Saturday, January 30, 2016

Team PM getting some extra work in after hours... (preparing for battle)

What did you eat yesterday?

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Run 400m
Sit ups
Run 400m


  1. Breakfast - black coffee, dried okra and plantains
    Snack - kale chips (kind of disgusting)
    Lunch - chicken breast, banana
    Snack - larabar
    Dinner - bunless burger and sweet potato fries
    Snack - fruit with coconut cream


  2. B- bacon wraped boiled eggs
    S- orange & nuts
    L- 2 venison fillets
    S- protein bar
    D- raw octopuss and cucumber salad, salmon, chicken
    Alot of cofee, tea and water, need to up vegetable intake.

  3. Lavan
    B: egged over medium avocado, blueberries
    S: Apple and almond butter, coffee
    L: mixed greens and grilled chicken
    S: orange, coffee
    D: cabbage, Brussels sprouts jicama, with salmon, with chile seco salsa

  4. Breakfast was eggs with sausage and spinach

    Snacked on a banana

    Lunch was a t-bone drench in homemade green salsa on top of greens with chopped cucumber

    Had an early dinner, it was a hamburger patty with sweet potato fries.

  5. Day 14
    B:spinach omelette, apple
    Snack: Almonds
    L: salmon, salad
    D: baked chicken, green beans, sweet potato
    Snack: Almonds

  6. B-sausage,spinach and eggs over 1/2 sweet potato
    S- bulletproof coffee
    L-turkey,avacado lettuce wrap w/sweet potato chips, orange
    S- handful of nuts
    D-mix of purple cabbage/sweet potato noodles, porch chop,zucchini

  7. B: banana, almonds (in a hurry!)
    L: leftover chicken fajita meat on salad
    S: larabar
    D: burger without bun, kale salad, sweet potato fries at Libety Burger
    dessert: blueberries, cherries, almonds and macadamia nuts

    Go Night WOD'ers!

  8. B- protein shake
    S- Sweet potato
    L- Tuna and eggs
    D- Left over pork chops, broccoli and cauliflower
    S- apple with almond butter

    Team Night WOD'ers

  9. B: GF oatmeal, eggs
    L: vegan protein shake, beef jerky
    D: paleo pizza, wine

  10. B- egg white omelet
    S- raisins and sunflowers seeds
    D-elk steak with sautéed spinach and onions.
    Night WODers

  11. Yesterday's meals:
    B: eggs and sausage, banana & coffee
    L: grilled chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes
    D: grilled chicken covered with pico & side salad
    Snacks: larabar, almonds, orange, slices of turkey
    Go Team Night Wod'ers!

  12. B/L - orange juice with papaya, eggs with kale/spinach and sweet potato
    D - chicken n veggies

  13. B - eggs / peppers / mushrooms
    L - grilled pork chops / broccoli
    D - grilled chicken / asparagus

  14. Veronica Ayala
    B: scrambled eggs, Turkey bacon, Blueberries, avacado.
    L: chicken salad
    S : almonds
    D : steak, sweet potatoes, Asparagus

  15. B- eggs and bacon
    L- 2 burger patties, broccoli, sweet potato
    D- boiled egg and guacamole

  16. Fridays meals-
    B:steak & egg bowl
    L: sauteed veggies, ground turkey, 1/2apple, 1/2 orange
    D: Chipoltle's Lettuce Bowl W Fajita Veg and Double Chicken With Tomato Salsa

  17. B - sausage and eggs

    L - Grilled chicken legs

    d- Bone-in Ribeye

  18. B eggs, bacon, sausage, pistachios
    L steak and avocado
    S almonds
    D beef patties wrapped in lettuce

    Night WOD'ers

  19. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Boiled Eggs & Turkey Sausage, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Baked Chicken, Squash & Zucchini

    S- 2oz Tuna, Mixed Veggies & Mixed Nuts

    D- Bunless Mushroom Turkey Burger, Sweet Potato Fries

  20. B- boiled egg with turkey bacon
    L- grilled chicken with broccoli
    S- apple with dry roasted edamame
    D- BLT with avocado wrapped in lettuce and mixed fruit

  21. 1-29
    B- bacon and eggs
    L- chicken cesar salad
    D-left over lunch

  22. B- eggs and sausage
    L- beef patty and sweet potato
    D- grilled chicken salad

  23. Edith
    B:egg whites, almond butter and apple
    L: mixed greens salad and grilled chicken avocado
    D: cabbage, Brussels sprouts jicama,salmon and chile seco salsa

  24. B - salad, loaded with veggies and fruit
    L - pork chop
    D - Another Salad
    S - nuts, fruit and protein bar
    32 oz water

  25. B-coffee (black) scramble eggs

    L-chicken and mixed veggies


    D-Turkey patty and asparagus

    S-almonds and orange

  26. B: eggs, turkey bacon, avocado
    L: ground beef with bell peppers and asparagus
    D: rotisserie chicken and veggies

  27. Andrea
    B: orange and 2 hard boiled eggs
    L : Chicken fajitas and sweet potato
    D: chicken, green beans and guacamole

  28. B: eggs, bacon
    L: meatballs, carrots, 1/2 sweet potato
    D: salad with chicken, tomatoes, guacamole

  29. B: egg and veggie cups, bacon, coffee
    L: turkey, bacon and veggie lettuce wrap
    S: sweet potato chips and salsa
    D: hamburger patty w/ bacon and tomatoes, sweet potato fries

  30. B-skipped
    L- chicken legs and cabbage
    S- protein shake
    D- sausage and cabbage

  31. B breakfast casserole
    S almonds & turkey
    L turkey party & zucchini
    D salad & fajita chicken
    80 oz of water

    Night WOD ers

    66 oz of water

  32. B: eggs with chorizo
    L: chicken with broccoli and green beans
    D: chicken salad
    S: protein shake with fruits, almonds

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  33. Yesterday not so good. Involved Mexican food for lunch and french fries for dinner. 🙈

  34. Food

    Breakfast: egg and sweet potato
    Snack: strawberries and grapes
    Lunch: Grilled chicken salad
    Dinner : bad grilled chicken tomatoes pickles and a LA Croix

    Ive been feeling unsatisfied with food recently.

  35. B-egg spinach omelet coconut milk
    S-protein shake
    L-chicken salad pineapples
    D-fajita cucumber sweet potatoes

  36. B: fruit (wasn't feeling to good in the a.m.)
    L:meat balls w/ sweet potato
    D: fruit ( i just wasnt feeling all that good yesterday)

  37. B - skipped breakfast busy morning
    L - bunless burger
    D - grilled chicken

  38. B- eggs and coffee
    L - chicken
    D - whole grain spaghetti