Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Check out the Holiday Party video!
Thanks to our very own Chris Harmon for making the video!

Holiday ScheduleMonday-Wednesday: Regular Classes
Christmas Eve: 5am, 6am, 9am, 10am
Christmas Day: Closed
Saturday: Regular classes

EMOM 14 min:
Even:  5 Power Snatch (115/75) L2 75/55, L1 55/35
Odd: 10 Back Squats (115/75)
Cash out:
Pigeon stretch 2 min each leg
Partner shoulder stretch

We have had a few people officially finish the Holiday WOD Challenge!
Congratulations to Travis F, Kelly R, Chris H, Steven R, and Jolynn! Pick up your free t shirts from Asa at the box!

Holiday WOD Challenge t shirts are for sale for $20. (so if you were unable to complete the challenge, you can still get a t shirt!)

You have until the end of December to complete the challenge! We are going to offer 1 more open gym this Saturday to make up a missed WOD. And no, you cannot make up more than one of the programmed class wods in one day, sorry! Not safe to do Morrison, Helen, Grace, and Karen all in one day!

We have a few people with just one or two wods to complete!!!

If you completed all of the wods but did not see your name up there, review the rules below to make sure that you followed them. (we were lenient on the FB posting since some people don't have a FB account. We looked at the CFNM blog posts and the whiteboard). Email Amy if you have a question. (So many posts to look through, it is quite possible that I missed some! Just let me know!)

Rules of the Holiday WOD Challenge:
  1. Complete each workout
  2. Post your results on the CrossFit North Mesquite blog on the day of completion of the WOD. Posts after the date of completion will not count. (this means you can't go back on December 31 and post all your wods at once)
  3. Post your results on CrossFit North Mesquite's Facebook or Instagram page on the day of completion of the WOD. #CrossFitNorthesquite
  4. Update the Holiday challenge board at the gym!
* All 12 workouts will be announced Monday.
* We will have a few open gym/make up wod days so don't stress if you miss a class.
* All rules must be followed in order to win the t shirt. We know that it can be difficult to make it to class due to hectic schedules. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to remember to post your results. However, there will be no exceptions to win a t shirt. If you want to participate but don't end up winning you can buy a 2015 Holiday WOD Challenge  t-shit.
**If you post your WOD along with your Facebook check in to CFNM, this counts toward both challenges! You don' t to check in to FB and then go back and post again into CFNM FB page.


  1. I LOVE that video! Chris and Shaun are amazing! The video and music made the party! Well, all the awesome people made the party! But the video and the DJ were icing on the cake!!!
    We are so fortunate to have so many awesome people in our lives! Can't think of a better to celebrate the end of another year at CF!!!

  2. Awesome video! Made me laugh!

    Today's WOD: L2 75#
    It was a good one. Love snatches!

  3. Today's WOD - 115# RX

  4. Awesome! I'm coming tomorrow to floss my new shirt! Thanks! And glad you all enjoyed the video!

  5. Great video and the party was fun as well.