Friday, November 6, 2015

Don't waste this Rowing Challenge! Improve your technique! Check out the video for common rowing technique errors. Next time you are logging your meters/calories on the rower, see if you can make some improvements and become a more efficient rower!

Set the clock for 18 min

2 min DU (singles)
2 min thrusters 95/65 (L2 75/45, L1 45/15)
2 min rest
1 min DU
1 min thrusters 95/65
1 min rest Repeat 

Cool Down: Couch stretch 1 min each leg. Calf stretch 1 min each leg

Name Game: Your name and any weekend plans?


  1. Carmen - weekend plans consist of work on Saturday, going to Four Winds for dinner, and resting on Sunday. I love everyday so the weekends aren't really special to me!

  2. Well, my DUs still aren't anywhere near where I'd like them to be. But, on a positive note, I snuck in a 2K pre-WOD row and I set a PR for penalty burpees at 30. That wasn't easy. The coaches are so positive, I had to get down right nasty.

    Weekend - camping, college football watching, shooting match, rowing at least 10K at some point, boy scouts meeting, a few beers, steak, hopefully shoot a pig, try not to get shot by some idiot on opening day.

  3. I will be starting my weekend off meeting up with my Wonderful Ideal Protein Coach Carmen. Later today I will be having lunch with my girlfriend. Saturday my husband Tom and I will be going to dinner and movie with best friends Carol and Wickey. Sunday will be my prep day and rest day!! Love those weekends!!! :-)

  4. My name is Jason and I'm a crossfitaholic.

    Weekend plans are....ready for it...wait for it....Crossfit!

    1. I was waiting to hear something so fun but Crossfit is fun so gooood one Jason haha

  5. My Name is Alma R

    Weekend plans start today with Dinner for sister Bday, Partner competition tomorrow at Crossfit Rowlett with my partner Liz and rest after that, sunday probably rest and meal prep :)

  6. My name is Art and Friday night I will be at the Zac Brown Band concert and then celebrating my brother in laws 40th bday Saturday night. Busy weekend for me!

  7. My name is Nick and it's a Netflix and chill kinda night! J/K
    However I will celebrate my friends bday as well.

    Did a 10k row for lunch.
    A 1500 meter row before the WOD.
    Then 439 reps on the WOD RX'd.
    Thrusters need work!