Thursday, January 28, 2016

There are three things that have to happen to successfully change a habit. Read more here and check out the new website!

1.  You must make the decision to change.  This means that you will need to completely eliminate the word "try" from your vocabulary.  If you want to successfully change your habits to live a healthier life, you cannot leave an open door to your old habits.

2.  Act "as if."  When you change a habit, you are by definition acting in a way that is 'just not you.' But in a very short time, it will feel normal and it will seem strange that you ever acted any different.

3.  Work on yourself every day.  Working on yourself with consistency and persistence connects you to your inner wisdom and inner strength to become unstoppable.

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Run 400m
50 PVC front squats
50 Sit ups
Run 400m
50 PVC push press
50 Pull ups
Run 400m
50 PVC thruster
50 Double unders
Run 400m


  1. B- eggs and spinach, smoothie
    S- Turkey slices, almonds, watermelon
    L- skipped
    D- pork chops, corn, green beans

  2. Edith
    B: egg whites, spinach and avocado
    L: mixed greens, grilled chicken and mixed nuts
    D: beef tenderloin sweet potato avocado

  3. Lavan
    B: eggs over medium, avocado and orange
    L: mixed greens, grilled chicken
    D: beef tenderloin sweet potato avocado

  4. B- leftover hamburger patties w/egg on top, strawberries and hot tea
    L-egg roll in a bowl, some sweet potato chips W/guacamole and sautéed apples
    S- bone broth and a cup of coffee
    D-Grilled Chicken, zucchini noodles w/cauliflower sauce and some broccoli

  5. B- protein shake
    S- walnuts , apple
    L-beef Jerky
    S -tirkey salami, chicken, lettuce wrap
    Dinner paleo fried chicken and mixed vegs

  6. B: eggs, banana
    S: almonds, orange
    L: mashed sweet potato, chili with kale
    S: sweet potato chips with salsa
    D: fajita meat on kale salad with guacamole
    dessert: coconut milk with banana, blueberries and cherries

    Go Team Night WOD'ers

  7. Team AM
    B - Eggs, Bacon, Coffee
    L - Pork, Sweet potato, water
    D - Roast, Vegetables, Water

  8. Breakfast - black coffee
    Snack - kale stew over mashed sweet potatoes
    Snack - black coffee
    Lunch - kale stew
    Snack - plantain chips
    Dinner - fajita salad! Amazing!! (Chicken, shrimp, guacamole, salsa, kale)
    Dessert-blueberry smoothie

    Night WODers!

  9. B - coffee and choc protein drink
    L - chicken thighs crispy baked/jicama slaw
    S - protein drink
    D - hamburger patty/dill relish/spaghetti squash

  10. Breakfast was the last of my egg muffins with a side of left over fajita meat. I also had black coffee.

    Snacked on almonds.

    Lunch was herb crusted pork loin with roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli and some salsa.

    Snacked on blueberries and almonds.

    Dinner was sardines with avocado.

  11. B: eggs and bacon
    L: vegan protein shake
    S: protein shake
    D: meatloaf, mustard chicken, sweet potato, green beans, broccoli

  12. Yesterday's meals:
    B: Egg omelet muffin with veggies, banana, and coffee
    L: Grilled chicken breast, avocado, side of veggies (steamed carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and squash)
    D: Grilled chicken salad, lemon dressing
    Snacks: orange, almonds, slice of turkey, larabar
    water, water, water
    #Go Team Night Wod'ers

  13. Wednesdays meals-
    B:steak and egg bowl
    L: grilled chicken, sautéed veggies, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana
    S: protein shake w/ spinach/kale, almond milk
    D:Chipotle double chicken bowl w/veggies, lettuce, peco

    AM Team

  14. Meals for 1/27/16
    B: egg and veggie cups, banana, coffee
    L: Sausage and cabbage
    S: tuna, cucumbers
    D: Asian chicken slaw
    S: frozen berries

  15. B- eggs with bacon, kale, spinach & sweet potato
    S- almonds
    L- salad with white tuna and half an avacado
    D- fish & veggies

  16. Team Rise & Grind - 1/27/2016 (Wednesday)

    B - skipped (on an airplane)
    L - skipped (in a meeting)
    S - almonds
    D - Salmon + asparagus

    Tought Day!

