Sunday, November 1, 2015

Watch the video to see how you can grow new brain cells!
How? Learning, blueberries, sex, and exercise all stimulate growth of new brain cells!
Conversely, poor diet, lack of sleep, depression, and stress prevent growth of new brain cells.
Get in the gym this week and do your part to grow some new brain cells!
November Events:
No Negativity November: We are kicking off this month with a super positive attitude! And we are serious! There will be a 5 burpee penalty for any negative comments or attitudes at the box! Let's spend this month developing the habit of positivity! ( or at least getting really good at burpees!)
November Rowing Challenge          
Monday, November 2-Monday, November 30   
RX: 75,000 M
Scaled: 50,000 M
Rules and Regulations:
1. Log your meters and calories burned on the Row Challenge Whiteboard. (just add to your total everyday)
2. Break it up any way you please. Row before class, after class, rowing wods count toward your total!
3. You may row offsite, take a pic of your monitor please in case we need to verify!
4. If there is a tie, we look at calories burned
5. Post your daily progress somehow. Examples: check into CFNM on FB, post pic of your meters rowed on FB or Instagram, post your daily progress son the CFNM blog. Basically find a way to let us know daily that you are rowing!
6 Prizes: sense of accomplishment, increased cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, improved row technique, rowing confidence… what more do you need?
Thanksgiving Day WOD
Yes we will have one. No we don't have the details yet, but we will post them as soon as we know. It's always a great feeling to burn some calories before you feast!


  1. I'm not going to Finnish in second place this year alma =D

  2. No negativity November is gonna rock!! Already being super positive - just ask Steven!

  3. I look forward to what November will bring all of us…..Great Health, Good Attitudes and over all Thankfulness!  Let’s make it a GREAT November!!