Monday, November 30, 2015

The Facebook Check in Challenge and the 2015 Holiday WOD Challenge both start tomorrow!
As a courtesy to you, here are the WODs and even the dates so that you can mark your calendars! The green WODs will be in our classes on the dates specified. You are on your own for the red WODs.
1. Annie Dec 1
2. Open WOD 12.3 Dec 4
3. Karen Dec 7
4. Helen Dec 14
5. Grace Dec 16
6. Morrison Dec 21
7. 5K row
8. 200 double unders for time
9. Jerry 1 mile run, 2k row, 1 mile run
10. 100 burpees for time
11. Sit Up Cindy: 20 min AMRAP of 5 push ups, 10 sit ups, 15 air squats
12. Tosh: 3 rounds for time of 200m-400m-600m row or run, rest=work

We will announce a couple of open gym make up days. Red WODs can be done at home or at CrossFit. You are welcome to come up to the gym and use the rowers to complete these WODs! If you need to modify, ask a coach for suggestions! Read HERE for rules of the challenge!

Power cleans
Lateral bar hops

Start with a bar and go up in weight each set. Rest as needed between sets. Add weight each set so that last set is a max effort.

Score=heaviest weight used.


  1. Happy Monday!!

    Great 6:00am MOD WOD!!

    70# Muscle Cleans PR
    70# GM Press Outs PR
    Me and my MOD WOD Partner Kay PR'd this workout.........BAM!!!

    Strong Starts Here!!

  2. Great workout.
    2 PR's:
    1. Power clean - 200
    2. Thruster - 195

    Great way to start the day

  3. Great WOD!
    45,75,95,115,135,145,165,170,175,205 power clean and 3 attempts at thruster but wasn't happening...
    Thanks coaches Jason and Alma for the push those last rounds and AWESOME PRs to both of you!!!