Monday, January 18, 2016

Muscle Up Clinic
What did you eat yesterday?
Warm Up:
jump rope
10 wall squats
10 push ups
15-20 sec HS with feet on box (no wall handstands, your body will make an upside down L)
10 sit ups
15-20 sec ring support
5 ring rows (false grip if already have a pull up)
5 deep ring dips 1 sec pause at bottom

AMRAP 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
15 power snatches 75/55
Score= total  reps

Rest 3-5 min:

Against a 5 minute running clock, complete:
500 Meter Row
50 air squats
CTB Pull-Ups x Max reps

Score is max CTB


  1. I had a piece of Grilled chicken this morning, had eggs and brisket for brunch with some fruit, and then had some more chicken and shrimp for dinner.

  2. Breakfast - spinach and sweet potato omelette & black coffee
    Snack - coconut cream with macadamia nut, banana and cherrie
    Lunch - beef stew with kale, sweet potato, mushrooms
    Snack - Apple & oranges
    Snack - black decaf coffee after 1 hour nap!
    Snack - sweet potato and beet chips with organic (Amy approved salsa)
    Dinner - buffalo cauliflower and chicken thanks to Nick Rod with coconut cream to ease the burn


    1. You're welcome Asa, gotta get a bottle of Frank's when I get back in town!

    2. Nick had posted it in our FB group. I'll put it on the blog tomorrow so both teams can see it!

  3. B - paleo oatmeal
    L - jalapeño bacon burger bites with dill relish and green beans
    D - wasn't too hungry - protein drink

  4. B: protein shake
    S: bacon grain free granola
    D: beef Thai stew with cauliflower rice and red wine :(

  5. 12 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Kale Smoothie, Shredded Chicken & Egg Omelet & Coffee w/ghee

    L- Avocado Turkey Wrap & Mixed Fruit

    S- Boiled Egg, Orange & Macadamia Nuts

    D- Pan Seared YellowFin Tuna Steak w/Brussel Sprouts & Butternut Squash

  6. 1-17,
    B- protein shake
    L- brisket, turkey and green beans
    D- beef and veggie stew
    Snack- mango

  7. Yesterday's meals:
    B: chicken, bacon and veggie omelette
    L: hard boiled egg, carrots, banana
    D: paleo chili
    S: smoothie (1/2 banana, 1/2 cup berries, coconut milk)

  8. Yesterday's meals
    B: spinach omelet with sweet potatoes
    S: boiled egg, apple slices, grapes
    L: beef, sweet potato, kale stew
    S: oranges, almonds
    D: very spicy chicken and cauliflower with coconut cream

    Go Team PM!!!

  9. B: eggs, bacon and spinach
    L: grilled chicken and veggies
    D: Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and spinach

    Let's go Team PM!

  10. B: banana & coffee. ( :( in a rush before church)
    L: egg, sausage, grennpeper, onions, mushroom, and steak skillet.
    D: Mom's posole ( without the hamony)
    Go Team PM!

  11. B: eggs, bacon, coffee
    L: roasted pork, sweet potatoes, water
    D: roast beef, with veggies, water

    5k run

  12. B: eggs, bacon, coffee
    L: roasted pork, sweet potatoes, water
    D: roast beef, with veggies, water

    5k run

  13. B:spinach/eggs turkey bacon
    D: Sweet potato, broccoli, fish

  14. Sad I'm going to miss this one. Here comes the true test eating clean while traveling the next three days.

    B eggs and sweet potato
    L turkey and avocado wrap
    D chicken soup with squash and zucchini

    Team PM aka NW's aka Champions

  15. B-eggs, sweet potato hash
    L-tuna salad
    D-grilled pork chops and cabbage
    S- orange and almonds

    Team PM

  16. B:eggs w/sausage
    D: chicken salad
    L: baked chicken w/broccoli slaw
    TEAM PM!!

  17. B- omelette with spinach and bacon
    L- chicken thighs with broccoli
    D- steak salad
    Snack- protein shake

  18. Breakfast was spicy chicken sausage, eggs with kale and bacon and 1/3 of roasted sweet potato.

    Lunch was a green salad with grilled chicken, pecans, tomatoes, avocado and apple chips

    Dinner was caulirice, some chicken with green and red peppers and onions and a 1/3 of a roasted potato.

    I snacked on sliced turkey.

  19. B- skipped. I know that's bad.
    L- grilled chicken and green beans with bacon
    D- eggs omelet
    Snacks- almonds, banana
    Currently making a pot of Paleo chili! Yum!

  20. B-omelet with lots of veges and bacon, coffee.
    S-protein shake, walnuts
    L-Chicken and veg soup
    S-Boiled egg and 1 T almond butter
    D-roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli and sweet potato with ground elk.

  21. B-scrambled eggs,bacon, half avocado and some fruit
    L- on the road hm from SA
    snacked on some nuts and a orange
    D-Baked chicken breast, sweet potatoe hash with zucchini

  22. First time doing anything like this, so it will be interesting!


    B: scrambled eggs with avocado
    S: almonds
    L: grilled chicken, broccoli & mushrooms
    D: steak, sweet potato

  23. Team AM - 1/17/2016 (Sunday)

    B - 2 eggs, w/yellow and orange peppers, red onions and spinach + black coffee
    L - 5 guys double burger bowl (no bread) w/jalapenos and mushrooms + water
    D - chicken on the grill + spinach salad w/red onions and tomatoes + water

  24. Sunday
    B: 3 Egg Whites Scrambled w/ 4oz Lean Ground Turkey - 93/7,w/ 2 tbsp Pace - Chunky Salsa (Medium), Water
    L: 12 oz T-bone steak, baked sweet potato with 2 tbsp butter. Tea with 2 splenda packs
    D: Lunch and breakfast was late and I was not hungry. Went to movies, shared a coke zero with wife.

