Monday, November 2, 2015


November Events:

No Negativity November: We are kicking off this month with a super positive attitude! And we are serious! There will be a 5 burpee penalty for any negative comments or attitudes at the box! Let's spend this month developing the habit of positivity! ( or at least getting really good at burpees!)
November Rowing Challenge          
Starts: Monday, November 2
Ends: Monday, November 30   
RX: 75,000 M
Scaled: 50,000 M
Rules and Regulations:
1. Log your meters and calories burned on the Row Challenge Whiteboard. (just add to your total everyday)
2. Break it up any way you please. Row before class, after class, rowing wods count toward your total!
3. You may row offsite, take a pic of your monitor please in case we need to verify!
4. If there is a tie, we look at calories burned
5. Post your daily progress somehow. Examples: check into CFNM on FB, post pic of your meters rowed on FB or Instagram, post your daily progress son the CFNM blog. Basically find a way to let us know daily that you are rowing!
6 Prizes: sense of accomplishment, increased cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, improved row technique, rowing confidence… what more do you need?
4 rounds for time of:
15 Front Squats 115/75 (L2 75/45,L 1 45/15)
10 TTB (knees to chest, waist)
5 bumper plate burpees 45/25 (L2 25/15, L1 15, 5 or no plate)

Name Game: Post your name and where you were born!


  1. Amy- Pamona, California

  2. Shaun- Detroit, Michigan (Motor City Baby!)

  3. Kristi-Dallas, TX

    Great WOD
    GM 33#
    10# Burpees

    Row-503 meters
    25 Cal

  4. Karen - Rhode Island

    No WOD today - icing a banged knee! You guys with the rowing- YUH!!! WTG!

  5. Jon Snow- The Tower of Joy in Dorne.

  6. Nick- Dallas, Texas

    WOD at Work 10,478 meter row.

  7. 2,00X meter post WOD row at box. 15 penalty burpees.
    Couldn't keep up with Alma S on the WOD. No shame there. She crushed it!
    Baylor baby.

  8. 10:11
    33lb bar, k2w, 10lb plate

  9. Kev Garcia born in TEXAS MUSCLE parkland rm 321 at 1300 central time sun was setting in the east and my dad was sporting a mullet, a handle bar mustache, and had multiple pending speeding tickets on his Datsun #90's Baby =D

  10. Alma

    Dallas, TX (Parkland baby) LOL

    No rowing today as I have class will start tomorrow :))

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Alma Rosa Santos, Midland TX
    WOD- 7:38 RX
    Fun WOD. Front squats were pulling on my tweaked knee. I did that in the first round of box jumps, Kelly. Since it's no negativity November, I will say that I am HAPPY I was able to push through.
    I also rowed 12,008 meters this morning, burning 640 something calories. I took it slow. Paced.

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