Sunday, January 24, 2016

We started week 2 yesterday! What did you eat? How's your food prep going?

We all have goals. (health, fitness, work, financial, family goals...) CrossFit is a program that has the ability to change your life. Has it changed your life yet? Are you satisfied with your fitness results? If not, ask yourself how committed you are to the program? Take the quiz below to find out how committed you are to reaching your goals.

Taking care of your body outside of workouts(mobility, stretch, ice.): Your score (1-10): _____
Getting enough sleep: Your score (1-10): _____
Nutrition: Your score (1-10): _____
Managing stress in your personal life: Your score (1-10): _____
Positive attitude: Your score (1-10): _____

Add all scores: TOTAL SCORE: _____

Divide your total score by 50. Then move the decimal point two spaces to the right, to give you a percentage (EX: A score of 42 divided by 50 is .84, which would be 84% after we move the decimal.)

Your percentage: _____

That percentage score shows how much personal effort you are putting into your fitness. If you came up with 78%, it means you’re giving 78% of yourself to your training. In other words, you’re 22% away from giving full 100% effort.

Maybe you can't give 100% because you have kids and work and... We are all adults with busy lives and responsibilities. Reaching your goals might take a bit longer than you would like, but that's ok. Just know that you have to look to yourself to achieve your desired results. See if you can put a little extra effort into one or more of the five categories above.


  1. Edith
    B: egg white, avocado and calabaza
    L: spinach salad with tuna salad and avocado
    D:cabbage and jicama salad, chicken, avocado and salsa

  2. Lavan
    B: egg white, avocado and calabaza
    L: spinach salad with tuna salad and avocado
    D:cabbage and jicama salad, chicken, avocado and salsa

  3. Team Rise & Grind - 1/23/2016 (Saturday)

    B - Scrambled eggs with red onions, spinach and peppers
    L - Sausage, spinach, tomato sauce
    D - brace yourselves.....In-n-Out, 2 burger patties wrapped in lettuce.

    Drank a ton of water today - I've found that I can really up my water intake when I drink Topo Chico or St. Croix during the day.

    I really notice how the rest of the family likes bread and sweets...but I stay strong because of what I want most, not what I want now.

    Fun Saturday WOD - shoulders were burnin'.

    Food prep reboot today (hopefully) :)

  4. Yesterday's food:
    B: eggs, bacon, sweet potato and spinach mix
    L: sliced beef, green beans, cabbage
    S: sweet potato chips and guacamole
    D: shredded pork, bell peppers, and cabbage mixed with mayo, asparagus
    Lots of water!!! Decaf coffee

    Go Team Night WOD'ers!!!

    1. Cool quiz. I got 94%. I can improve on mobility and stretching. I do it everyday, but could always get more in. I can also improve on sleep. I allow plenty of time for sleep, but as belly is getting bigger sleep is getting more difficult. So, I am not worried about this one. As soon as this little baby boy is home with us, I will sleep comfortable again! OH, wait... I forgot about being up with a newborn! Ok, sleep will have to wait!

  5. Staying on track is a bit difficult when traveling but it isn't impossible. My wonderful hubby packed boiled eggs so breakfast was boiled eggs and spinach. I snacked on almonds. Lunch was a steak and chicken fajita salad with bacon and guacamole. I asked for no cheese and no dressing. Dinner was a ribeye, I LOVE steak, with a baked sweet potato and a side Caesar salad with no dressing, cheese and croutons, so basically a bowl of romaine.

    I packed apples, avocado and sardines so that might be lunch as we head back home today.

    Being a soccer mom is no joke! There is a real struggle involved in every aspect of daily living when your kid has a busy schedule, eating clean happens to be the biggest struggle for me.

    1. You seem to do an amazing job! I know you could take the easy way out and eat whatever is convenient. Your efforts and discipline are admirable! You are a true example of how the super busy, working mom of two can still make healthy choices!

    2. Thanks Amy! Sam told me last night that she wants me to help her with a food journal, totally caught me off guard, so it's worth the struggle for yet another reason.

