Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Have you tried the NormaTec Recovery Massage, I mean System? We have the full body set up.

For 50% off your first 30 minute session, use this Promotion Code: RECOVERY
Try your first 30 minute session for only $10. Use the link below to purchase your session, use the promo code for 50% off. Then schedule a time in the office.

$20 (50% off Promo Code: RECOVERY)
What is it?
NormaTec recovery system is a patented dynamic compression system designed to aid in sports recovery and rehabilitation. As you lay back and relax the compressive force surrounding the body help to flush out post workout lactic acid which decreases swelling, increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

Recovery Time
Anytime is a great time for compression therapy. Best after an intense workout so schedule your recovery sessions right after the gym. Can be used every day.
New Year New You Nutrition Challenge  January 16-February 13

Sign up HERE by January 14 for $20.  After January 14 cost is $30.

For time:
30 Snatches 95/65 (L2 65/35, L1 35/15)
30 C&J 95/65
30 Thrusters 95/65
500m row for time


  1. Good cardio session this morning!
    10:14 RX
    1:57 row

  2. Would this help my posterior shin splits that I have been getting lately? :(

    1. Rest (avoiding what aggravates them), ice, and correcting any muscle imbalances that you might have that could be contributing to the shin splints will help. NormaTec will increase blood flow to the area to improve recovery time, so it could help. But it will not be a cure if you continue to do the activities that are causing the shin splints. And it will feel like an awesome massage!
      I had shin splints from the teenage years up to just 3 years ago, let's talk next time you see me at the box and I'll tell you what worked for me! Maybe I can help you figure out a plan to get them under control.

  3. Yes I have tried it!

    A) 18:56 (30 each arm, 50# DB snatches, the rest RX)
    B) 1:51 row