Friday, January 29, 2016

Team Rise & Grind (AM) 988 points total
Team Night WOD'ers (PM) 971 points total
It's a close race! Stay strong through the weekend! Post your food so coaches know how you are doing!
What did you eat yesterday?
Night WOD'ers will meet at the gym at 7:30pm tonight to workout, socialize, and exchange recipes and ideas!
“Amanda” (12 min cap)
Muscle ups (sub 1:1 pull ups and dips for each muscle up. Ex: 9 pull ups/9 dips=9 muscle ups)
 Squat Snatch, 135/95 (95/65, 65/35, 35/15)

Against a 4-minute running clock:
500 Meter Row
15 Box Jumps
Mountain Climbers x Max reps


  1. Edith
    B: Egg whites, sweetpotato
    L: mixed greens and grilled chicken with avocado
    D: tilapia calabaza and almonds

  2. Lavan
    B: over medium eggs, avocado and orange
    L: mixed greens with grilled chicken
    S: blueberries almond butter
    D: tilapia calabaza and almonds

  3. Breakfast - black coffee, bacon, eggs, kale
    Snack - black coffee
    Lunch - nothing
    Snack - kale stew over mashed sweet potatoes
    Dinner - steak, shrimp, oranges

    Night WODers!

    1. A) Pacer Test
      B) weight moving Night WODer team WOD. WINNING TEAM! :)

  4. Breakfast - protein shake
    Snack 1 - nuts and cranberries
    Snack 2 - paleo fried chicken
    Lunch - 2 small venison fillets and spinach
    Snack- 1/2 baked sweet potatoe
    Dinner- paleo meatballs with spegetti squash
    Morning Wood is the best wood to have. All natural with no outside stimulates. 100% Paleo.

    1. ha! are you just checking to see if people actually read these posts?

  5. Breakfast was eggs, fresh spinach, bacon and coffee

    Snacked on almonds

    Lunch was sardines, half an avocado and half a roasted sweet potatoe

    Snacked on almonds and had another cup of coffee

    Dinner was grilled chicken, cabbage and green beans.

  6. B-1/2 sweet potato w/roast and eggs on top/hot tea
    L-Protein shake
    S-Some bone broth and handful of nuts
    D-Chili/w kale& Cauliflower and Guacamole/sweet potato chips

  7. Eggs bacon
    Baked wings broccoli sweet potato
    Fish broccoli sweet potato

  8. Team AM
    B - Eggs, Bacon, Coffee
    L - Pork, Sweet Potato, Water
    D - Fajitas, with coffee and water, might try a lettuce wrap...

  9. B: egg and veggie cups, salsa, coffee
    L: Asian chicken slaw, avocado
    S: sweet potato chips and salsa
    D: Mediterranean chicken and veggies w/ olives
    S: smoothie (berries, 1/2 banana, splash coconut milk)

  10. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Eggs & Turkey Bacon Coffee w/ghee

    L- Leftover Elk Steak, Salad & Butternut Squash

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Fruit & Mixed Nuts

    D- Baked Chicken, Squash & Zucchini

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  12. Thursdays Meals:
    B:protein shake w/almond milk, Baby Kale & Spinach Blend
    L: grill chicken, sautéed veggies, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana
    D:ground turkey, salsa, 2 scrambled eggs
    S:protein shake

    AM Team

  13. Yesterday's meals:
    B: banana, coffee, larabar (rushed morning boo!)
    L: Grilled chicken with side of veggies (Steamed carrots, broccoli, zucchini and squash.
    D: Rotisserie chicken with side of sweet potatoes and side salad.
    Snacks: Orange, almonds, protein shake
    Let's go Team Night Wod'ers! See you all tonight! :)

  14. Yesterday:
    B: leftover chicken fajita salad
    L: eggs, bacon, kale
    S: banana, blueberries, almonds, coconut milk smoothie
    D: chili with kale

    Go Night WOD'ers!

  15. BRUNCH was a chicken fajita salad and dinner was lettuce wraps and a protien shake

  16. Darn that sounds like an awesome work out today I will have to try and find a way to do it today

  17. B: gluten free oatmeal, eggs
    L: mustard chicken
    D: mustard chicken and brussel sprouts

    And Jay and your morning wood! Smh!!!

