Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another awesome tshirt design from Erica!
Team Rise & Grind (AM) 504 points total
Team Night WOD'ers (PM) 510 points total
It's a close race! Stay strong through the weekend! Post your food so coaches know how you are doing!
What did you eat yesterday?
“Research Shows That Heroin and Cocaine Are No More Addictive Than Oreos.”  Research shows that sugary foods stimulate the brain the same way that drugs like heroin and cocaine do. If you get a chance to read this article, post your thoughts.
No 7am lifting class today.
9am lifting clinic for new CrossFitters or any CrossFitter who wants a little extra practice with the lifts!
Do you know someone who wants to try CrossFit? Bring them today to the 7:30am or 8:30am class. Frist class is FREE! Any level of fitness is welcome! We scale the workout to your abilities!
100 Single Unders
50 KBS 53/35
40 KB Russian twists 53/35
30 Wall Balls 20/14
20 HR Push Ups
100 Single Unders
20 HR Push Ups
30 Wall Balls 20/14
40 KB Russian twists 53/35
50 KBS 53/35
100 Single Unders
*option to run 200m in place of 100 single unders.
**scale by decreasing the reps and/or weight of KB or WB


  1. Breakfast - black coffee, 2 boiled eggs, Apple
    Lunch - pork roast and sweet potato
    Snack - black coffee
    Snack - pork roast and sweet potato
    Dinner - ribeye, broccoli, carrot
    Tons of water!

    Night WODers

  2. B- boiled egg, sweet potatoes, coffee with almond milk
    S-mix of walnuts pecans and raisins
    L-boiled egg, coffee with almond milk
    D-ribeye, asparagus and mushrooms
    Lots of water

    Night WODers

  3. Omg so true about sugary foods and heroine. The withdrawal from both are crazy. People do think they are going to die and have visible shaking when removing the sugar out of the diet. I'm glad I'm not a sugar-aholic, but I could be if I let myself go in that direction!!

    Post WOD - protein drink
    Breakfast - prosciutto, guacamole, Asian cabbage slaw
    Lunch - prosciutto, guacamole, Asian cabbage slaw
    Snack - protein drink
    Dinner - fajitas - chicken and beef over romaine with an avocado sauce I made on the fly and a homemade tomatillo salsa. It was probably the best meal ever or maybe I was just really hungry.

    Grocery store - gotta get there. Slim pickings at this house today...

    1. Umm auto correct sucks and I hate when I make spelling errors. Heroin... That is.

    2. Your meals look gourmet! I'm inviting myself to your meal prep sometime.

    3. Come on over! Anytime! But it's not impressive. It's like "hmm what can I throw together in the 15 min of spare time I have?!?" Ha!

  4. B - eggs and sausage
    L - carrots at the admiral's club @ laguardia (at least I got to visit with Iggy Pop)
    D - grilled chicken + broccoli

    Team Rise & Grind!

    PS - sucks to miss wods due to travel - looking forward to Saturday am workout.

    1. Tabata something in your hotel room! burpees, air squats, sit ups, push ups, mountain climbers or even jumping on the bed!

    2. I got a new tabata pro app to use next week!

  5. yesterday's food:
    B: eggs, spinach, sweet potato
    S: almonds, banana
    breakfast was super late so didn't have an official lunch
    D: steak, broccoli, salad, carrot

    1. Interesting article! Another great reason to avoid sugar!

  6. Well, week one down and no slip ups. Down 5 pounds and a few total inches lost. Gotta keep it up.

    B: protein shake
    S: sweet potato
    L: Hard boiled eggs and avocado
    D: Steak, cauliflower and broccoli

    Team Night WOD'ers

  7. Edith
    B: scrambled eggs, mushrooms and pick de gallo
    L: beef steak, broccoli
    D: pork tenderloin, nopales and avocado

  8. Lavan
    B: over medium eggs, banana
    L: mixed green, chicken breast
    D: pork tenderloin, nopales and avocado ( definitely will eat it again)

  9. Great article and so true. There is even sugar in sausage and deli meat. Never understood why they have to even put it in there. They have sugar free products where I order my products.

    B-Egg, sausage and spinach scramble w/salsa
    S- a orange/ hand full of nuts
    L- protein drink
    S- apple and a few nuts
    D- ribs, green beans, mashed cauliflower
    blueberries w/cinnamon coconut butter drizzled on them

  10. Friday Meals:
    B:v-core Cookies & Cream protein shake w/almond milk and 4 oz Baby Kale & Spinach Blend
    L: 5oz t-bone steak, baby carrots, red seedless grapes
    D:El Fenix Steak fajitas, refried beans, water
    S:bag of peanuts at Mavs game, Diet Dr. Pepper- I was being bad :(

    AM Team

    1. Don't forget about that goal!!!! It's up to you!

  11. B. Bar
    L. Eggs
    D. Mixed veggies. Coffee with coconut milk
    Snack. Cucumbers
    Very busy day so I didn't take much time to eat. That tends to be a problem for me when I can't stop for fries! Working on that....

