!!! Thanks for fitting in DUs on my only workout of the week at CFNM!!

    7:41 RX

    1. Under no circumstances was that a "friendly" competition. I go for blood!!!!! :)

  2. Great Mod Wod at 6:00am

    6:01 Mod

    Make it a great day!

  3. Recipe for disaster:
    Start with 2hr Oly lifting class on Sat, add 8 hrs of drinking, watching college football & eating junk food, feel crappy & sore all day Sunday (do not work out), go to 5am DU WOD on Monday morning. Make sure there are others there that are great at DUs. Do all of this properly and you'll feel pretty pathetic.

  4. 10:16 RX'd.

    Can't wait to do that again!