  18. B-eggs a la Mexican and sweet potato
    S - almonds
    L - lettuce salad with lemon/salt & chicken
    D - baby carrots & fish

  19. B. Larabar
    L. Sweet potato, bacon, cranberries
    D. Grilled chicken salad

  20. B: egg whites with tomato onions and salami
    L: tilapia mix vegetables
    D: chicken mix vegetables
    S: protein shake, almonds, sweet potato

    Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  21. B- eggs and spinach, Smoothie
    L- Pork Chops, Green beans
    D- Baked Chicken and Green Beans
    S- Sweet Potato Fries

  22. B: eggs, bacon, sweet potatoes, avocados
    S: almonds and orange
    L: burger patty, sweet potato fries
    D: ground beef with asparagus

  23. B- protein shake
    L- steak salad
    D- pork chops and broccoli
    S- frozen grapes

    Team Night WOD'ers

  24. B- eggs and orange
    L- tuna with spinach salad and pickle
    D- meatballs and broccoli

    Team night WOD'ers


  25. Renee Rivera
    B: Eggs bacon almond milk
    L: Chicken salad
    D: kale bacon chicken eggs oniOns

  26. Day 13
    B:spinach omelette, 1/2 avocado
    Snack: Almonds
    L: chicken, salad
    D: 1/4lb beef patty, green beans, sweet potato

  27. B- strawberry banana smoothie
    L- burger patty, broccoli, sweet potato
    D- steak, sweet potato (Saltgrass) :-)
    S- banana

  28. B- Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Banana, and Coconut Water.
    S- Pistschios
    L- Ground Beef Patties and salad
    D- Turkey and Sweet Tators

    Night WOD'ers

  29. Thelma
    B: no breakfast
    L : Moe's chicken salad
    D: Steak and sweet potato

  30. Andrea
    B: banana pancakes
    L : Chicken fajitas and sweet potato
    D: Steak and sweet potato fries

  31. B- boiled eggs and turkey bacon
    L-fajita meat and broccoli
    S-banana and dry roasted edamame
    D- rotisserie chicken and mixed veggies

  32. Foodddd

    Breakfast: Protein Shake
    Snack: Sweet Potato Chips / Salsa
    Lunch: Caulirice, Ground Turkey, Pico, Sweet Potato
    Snack: Larabar
    Dinner: Salmon & Salad

  33. Super exciting to see all these inches lost week after week! Also a special shout out to my AM teammates - way to take the lead!!!

    Half way point - almost to the finish line!!
    B - protein shake
    L - chicken and jicama slaw
    S - protein shake
    D - cauli mashed potatoes and hamburger patty

  34. B-bacon and eggs
    L- chicken and broccoli
    D- steak fajitas
    S- protein shake

  35. Go Night WOD'ers
    B - sausage and eggs
    L - chicken breast and 2 boiled eggs
    D - loaded salad
    S - fruit, nuts,
    48oz water

  36. B- oatmeal with dried fruit
    L- steak Fijita salad
    D-chicken salad

  37. B - sausage and eggs

    L - grilled chicken thighs

    D - protein shake

    Night WOD'ers

  38. B- protein shake w/ 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup berries, coffee
    L- subway turkey chopped salad
    D-boiled egg, bacon, raisins
    Night WODers

  39. B-sausage spinach muffin coconut milk
    L-chicken salad and an apple
    D-chicken sweet potato broccoli

  40. B-Protein Shake
    L-Grilled chicken, steamed Veggies, Sweet Potato
    D-Grilled steak and veggies with guacamole
    S-Protein shake

  41. B breakfast casserole
    S cashews & turkey
    L salad with fajita meat
    D smoked sausage with sweet potato chips

    Night WOD ers

  42. B:eggs with fruit
    L:tuna lettuce wraps
    D:steak with asparagus and jicama
    S: cashews

  43. B- bacon n eggs
    L- chicken n green beans
    D- steak fajitas

  44. B- protein shake
    L- grilled steak with brussel sprouts
    D- sweet papa! Yummy

  45. So Art doesn't kill me in my sleep...
    Breakfast - a few almonds and kombucha eep
    Lunch chicken with carrots zzzzzzz
    Dinner salami, garden salad

  46. Bad day for eating ... I had no self control...
    Potatoe and egg tacos
    Grilled chicken
    Potbelly for dinner
    Ice cream cake from dunkin doughnut
    It was my kid's birthday and she made me do it