  12. B- eggs and Turkey bacon and a smoothie
    S--almonds, watermelon, oranges, seeds
    L- grilled chicken salad
    D- Tilapia and sweet potato fries

  13. Day 7
    L:Hardboiled egg, salad, 1/2 avocado, bacon, turkey
    D: salad, chicken cucumber
    Morning snack: An apple, Almonds

  14. B- coffee and scrambled egg
    L- baked chicken and brisket with cucumbers
    D- talapia and brussel sprouts

  15. B- scrambled eggs and bacon
    L- deli turkey and fruit
    D- lettuce wrap with turkey, cucumber, and tomatoes
    S- banana and almonds

  16. 11 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Skillet Breakfast w/Eggs Leftover Taco Meat & Butternut Squash, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Protein Shake

    S- 2oz Tuna, Raw Veggie & Avocado

    D- Leftover Grilled Fish w/Sautéed Spinach & Veggies

  17. B- omelette with spinach, jalapeño, and onion
    L- beef with cauliflower rice and spinach
    S- protein shake
    D- chicken thighs and brussell sprouts

  18. B: eggs, bacon and spinach
    L: grilled chicken and veggies
    D: pork chops and veggies

  19. B- eggs with spinach and sweet potato
    L - chicken & veggies
    D- chicken and veggies

  20. Breakfast- over medium eggs on top of fresh spinach with bacon.

    Snack- blueberries and almonds

    Lunch- grilled fish with salad, pico de gallo and a homemade salsa. It was amazing!

    Snack- left over stew meat with asaparagus and a 1/3 sweet potato

    Dinner- ribeye cooked medium rare Pittsburgh with charred brussel sprouts cooked win onion and bacon

  21. B-protein shake
    L-spinach chicken salad
    D-chicken with two boiled eggs

  22. B: lemon pepper cod
    L: vegan protein shake
    S: beef Thai stew
    D: lemon pepper cod

  23. B:apple
    L:ground beef with bell peppers and sweet potatoes
    Snack:dry roasted edamame
    D:boiled eggs with turkey back

  24. B-egg and bacon muffin coconut milk
    S-boiled egg
    L-bun-less burger salad
    Protein shake
    D-chicken breast asparagus cucumbers

  25. Nuts
    Protein shakes

  26. B: 2 eggs, smoothie(1/2 banana, berries, beets, spinach)
    S: 2.6 oz tuna, almonds
    L: Mediterranean shrimp and veggies
    S: chia seed pudding with berries, sweet potato chips
    D: baked fish, brussel sprouts and bacon, spaghetti squash w/ butter

  27. Smoothie eggs bacon
    Fish sweet potato salad

  28. B chicken & sweet potato
    S cashews &turkey & banana
    L Lara bar
    S cashews & turkey
    D pulled pork & sweet potato
    81 oz of water

    Team Night WOD ers

  29. B: Ham/Eggs & Sweet Potato
    L: Burger Patty/Egg/Side Salad
    D: Not hungry but I should probably eat.

  30. B-coffee (black) and orange

    L-grilled chicken and mixed veggies

    S-boiled eggs

    D-tilapia with greens beans and asparagus

  31. Breakfast Coffee and coconut milk
    Lunch Beef and Veggies
    Dinner Taco lettuce wraps

    Night WOD'ers

  32. B - bacon and eggs with coffee
    S - protein bar, banana, Apple
    L - chicken wings and fries
    D - Greek Mediterranean salad
    30oz of water
    I joined coworkers taking in a few peanut M&M's and bit size Oreos.

  33. Yesterday's meal

    B: eggs with salami
    L: chicken with salad
    D: beef fajita with salad
    S: protein shake, pistachios and apple

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  34. B - Sausage and eggs

    S - IP snack

    L - Grilled chicken and asparagus

    S - Protein shake

    Post wod - Protein bar

    D - Chicken and steak fajita meat

  35. Thelma
    B: Bunless grill chicken sandwich
    L: Apple pecan salad, Bunless bacon burger
    D: Bunless bacon burger

  36. Andrea
    B: scramble eggs and orange
    L: bunless burger with lettuces tomato, mashed cauliflower
    D: Chicken stew

  37. B: eggs and bacon
    L: chicken salad
    D:grilled shrimp w/a spinach salad

  38. B: eggs, ground beef, chorizo with veggies bowl with sweet potato bites.
    L: chicken with steam veggies
    D: shrimp & pork chop bites
    Team night WODers!!!!

  39. B-Protein shake
    S-Protein shake
    L-Ground beef taco salad no cheese or Sour Cream
    D-3 egg omlette with sausage and vegetables.

  40. B/L- eggs with chorizo,
    D- Cobb salad w/extra chicken
    And fruit for dessert

  41. bacon, kale, Brussels
    1/2 sweet potato
    beef,1/2 sweet potato

  42. B- Shakeology Vegan Chocolate
    L - Avacado clean Deviled Eggs
    D - Steak w/ buffalo cauliflower and cucumber slices

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