  17. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Eggs & Turkey Bacon Coffee w/ghee

    L- Leftover Lettuce Wrap Street Tacos & Butternut Squash

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Veggies & Avocado

    After WOD-Protein Shake

    D- Elk Steak, Salad & Butternut Squash

  18. B-black coffee with stevia
    L-pork, sauerkraut
    D-steak, sweet potato fries

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    2. I miss seeing you in the mornings. I hope all is well with you

  19. B: egg whites with salami, onions, tomatoes
    L: ground beef with mix vegetables
    D: tilapia with mix vegatables
    S: sweet potatoes, pecans, almonds,protein shakes

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede :)

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  21. B,L, and Dinner
    Steak, sweet potatoe, and veggies
    Go Team AM!!!!!!!

  22. B-protein shake
    S-sweet potato
    L- tuna and eggs
    D- sausage and cabbage

    Team Night WOD'ers

  23. B-egg & sweet patatoe
    L-grilled chicken and spinach
    D-Grilled chicken, Spinach and salad lots of water

  24. Foodddd:

    Breakfast: Protein Shake
    Snack: Sweet Potato Chips & Salsa
    Lunch: Caulirice, Ground Turkey, Pico, Sweet Potatoes
    Snack: Green Smoothie (Pear, Spinach, Almond Milk)
    Dinner: Turkey Burger & Small Salad

    Lots of Water

  25. B eggs, sausage, bacon, banana and coconut water.
    S pistachios
    L Grilled Chicken Salad
    S Protein Bar
    D Leftover Stuffed Bell Pepper

    Night WOD'ers

  26. B - Sausage and Eggs

    L - Grilled Chicken Legs

    S - Protein bar

    D - Protein Shake

    Night WOD'ers

  27. Andrea
    B: Banana pancakes and an orange
    L : Mash cauliflower, chicken
    D: Mash cauliflower, chicken, guac, and sweet potato
    S: hard boiled egg

  28. Thelma
    B: no breakfast
    L : Chicken salad
    D: shredded chicken, kale, tomatoes and guacamole

  29. Day 12
    B:spinach omelette, 1/2 avocado
    Snack: Almonds
    L: chicken, broccoli, red bell peppers, bamboo shoots
    Snack: Apple
    D: 1/4lb beef patty, green peas, baby carrots, 1/2 avocado

  30. B eggs tomato & bacon
    S Lara bar
    L pulled pork
    S almonds & deli meat
    D pork loin & steamed sweet potato
    66 oz water

    Team Night WOD ers

  31. B. Oatmeal
    L. Grilled chicken sandwich non paleo fries
    D. Flatbread pizza. Drinks and Dessert.

    Hubby came home from Argentina. Celebrated all day.

  32. B- boiled egg, bacon, 2 coffees
    L- grilled chicken salad
    S- boiled egg, carrots
    D-elk spaghetti sauce, raisins
    Almond butter

  33. B-spinach sausage egg muffin coconut milk
    L-chicken and shrimp broccoli
    D-chicken sweet potato

  34. B- smoothie
    L- burger patty, broccoli, sweet potato
    D- boiled eggs and alvacado (I didn't want to cook)

  35. B: 2 boiled eggs/ black coffee (wasn't really hungry)
    L: turkey ground beef w/ sweet potato amd brocoli slaw w/bacon
    D: tilapia w/spinach salad

  36. B-protein shake

    L-tilapia and asparagus

    S- orange and strawberries

    D-lettuce turkey wrap and jicama

  37. B egg and sausage casserole
    L left over steak and broccoli
    Glass of red wine
    D roasted chicken, buffalo cauliflower

  38. B - eggs and sausage
    L - chipotle chicken salad
    D - eggs , ham, turkey
    S - nuts, fruit
    34 oz water

    Go Night WOD'ers

  39. B: chicken veggie egg omelet with fruit
    L: loaded sweet potatoes with chicken
    D: loaded sweet potatoes with chicken

    Let's go night WODers!!!'

  40. B- eggs with spinach and kale
    S - almonds
    L - chicken salad
    D- steak and green beans