Wednesday, January 20, 2016

AMRAP 30 min:
20 MB sit ups
400m run with ball
20 Box Overs 24/20
What did you eat yesterday?
Spicy Cauliflower Bites
1/2 cup hot sauce (have heard Frank's is good)
1 tbsp. melted butter
1 tsp garlic powder
1lb cauliflower
Mix hot sauce, melted butter, and garlic powder. Pour over cauliflower and mix so that all pieces get coated.
Bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes
7 Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Give Up Soda
“Our bodies have evolutionarily developed to expect a large amount of calories when we take in something exceedingly sweet, and those artificial sweeteners are from 400 times to 8,000 times sweeter than sugar.” That causes a couple things to happen, says Smith. “The muscles in your stomach relax so you can take in food, and hormones are released. With artificial sweeteners, your body says, ‘Wait a minute, you told me you were going to give me all this high-calorie food.’ It can actually send some people searching for more food, out of lack of satisfaction.”


  1. B- Eggs and Apples
    L- 3 pieces of grilled chicken
    S- Oranges, apples, sun flower seeds, almonds, smoothie (I was just snacking on anything today)
    Had a second lunch (2 pieces of Grill chicken)
    D- fish, Brown rice, corn and green beans

    1. 5 + 421

      I think today solidified everything I have been doing is paying off. Today work out was real easy for me..

  2. Lavan
    B: tuna salad, orange and avocado
    L: mix green salad with sunflower seeds and grilled chicken breast
    S: walla bar
    D: spinach salad, chicken breast, some mixed

  3. Breakfast - black coffee & eggs, broccoli, two strips bacon
    Snack - snack bag of nuts
    Snack - beef stew
    Lunch - beef stew
    Snack - snack bag of nuts
    Snack - Apple, orange
    Dinner - spicy cauliflower and cabbage salad with baked chicken and ton of broccoli
    Dessert - blood orange

    Go Night WODers

  4. Yesterday had some blueberries with an orange around 200am around 900am a had a beef vegetable soup at 300pm a had a sweet potato for dinner I will have a steak

  5. Lol Jay.
    Breakfast- protein shake
    Lunch- chicken, steak, veggies, almonds
    Dinner, ground beef, chicken, almonds, broccoli

  6. Post WOD - protein drink
    Breakfast - 3 oz flounder over Asian slaw
    Lunch- hamburger bacon jalapeño bites, power green blend, dill/onion relish, green beans
    Snack - protein drink
    Dinner - paleo chicken parm (minus the parm and fried part)
    Snack - protein drink
    Extra hungry yesterday, but the numbers on the scale are dropping. I'm excited to get my measurements and weight on Friday for week 1!!!

  7. 11 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Leftover Turkey Mushroom Burger w/Egg and Avocado & Coffee w/ghee

    L- Grilled Chicken, Peas & Carrots

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Raw Veggie Medley & Almonds

    After WOD-Protein Shake

    D- Chicken Chilli w/Sweet Potato

  8. Breakfast was bacon and eggs. Also had some oranges and water melon.
    Slept thru lunch.
    Dinner was a beef with broccoli and carrots.

    Did about 2 miles of walking with one 200m sprint.

    Night WOD'ers!!

  9. B- eggs and bacon
    L- Paleo chili and fruit
    D- pork chops and grilled chicken
    I need to up the veggies. I realized that today!
    Go Night WODers!

  10. B-bacon, eggs with kale n spinach
    L-fish, green beans, sweet potato
    D-salad with ground turkey

  11. Tuesday-
    B:V-core Cookies & Cream protein shake w/almond milk & 4oz Baby Kale & Spinach Blend
    L: 6oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup seedless red grapes, 4oz baby carrots
    D:1/2 Rotisserie Chicken, banana, shake with 1cup Frozen Whole Strawberries/1cup almond milk, 4oz Baby Kale & Spinach Blend.
    S:Planters Nut-rition - Men's Health Recommended Mix 2 oz

    I had a dream I ate some ice-cream last night, atleast I only cheated in my sleep! lol
    AM Team

    1. Dude... That happens to me all the time!! So funny!

    2. What a great way to cheat. Keep up the good work!!!

  12. B: caldo de Pollo
    L: .5 apple - .25 avocado - 2 slices of deli turkey - 2 hard boiled eggs
    D:griller chicken salad - broccoli - carrots

    Snack. 1 small apple w/ tablespoons of almond butter.

