Thursday, January 21, 2016


Sarah- 5am athlete

When did you start CF? June 2013
What is your favorite class time? 5am
What has been your greatest accomplishment since starting CF? Feeling healthy and strong and feeling good about how my body looks. 
What is your favorite cheat meal? Pizza, french fries and a big slice of pie from Emporium Pies
What do you do outside of CF? I work a lot, but when I am home I enjoy planning activities with and spending time with my family. I am also a big book nerd and try to spend a least 15 minutes a day reading a good book. 
Family: I am married to an amazing guy (Jason) and we have 2 beautiful kids (Audrey & Jack)
What motivates or inspires you to come to class every week? How I feel for the rest of the day after completing a WOD and seeing my 5am classmates
What is your favorite workout or type of workout, skill, or lift? I like chipper type workouts that involve a lot of different movements/lifts
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? a doctor (I know, lame but true)

What did you eat yesterday? Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Or maybe a snack tip?

A. 2 min to complete:
Row 250m
Max reps burpees
Rest as needed, repeat
B. 2 min to complete:
Row 250m
Max reps single unders
Rest as needed, repeat
C. 2 min to complete:
Row 250m
Max reps TTB
Rest as needed, repeat
Post your lowest scores for A, B. and C.
EMOM 6 min:
Even: 30 sec Hollow flutters
Odd: 30 sec Arch flutters


  1. Edith
    B: scrambled eggs, sweet potato, broccoli
    L: mix green salad with chicken breast
    D: chicken breast vegetables and sweet potato

  2. Lavan
    B: orange, almond butter, boiled eggs
    L: mix green salad, grilled tilapia, green beans
    D: beef stew ( sweet potato, calabaza, zucchini, flank steak)

  3. Jay
    Breakfast - sweet potatoe/butternut squash protein shake with kale
    Snack - nuts
    Lunch - smoked Salmon granny smith apple
    Snack - can of mackeril
    Dinner - roasted chicken & brussel sprouts

  4. 1-20-16
    B-eggs with turkey
    L- grilled chicken and sweet potatoe
    Snack- banana chips
    D-green beans and broccoli

  5. Omg yesterday I ate a lot!




  6. B - coffee and protein drink

    L - Asian cabbage slaw and protein drink

    S - protein drink

    D - bacon burger sliders/spaghetti squash with little butter/green beans

    S - protein drink

    1. I finally got 100 m on Rowling!!! Thanks paleo challenge!

  7. Smoothie
    And tons of other healthy food

  8. Still was recovering from stomach virus.
    B- apple
    D- finally felt better and ate a chicken bowl from Chipotle, of course made it paleo :)
    Team Night WODers!!

    1. glad you are feeling better! Hope to see you in a workout soon!

  9. B:eggs and bacon
    L: Salad
    d: ground turkey and broccoli

  10. B chicken salad and protien shake
    L lamb and talapia
    D shrimp

  11. Great work out this morning. Love that AM winning team!!!!
    B- scrambles eggs/bacon and sweet potato hash
    L- spaghetti squash/meat sauce and a salad
    S- some nuts
    D- Baked wings and gizzards, sweet potato spirals and Brussel sprouts
    sautéed some apple slices in butter with cinnamon and some pecans. drizzles some coconut butter on them. It was the bomb

    1. Your apple dessert sounds wonderful!

    2. Going to try that dessert this weekend!

  12. yesterday
    B: eggs, broccoli with coconut oil
    S: chicken salad
    L: rotisserie chicken, mixed fruit
    D: hamburger patty, guacamole, baked sweet potato slices, mushrooms and kale sautéed in coconut oil

    1. Favorite recipe for me is the Paleo Chili that I posted on the blog the other day. I make a huge batch of it and we can eat it for days! I will bake several sweet potatoes and sautee kale or spinach.
      Easy meal: baked sweet potato topped with spinach/kale and chili!

      Favorite dessert snack: coconut cream (canned from Trader Joe's or Kroger) with blueberries

  13. 11 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Kale Smoothie, Boiled Eggs & Bacon, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Grilled YellowFin Tuna, Sweet Potato & Green Beans

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Fruit & Almonds

    After WOD-Protein Shake

    D- Lettuce Wrap Tacos & Cauliflower Rice


      My favorite recipe is paleo chicken chili!

  14. B- spinach omelette
    L- steak and broccoli
    S- protein shake
    D- chicken thighs with green beans

    Team Night WODers!

    1. Favorite go-to meal is the chicken thighs and broccoli
      Favorite recipe is the paleo chili recipe from a challenge way back. I changed it up a little to make it my own. Good stuff! I can share it later.

