Monday, December 21, 2015

Wall balls 20/14
Box jumps 24/20
KBS 53/35
40 min time cap

RX L2 L1
50-40-30-20-10 40-30-20-10 30-20-10
WB 20/14 14/8 8/6
Box jumps 24/20 16/12 12/6
KBS 53/35 35/26 16/18
Cash out: (take a minute to crawl around on the floor recovering after the WOD, then begin the cash out!)
2 min calf stretch each leg
2 min pigeon stretch each leg
1 min box shoulder stretch

Holiday Schedule
Monday-Wednesday: Regular Classes
Christmas Eve: 5am, 6am, 9am, 10am
Christmas Day: Closed
Saturday: Regular classes


  1. I hated it then I loved it... I'm done with it. And feel accomplished.
    25:56 RX

    Good work 5 am and 6 am!!!
    Everyone else - get to CFNM today!! Push yourself to uncomfortable levels!!

  2. 29:20 Rx. I want another crack at this one!

    1. Box jumped Morrison. Challenge complete!! Where's my tee?

  3. Morrison (12#, 21', 35#) 28:13. Next time I'll definitely do it Rx, but my shoulders couldn't handle the extra 2# on the wall balls today.

  4. Morrison: 33:40 RX!
    I didn't die.......but sure felt like it. :-) Challenge complete!!!!

  5. Today was by far the hardest workout of all time. I got sick on Saturday and I didn't eat anything yesterday.... So I don't know if that had something to do with it... But half way into Morrison... I was like just let me die.... I'll be better off lol but I finished 32:55 RX...

    1. Pretty fast for being sick and not eating!!!

  6. Morrison - 22:58 RX

    Sunday I did Murph with burpees instead of pullups.. I watched the time for my burpees and it was 12:35 so hopefully that counts towards my 100 burpees :)