  13. B: eggs, turkey bacon & sweet potatoes
    S: halo orange, banana, mixed nuts
    L: ground beef with bell peppers and sweet potatoes
    D: ground beef with bell peppers and asparagus

    Team Night WOD'ers!

  14. Yesterday
    B: scrambled eggs, bacon, broccoli
    S: almonds and macadamia nuts
    L: baked sweet potato with butter and beef
    S: blueberries, 1/2 banana and coconut cream
    D: took the leftover spicy cauliflower and chicken, chopped it up and mixed it with chopped cabbage and mayo. Awesome!!!

    1. HMMM this coconut cream sounds interesting...

    2. Think I got it at Kroger. They also sell it at Trader Joes. It's much thicker than canned coconut milk.

  15. Team Rise & Grind - 1/19/2016 (Tuesday)

    B - 4 eggs (scrambled, cuz that's all I know how to do) + diced peppers, red onion + assload of spinach
    L - Chipotle lettuce bowl w/double chicken, pico, hot sauce and guacamole
    D - 2 salmon filets, 2 bananas

    Lotsa black coffe, lotsa water.

    Great 30 minute AMRAP wod today (Wednesday)! Team AM Mafia was killin' it!

  16. B: smokey roasted sweet potatoes and bacon
    L: whey protein shake
    S: vegan protein shake with extra spinach
    D: rotisserie chicken

    Great WOD this morning! Asa didn't expect me to run. Whoop! Whoop! Just hope I can walk tomorrow ;)
    BEAST MODE! #letsgo

  17. B-Protein shake
    S-Sweet potato
    L-Tuna, hard boiled eggs and avocado
    D- Chicken breast with Spinach and Kale
    S- Orange

    Team Night WOD'ers

  18. B:2 Hard boiled eggs w/a banana
    S:unsalted cashews
    L:ground beef with some squash and sweet potato
    D:pork chops with bell peppers and a side of spinach salad.
    I was able to get in at least 8 hrs of sleep last night! Which never happens, I'm really trying to work on this.

  19. Breakfast- eggs with kale, spicy chicken sausage, sweet potato hash and sliced avocado with coffe

    Snack- sardines with avocado and a 1/3 of roasted sweet potato

    Lunch- roasted chicken, green beans and sweet potato

    Snack- almonds

    Dinner- ground beef, tomatoes and a scoop of protein powder with just water

    I had tons of water as well.

  20. B-2 boils eggs and a orange
    L-chicken spinach salad
    S- almonds
    D- chicken with Sweet potato
    -TEAM AM-

  21. 1-18-16
    B-eggs and ham
    Snack-sunflowerseeds unsalted
    L-skipped (opps got busy)
    Dinner- porkchops and broccoli

  22. Yesterday:
    B-Protein shake and 1/2 a sweet potato
    S-hard boiled egg and apple slices
    L- Avacado rolled in Turkey lunch meat and the other 1/2 of sweet potato
    S- Coffee w/ unsweetened almond/coconut milk
    D- steak, mashed cauliflower, sauteed brussel sprouts

  23. Andrea C
    B: 1 orange and 1 apple
    L: Turkey Paleo Chili, sweet potato and squash
    D: Broccoli, 1 hard boiled egg, carrots, turkey chili
    S: Pecans, hard boiled egg

  24. Thelma
    B: salmon and squash
    L: Tilapia, shrimp, sweet potato, and kale salad
    D: turkey chili

  25. B - Eggs, bacon, Coffee
    L - Roast beef, sweet potato, Water
    D - Chicken, spinach, Water
    S - Jerky

  26. Meals for 1/19/16
    B: 2 hard boiled eggs, smoothie(beets, spinach, berries, coconut milk)
    S: 2.6 oz tuna, carrots
    L: turkey coconut curry, broccoli, sweet potatoes, berries
    D: grilled pork chop, green beans w/ butter, roasted butternut squash
    S: chia seed pudding (chia seeds and coconut milk) with fresh berries

  27. B:eggs and bacon
    D: fish spinach and sweet potato

  28. B-coffee with almond milk (unsweetened)

    Snack- orange and almonds

    L-chicken salad with avocado

    Snack- 3 boil eggs

    D-pork chop and peas

  29. b-chorizo omelet, coffee w/almond milk
    s-carrots, cashew butter, coffee-black
    l-boiled egg and 1/3 sweet potato and Brussels sprouts
    d-chicken and vege soup, walnuts

  30. Fooddddddd

    Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon
    Snack : Banana
    Lunch: Tuna & Salad
    Snack // Dinner: Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries

    Not as hungry/tired today. Looked longingly at a PB & J though.