  15. Breakfast - black coffee & banana
    Snack - snack bag of nuts
    Snack - snack bag of nuts
    Lunch - baked chicken, broccoli and small sweet potato
    Snack - baked chicken, crab salad, kale salad
    Snack - Apple, orange, black coffe
    Dinner - hamburger patties, mushroom, sweet potato, kale, guacamole
    Tons of water

    Night WODers!

    1. Now I know where all the bags of nuts are going. :)

  16. Team Rise & Grind - 1/20/2016 (Wednesday)

    Reading everyone's food makes me hungry.......

    B - eggs / peppers / spinach / water
    L - Chitpotle (are you seeing a trend here?) - lettuce / double chicken / pico / hot sauce / guacamole
    D - Thai dish - beef / mushroom / celery / no rice

    More black coffee; much more water. I can barely make the drive in to the office in the morning!

  17. B: 3 eggs, 4 turkey bacon, spinach
    S: orange and mixed nuts
    L: ground beef with bell peppers, bacon wrapped asparagus, spinach
    D: pork chop, cauliflower and spinach

  18. B: eggs with spinach and sweet potato
    L:chipotle- salad with veggies, chicken, pico, salsa, and guac
    D: eggs with sweet potato fries
    S: almonds

  19. B: 2 hard boiled eggs, broccoli & sweet potatoes w/ coconut curry sauce, coffee
    L: grilled pork chop, roasted butternut squash, 1/2 avocado
    S: carrots, cucumbers, berries
    D: grilled pork chop, parsnips and green beans, 1/2 avocado
    S: cherry pie Larabar

  20. B: smokey roasted sweet potatoes
    L: vegan shake
    D: rotisserie chicken

  21. B: protein shake
    S: hard boiled egg and sweet potato
    L: Tuna, eggs and avocado
    D: Ground Beef mixed with Cauliflower and Broccoli
    S: Apple

    Team Night WOD'ers
    Lets do this!

    1. And one of my favorite snacks is apple slices with almond butter!

  22. B:Eggs w/ sweet potato
    L:grilled chicken salad
    D:Lettuce wrap w/ ground beef and sweet potato
    TEAM NIGHT WOD'ers!!!

  23. B: egg whites with spinach and avocado. Coffee with almond milk

    L: .5 banana, protein powder, almond milk, blue berries, spinach shake.

    D: lean ground beef salad .5 avocado
    S: a few almonds here and there.

    To my A.M. coaches, I have had severe asthma attacks this week that I believe have been brought on by a sinus infection, sorry I've missed all week, just trying to get my breathing under control. Hope to feel better tomorrow if not see you on Monday. 😊

  24. Wednesday -
    B: 6 tbsp Liquid Egg Whites scrambled, 6 oz Lean Ground Turkey - 93/7, and 2 tbsp pace chunky salsa
    S:Almonds - Whole Natural 48 nuts
    L: 2 Baked Tilapia with Cajun Spice, baby cut carrots
    D: 5 oz tbone steak, sweet potato, 1 tbsp butter, tea w 2 spenda pks
    S:Planters Nut-rition - Men's Health Recommended Mix - I ate half the can :(

    I am getting to be more frequently hungry and crave everything I am not supposed to have! Almost 1 week down.

    Go AM Team!

  25. B- Coffee
    L - Grilled Chicken and Coconut Water
    D- Cuban sandwich with no bread or cheese and coffee with coconut milk

    Go to meal is usually Tuna w/ avocado. It's quick and easy sometimes I'll add tomato and onion.

    The emergency meal is Chipotle salad.
    I'll do either carnitas or chicken, no rice or beans. To make up for the rice and beans I add the fajita veggies, pico de gallo, more lettuce, and for dressing I use the salsa. Oh and don't forget the guac!!

    Night WOD'ers!!

  26. Team A.M.

    B - eggs, bacon coffee
    L - Roast got to finish it up today , sweet potato, water
    D - Chicken with spinach, water

    Glad that there was not any running with a ball today!!...

  27. B- strawberries and deli turkey
    L- Paleo chili (the last of it :-( )
    D- chicken and red bell pepper
    S- banana and apple

  28. B-eggs with green beans
    L-stuffed peppers (stuffed with chicken and wrapped it with bacon)
    S -orange
    D-grilled chicken and green beans
    ~TEAM AM~

  29. Breakfast was eggs with kale, sweet potato hash and the last of my spicy chicken sausage

    Snacked on almonds and blueberries

    Lunch was left over roasted chicken, sweet potato and green beans

    Snack was blueberries and almonds

    Dinner was a protein shake and a little chicken with more blueberries

    I had tons of water. I need to start measuring it.

