Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do you check into CrossFit North Mesquite on Facebook when you arrive? Well, you should! We have a Facebook check in challenge coming up where the prize could just be a discount on 1 month of your CrossFit membership!!! Start practicing today!

Class schedule for this week:
Monday-Wednesday: regular classes
Thursday: CLOSED (one class at 8am)
Friday: CLOSED (open gym from 9-11)
Saturday: regular classes

EMOM 8 MIN: 80%
Even:5 front squat (can use rack) Endurance: 10-15 reps light
Odd: 5-10 strict pull ups
5 rounds:
7 power cleans 145/100
7 front squats 145/100
2 wall walks (walk as high as possible, can put feet on box, can feet on box and do shoulder taps 10)

L2 100/75, L1 65/ 35