Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Maury- 6:30pm athlete

When did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit in January 2014. 
What is your favorite class time? The 6:30p class is my favorite due in large part to work schedule and staying up too late to do anything early. 
What has been your greatest accomplishment since starting CF? Seeing my fitness improve and my body change as a result of the work.
What is your favorite cheat meal? Pizza and Wings followed by anything sweet.
What do you do wen not doing CrossFit? I work as a Respiratory Therapist and when not doing CF, I love watching sports and movies.
Family: I'm the oldest of three. Married 24 yrs. 2 kids (girl and boy) in college.
What motivates you to come to CF each week? Wanting to become better at the sport and trying to keep up with my 6:30p classmates.
What is your favorite type of workout or lift?  I love a good "chipper" because of the duration and mix of work involved in the workout. I like the Squat Clean as well.
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Wanted to be a lawyer growing up.

Warm Up: Let's find a rowling champion! 5 rounds of Rowling: 5 PVC pass thrus, 3 caterpillar walks w push up.

EMOM 8 min:
Even:3 deadlift (Endurance:10-15 light weight)
Odd: 30 sec v ups (modify with tuck ups or sit ups) 

12 min AMRAP:

Run 200m
12 deadlifts 185/135 (L2 135/95) (L1 75/45)
12 CTB pull ups 

Cash out: accumulate 2 min in ring support


  1. Great pictures Maury. So glad you are part of the CFNM family!! :-)

  2. Hi Maury!! You love chippers?!? You must have a little crazy going on...
    Strength - 165/185/195/195/215#
    WOD - 3+5 RX

  3. Great way to start the day!
    Endurance 15 @ 35#
    WOD 4+Row 65#

  4. Fun classes this morning!
    Endurance 35#
    WOD L1 4 rounds (a little running, but mostly power walking)

  5. Felt good to stretch the getaway sticks a little this morn. Can't V-Up, so I did 20 sit-ups per RND, finished @ 255# DL. WOD = 4 rnds +195M. Couldn't quite make it in the door on last run b4 clock stopped

  6. Good to see the 5:00 a.m. crew today.

    EMOM 8 min:
    Even:3 deadlift (Endurance:10-15 light weight) - L2 (135) - didn't get the memo about increasing the weight each time. Oh well, I rather make sure my form is correct before trying to go heavy.
    Odd: 30 sec v ups (modify with tuck ups or sit ups) - got excited when I saw "v ups" on the board, but then quickly learned it was not the same as the "V up" routine at the house. bummer....HA!

    12 min AMRAP: chased Travis on the last run but couldn't catch him.
    Run 200m
    12 deadlifts 185/135 (L2 135/95) (L1 75/45) - 95#
    12 CTB pull ups - slow pull ups

    Cash out: accumulate 2 min in ring support - Oh the burn...

  7. Did my WOD from work today.
    Strict Press #45
    KBS #53
    Sit Ups
    Total reps = 339

    I rep max Back Squat #335, it was ugly I tell ya.

  8. 215# deadlift
    3 rounds + 200m run + 6 deadlifts RX

  9. 305# deadlift.... 4 rounds and 100m on WOD

  10. A) endurance 135,165,185,205 (10 reps)
    B) 4 rounds RX

  11. A) 225, 245, 265, 275
    B) 3 rounds + 200M run + 3 DL RX