    It was my first time to try sweet potato and I liked it. I was around alot of sweets and tempting foods but did not cave except on the coke zero. I have lost 5lbs since Friday morning!

    1. Whoo hoo!!! You're doing awesome! Keep up the good work!

    2. That's awesome Donny! You can do this!!!

  25. Yesterdays meals
    B - steak and eggs, coffee with stevia
    L - salad topped with tuna
    S - summer sausage slices, cashews, banana (these were throughout the day)
    D - fish and spinach with frozen Hurricane
    32oz of water

    Let's go Team!
    Have we become the Night WOD'ers???

    1. I think it should be official. Everyone seemed to really like "Night WOD'ers"!!!

  26. B: sweet potato and coffee
    L: pork chop Brussels sprouts
    S: scrambled eggs spinach
    D: steak spinach sweet potato

  27. B- coffee with almond milk unsweetened and egg omlette and mango

    Snack- grapes

    L- grilled chicken and Brussels sprouts

    D- steak with green beans and mushrooms

  28. Hello All --

    Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon
    Lunch: Plant Based Protein & Almond Milk
    Snack: Chicken & Apple
    Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli

    ** I burned the chicken thighs but thank goodness I had some other chicken breasts already made for later this week or I would have been tempted to go out and get something bad.**

    1. Dude... Hate when that happens. Must have a plan b thru z for situations just like this!!

  29. Day 2
    Late Breakfast:2 - Eggs, Baby carrots
    Afternoon snack: Raw baby carrots, An apple
    D:Salad, 1/2 Avocado, Chicken, cooked carrots

  30. Christina Day 2 Team PM
    B: 2 over easy eggs with bell peppers and turkey bacon
    L: banana (wasn't very hungry)
    D: crock pot chicken fajitas and sweet potatoes

  31. No WOD. Needed to catch up on sleep. Felt great!

    Brunch-sweet potato hash, eggs, 1/2 Apple
    Dinner-grilled chicken salad with Balsamic dressing (paleo)

    See you in the morning Team Rise and Grind!!

  32. Day 2
    B- broccoli, spinach and carrots smoothie.
    L- omelette with veggies -no cheese and fruit
    D-Grilled chicken and sweet potato

    *Team Rise and Grind*

  33. B eggs, turkey sausage & fried sweet potato bites in coconut oil.
    S grapefruit
    S banana, almonds & 1 oz of ham
    D taco soup

    66 oz of water

  34. Sunday's Meals

    B Eggs with chorizo and protein shake with fruits
    L Chicken with greens beans and mix vegetables
    D Beef Fajita tomatoes and peppers
    S almonds and protein shake

    Si Se Puede

    Night WOD'ers

  35. B - Eggs and sausage

    L - Protein shake

    D - chicken thighs and asparagus

    Night WOD'ers

  36. B- omelette
    L- chicken broccoli
    D- steak salad

  37. A to the M!!!

    B - Eggs w/spinach and kale

    L- Ceasar salad w/grilled chicken light dressing

    D - salmon w/green beans

  38. B-bacon egg muffin 1c steel cut oats coconut milk
    L-turkey patty,zucchini bacon bites
    D-Chicken breast, sweet potatoes

  39. Breakfast
    -Protein shake

    -Steak, chicken, mixed veggies

    -spaghetti squash, ground beef

    Team Riseandgrind!!!

  40. Lavan
    B: scrambled egg white, sweet potato, broccoli
    L: chicken breast, kale-cabbage-Brussels sprouts salad, avocado
    D: picadillo, vegetables and cabbage
    S: macadamia nuts and orange

  41. B: scrambled egg whites, sweet potato, broccoli
    L: Chicken breast, kale-cabbage-Brussels sprouts salad,avocado
    D: picadillo, vegetables and cabbage.
    S: macadamia nuts, orange

  42. Andrea C.
    B: scrambred eggs, orange, and 1 apple
    L: shredded chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato
    D: sausage, broccoli, sqauash

  43. Thelma
    B: 1 hard boiled egg (2 yolks), zucchini and sweet potato
    L: salmon, kale salad and squash
    D: tilapia, sweet potato, sausage, kale salad

  44. B-Protein shake.
    L-Ground beef taco salad
    D-Smoked Chicken and green beans.

    Anyone else getting these lovely detox headaches around 3 or 4 in the afternoon or is it just me. :-)

  45. B-Protein shake.
    L-Ground beef taco salad
    D-Smoked Chicken and green beans.

    Anyone else getting these lovely detox headaches around 3 or 4 in the afternoon or is it just me. :-)

  46. B- eggs, squash, kale, coffee with almond milk
    Snack- banana
    L- Cobb salad
    Snack- pomegranate
    D- steak, cabbage, kale
    Dessert- orange
    Drinks- water water water

  47. 1-18-16
    B- eggs
    L- beef and apples
    Snack protein shake and almonds
    D- veggie burger with bacon on lettuce

  48. 1-19-16
    B-eggs with ham
    Snack- salt free sunflower seeds
    L- skipped (opps) got busy
    D- pork chops and broccoli