  30. B- Eggs with Spinach, Turkey Bacon, Sausage

    S- smoothie, seeds, almonds, fruits

    Dinner- Roast beef and vegetables

    I didn't really have a lunch... Did a lot of snacking here and there

    Today work out was

    16 Burpees
    109 Singlea
    16 T2B

  31. B-coffee (black) banana and strawberry

    S-Apple and pear

    L-grilled chicken and green beans

    S- almonds and orange

    D-caldo de pollo

  32. B scrambled eggs & turkey sausage
    S- cashews & deli meat
    D- taco soup
    S- Lara bar

    Team Night WOD ers

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  34. Day 5
    B:Spinach Omelet
    L:Chicken, broccoli, sweet potato
    D: 1/4 lb hamburger (no bun) lettuce, tomato, 1/2 avocado
    Morning snack: An apple

  35. B Paleo bar, coffee with coconut milk
    L grilled chicken, sweet potatoes
    D turkey burger without the bun, sweet potato fries

  36. I was hungry yesterday. I ate all the food I brought to work including snacks before noon.
    B - bacon and eggs, protein drink, banana
    S - protein bar, banana and apple
    L - fish and greens, almonds and carrots
    D - chicken and spinach

    Night Wod'ers

  37. B-chorizo egg white omelet-huge so not very hungry at lunch
    l-carrots, cashew butter
    s-boiled egg, walnuts
    d-chicken vege soup

    fav dessert/snack anytime hot or cold: sweet potato sliced/quartered, olive/coconut oil, generous amount of cinnamon and nutmeg. Bake 30 mins @ 400

  38. B sweet potato
    S almonds
    L steak and broccoli
    S boiled eggs
    D pork roast, salad, and sweet potato

  39. Yesterday's meals:
    B: omelette egg, spinach& tomatoes muffin
    L: ground need with cut up zucchini w/side of sweet potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus
    D: lettuce taco wraps w/ side of sweet potatoes and green beans.

    Go team Night Wod'ers!!

  40. Lots of water
    B-eggs and steak
    L- talapia and sweet patatoe
    D- chicken salad and almonds

    Easy run

  41. B - Sausage and scrambled eggs

    S - Protein Shake

    L - Grilled chicken thighs and asparagus

    D - Grilled chicken legs

    Team Night WOD'ers

    1. I hope you had more than just chicken legs for dinner! lol

  42. WOD- 14/85/5

    B- protein shake, banana and coffee
    L- Stuffed Sweet Potato with chicken and Sponach
    Snack- nuts and orange
    D- cauliflower rice and chicken bowl

  43. B- Egg, spinach sausage casserole
    L - Garden salad w roasted chicken and Goddess dressing which contained soy I saw after.. I will be looking up a clean recipe for this too
    S - Amy and Asa's orange in the middle of the WOD at 6:30 so I didn't pass out from lack of food since lunch. *facepalm*
    D - mega sized Chocolate Vegan Shakeology, Spirutien Vanilla with almond butter and stevia drops

  44. Foodddddd:

    Breakfast: Protein Shake & Almond Milk
    Snack: Banana
    Lunch: Tuna Salad & Avocado
    Snack: Homemade Sweet Potato Chips & Pico
    Dinner: HG Supply Company (kinda paleo menu-- cool place): Kobe Beef, Egg, Sweet Potato Hash, Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce

    Only 40 oz of water. Yesterday I got all 64.

    1. Snack tip -- Sweet Potato Chips. Cut them really thin and bake until crispy (maybe like 400 degrees). I like salty stuff so I make pico at home and eat the chips with it. Now if only I could have queso.... :)

  45. B- spinach omelette
    L- meatloaf n broccoli
    D- chicken n green beans

  46. Andrea
    B: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach, and avocado
    L: turkey chili
    D: turkey chili

  47. Thelma
    B: tilapia
    L: shrimp and tilapia, avocado, chili turkey, chayote
    D: squash, tilapia and turkey chili, brisket

  48. B-Vegetable Omlette
    L-Tilapia and Vegetables
    S-Protein Shake
    D-Taco salad with Ground beef and no cheese.

  49. Yesterday's Meals

    B: eggs with avocado and tomatoes
    L: chiken with tomatoes and avocado
    D: Beef Fajitas mix vegetables
    S: protein with fruits and pecans lots of water

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede :)

  50. Renee Rivera
    Weds Meals
    L- Fish and cucumbers
    D- Almond crusted chicken, spinach salad, avocado, and onions. Almond milk. Water

  51. B Eggs w/spinach and kale
    L Grilled chicken w/green beans and carrots
    S Protein shake
    D Beef stew

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  53. B - Eggs and spinach and arugula
    L - Grilled chicken and green beans
    D - Grilled steak and shrimp