  31. Oops almost forgot!!
    Yesterday's meal
    B: egg, sausage, grennpeper, onion & tomatoes frittata type thing lol with a banana & coffee.
    L: Tilapia w/ side of asparagus and sweet potatoes
    Dinner: fajita meat, spinach salad on side.

  32. B-scrambled eggs & turkey sausage w/salsa
    S-almonds & deli meat
    D-roasted pork tenderloin w/ acorn squash

    66 ozs of water

    Team Night WOD ers

  33. Day 4
    B:2 - Eggs, Baby carrots
    L:Chicken, broccoli, sweet potato
    D: Filet mignon, Brussels sprouts, sautéed onion
    Evening snack: Almonds, An apple

  34. B- egg, butternut squash, kale and coffee
    Snack- orange
    L- steak, cauliflower rice, cabbage , kale
    Snack- banana
    Dinner- beef stew

  35. B - Eggs and sausage

    L - Grilled chicken thighs w/ asparagus

    S - Protein Shake

    D - Grilled chicken legs

  36. B- Omelette spinach, onions, and jalapeño
    L- Leftover meatloaf and broccoli
    S- protein shake
    D- taco salad

  37. B- omelette
    L- meatloaf n broccoli
    D- taco salad

  38. Do we have to talk about yesterday? So, yesterday was my birthday so I took a free day. Had a salad for lunch and a cupcake for dinner and possibly another cupcake. Didn't drink any water except for my workout. I absolutely paid for it this morning during the WOD. Lesson learned!

  39. WOD was an evening 30 min easy run
    B- grilled steak with scrambled egg
    S-slices of avacado
    L-grilled talapia with asparagus
    D-baked chicken breast and lots of water all day.

    Team AM staying strong!

  40. Was still recovering from stomach virus.
    B- half an apple
    L- an avocado
    D- chicken soup
    Night WODers!!!

  41. Edith
    B: sweet potato, zucchini, steak, coffee
    S: Coffee
    L: Atun, Celery, tomato, onion, spinach
    D: boiled eggs, broccoli

  42. B-Vegetable Omlette.
    s-Protein shake.
    L-Grilled Chicken,Sweet potato, and vegetables.
    D-Mexican chicken and salad

  43. B - Eggs spinach and kale with breakfast sausage
    L - Caesar salad w/ grilled chicken
    D - Chopped beef and grilled chicken

  44. B-bacon eggs and spinach,coconut milk
    S-boiled egg
    L-turkey patty zucchini bacon bites
    Protein shake
    D-chicken breast sweet potatoes

  45. B - bacon and eggs
    S - protein bar, almonds, sunflower seeds, banana, Apple
    L - Asian chicken salad
    D - tuna, sweet potato and spinach
    53 oz of water

  46. Yesterday Meal

    B: Eggs with turkey, onions and tomatoes
    L: Burger with no Buns and no Mayonase ;(
    D: Chicken with zucchini and avocado
    S: pistacchios, banana and protein shake with fruits.
    Night WOD'ers
    Si Se Puede :)

  47. I'm on day 2 of an awesome stomach bug, so after i only got down half a bag of frozen mango yesterday I managed a Chocolate vegan Shakeology with frozen blueberries today and 2 non Paleo Frozen themed Popsicles out of my 6 year old's stash. All this food prepped and I can't eat it. Tomorrow!!

  48. I'm on day 2 of an awesome stomach bug, so after i only got down half a bag of frozen mango yesterday I managed a Chocolate vegan Shakeology with frozen blueberries today and 2 non Paleo Frozen themed Popsicles out of my 6 year old's stash. All this food prepped and I can't eat it. Tomorrow!!

  49. B-egg and bacon muffin coconut milk
    S-boiled egg
    L-turkey patty,spinach, banana
    Protein shake
    D-chicken breast sweet potatoes,broccoli

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