Sunday, January 3, 2016

Focus on the Process, Not the Result

As adults, we want everything now. Quick, fast, done. Time is of the essence, and so we have this expectation with our fitness and our fat loss. We want it NOW.

There’s a whole year ahead of you, not just a day, or a month. 365 days. You could make a lot of progress over the course of a year. Plan short-term but think long-term.

Focus on what you’re doing, not on the results.

Our society is obsessed with results, so we get caught up in results. But how do you actually get results? You get results not by focusing on the results, but by focusing on the PROCESS. Every artist and business person will tell you the process is key to success. But it’s easy to overlook at times, because the process is work. Do the work. Eat right, but also exercise, move, lift, run, swim, ski—do whatever you can to put your body in motion and get stronger! Fall in love with movement. Find joy within it. Then you have the ability to have joy now and results later—and how awesome would that be?
There’s an entire, beautiful year ahead of you! Don’t lose your mind. Be smart and do the work. Progress will come.


  1. LOVE everything you say above! It's so motivating and oh so true, thank you!!

    1. I forgot to put quotes around it, but it's copied from the linked article. I love it too! Also love the picture today! Awesome extension! And Luis in the background!

    2. Lol, can't miss the big head.

    3. He loves being at the gym, especially if Little Asa is there. Sam was always with me at the soccer fields when I played, before she could even walk, so maybe being exposed to CrossFit like this will make it inevitable for him to be aCrossFitter.

  2. This year is my year, 50lbs before I turn 40 next December! I can do it!

  3. You can definitely do it Arnold!