Tuesday, December 1, 2015


 Jose-CrossFit North Mesquite athlete and intern
When did you start CrossFit? I started CF on September 2012.
What is your favorite class time? My favorite class time is 6:30p. 
What has been your greatest accomplishment since starting CF? My greatest accomplishment as of now is losing about 30+ pounds. 
What is your favorite cheat meal? My favorite cheat meal, that's a hard one. I would say pizza!!
What do you do outside of CF? Outside of CF, I am usually with family. Playing sports. Hanging out with friends doing workouts outside of the box. 
Family: Single, no kids, 4 siblings (2 brothers & 2 sisters) and a niece and nephew.What motivates or inspires you to come to class every week? What motivates me now is to see how far I've come.
What is your favorite workout or type of workout, skill, or lift? My favorite WOD would be Randy. Also the snatch is becoming my favorite lift.
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was a kid I wanted to be a professional baseball player.

Remember, our two challenges start today! Did you check in?  Read HERE for details!

For time: (10 min cap)
1000m row
50 push ups
30 Dips

Rest 5 min
Annie-challenge WOD 1 (10 min cap)
Double unders (3:1 singles)
Ab mat sit ups

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  1. 1) 6:25
    2) 8:56

    Dips after push-ups....killer!

  2. 10 / 10:20 (SU) with a few (DU) thrown in. Gotta get those DU's down asap. #goal

  3. Modified Annie with step ups and knees to waist: 8:25
    Rowing wod was fun too! 9:55?

    Awesome pic Jose! Didn't realize that you had lost 30+ lbs!!!

  4. A - Annie in 7:19 Rx, not great, but a 27 second PR
    B - DNF in 10:00. 2 dips shy

    205lb thruster yesterday, which is a PR.

    2 days, 2 PRs. Reasonably psyched.

    1. AWESOME!!!
      I bet it was the "Cryo therapy" that you did this past weekend at the Gaylord Ice show. Active recovery!

    2. You may be on to something, Amy. Plus, Ellie was crying most of the time. "Crying Cryo Therapy". I'm going to sleep outside tonight and see how tomorrow goes.

    3. PRing like a boss!! Keep it up, Trav!!

  5. Clarification: When you check in to CrossFit North Mesquite for the check in challenge if you post your challenge WOD with your check in, it counts toward both challenges! You don't have to post your results if you don't want to, just post that you did the WOD and how awesome it was! :)

  6. A - Annie 9:07 Rx
    B - DNF got to 12 dips

  7. A - Annie - DNF, got to the 30 sit-ups
    B - 9:09 (box dips)

  8. WOD
    For time: (10 min cap) 1000m row / 50 push ups / 20 Dips
    DNF (made it to 3 dips)

    (10 minute cap) 50-40-30-20-10 / double unders (3:1 singles) / ab mat sit ups
    13.29 (singles) - went over cap, but wanted to finish.

    Great to see all the 5:00 am'ers!

    1. What?!? The one morning I don't come to the 5 am class... Whatevs!

      Good work!

  9. A.) 8:36 Box
    B.) 9:18 RX PR for Annie

    I'll be back later to do one of the other work outs

  10. The Wod today was long, but I left feeling great....................!

    1. Keep the positive vibes going strong into December! I love it!

  11. WOD 9:11
    Annie 9:50
    Great way to start the day

  12. 1). 5k row 21+
    2) Annie - 7:41 RX (15 sec PR)
    3) DNF (-18)


  13. Finished Annie in 6:54 I believe. A small PR, last time I finished in 7:40 something. DNF the second part, well not in the allotted 10 minutes.

  14. WOD - 9:45 RX

    Annie - 9:55 (singles)

  15. Annie was not nice to me today, but we will meet again!!

  16. Annie! I'm going to get you one day. Double-unders are getting better. 5K Row for the WOD challenge done!

  17. ANNIE kicked my butt!

    WOD 9:46 (box dips)
    Annie DNF - I got to 10 of 30 sit-ups