  6. Day 8
    B:Spinach omelette
    L: Salmon, broccoli, salad
    Afternoon snack: Cashews
    D: chicken, baked sweet potatoes, green peas
    Evening snack: An apple

  7. B-sweet potato and hard boiled egg
    L-eggs, spinach, kale and turkey bacon
    D- paleo chili
    Dessert- fried bananas (coconut oil) with cinnamon sprinkle

    160 oz water

    Team Night WOD'ers

    1. And forgot to congratulate you on your weight loss yesterday!!! Keep it up! Haven't had fried bananas in a long time!

  8. Great quiz! Definitely have some things to work on. 74%. It's probably higher since we're doing the challenge but I scored it based on how I was doing prior to the challenge just to see where I really was.
    B- bacon, eggs, and spinach
    L- chicken legs and spinach tossed in EVOO and distilled vinegar (delicious!)
    D- bacon and jalapeño wrapped chicken thighs (amazing!) sorry Asa, forgot to send pic. But it was 4.5 oz chicken and 2 slices of bacon. Cut the chicken up into smaller pieces then wrapped them with bacon and jalapeño

  9. B: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon, .25 avocado, some Blueberries. Coffee, with almond milk. 2 cups of water.

    L: rot. Chicken, salad, .the of small avacado, .5 cucumber, 2 cups of water.

    D: protien powder, .33 banana, 3 strawberries, almond milk, kale smoothie. 2 cups of water.

    Snacked on sunflower seeds and almonds.

  10. B: I forgot my lunch bag so I didn't have anything to eat :(((
    L: vegan protein shake
    S: Vegan protein shake, hummus and carrots
    D: lemon pepper cod

    1. That is a total bummer!!! That makes for a hangry day... :(

  11. Breakfast - black coffee, 2 strips of bacon, eggs with spinach and a tiny portion of sweet potato
    Snack - black coffee
    Lunch - pork roast and sweet potato
    Snack - sweet potato chips with guacamole
    Dinner - pork and cabbage salad with asparagus

    Night WODers!

  12. B - orange, grapefruit & papaya juice
    L - salmon, broccoli & salad
    D - chicken with broccoli and cauliflower

  13. Saturdays meals - AM Team
    B: scrambled egg whites and 6 oz turkey
    L: ham sandwich with lays chips, cookie - I was working and that was what they provided at the location.
    D: Don't ask, it involves Mexican food and alcohol.

    I'm back on track today.

    1. Stay the course for 20 more days! That's it! It's tough sometimes... But nothing worthwhile is easy - it is earned!!

  14. Breakfast was a protien shake and two bananas
    Lunch was a chicken salad
    And Dinner was grilled chicken with alvacado
    The hardest part of this challenge for me is the ever changing schedule I have at work but with meal prepping and keeping my eye on the prize I know I will be happy with the result let's goo team AM we WILL WIN THIS CHALLANGE!!!

  15. My score is a solid 82%... Not too shabby but lots of room for improvement still. Unfortunately this thing called life does take priority over a perfect fitness score.

    B - protein drink
    L - fajita chicken salad with avocado dressing
    S - chicken breast and green beans
    D - grilled chicken wings green beans
    S - protein drink

  16. B-1 1/2 boiled egg, avocado slice, canadian bacon, coffee
    S-leek broth and a couple of sweet p chunks
    L-ground elk, tomatoes Brussels sprouts and sweet potato
    S- half protein shake
    D- small fajita chicken salad

    Team Night WODers

  17. B- Eggs and Spinach, Turkey Bacon, Smoothie

    L- Grilled Chicken Salad (no dressings)

    S-Orange, Seeds, Almonds

    D- I had to film a wedding last night and very disappointing that they had Pizza for dinner... So I walked across the street to get a granola bar and a Orange for dinner. Granola had Fruit and Nuts in it.

    Late night snack- Eggs and Spinach

  18. B: 2 eggs, spaghetti squash and brussel sprouts
    S: apple
    L: baked fish, brussel sprouts, spaghetti squash
    S: sweet potato chips and salsa
    D: steak salad w/ avocado and salsa

  19. B: eggs and bacon, strawberries
    L: burger patty on a bed of bell peppers and onions topped with tomato and pineapple
    D: grilled chicken salad with ranch. Ugh sorry team. First cheat. Stupid ranch. We were on the road eating but that's just an excuse.
    S: banana

  20. B:boiled eggs with turkey bacon
    Snack:boiled eggs with half avocado
    L:chicken salad from Chipotle made it paleo friendly.
    D:chicken and broccoli with cucumber slices

  21. B - Eggs and bacon, with Coffee
    L - Hambuger meat with sweet potatoes, Water
    S - Jerky
    D - Chicken with vegetables, water

    Great self check; I know that I need the milestone as a reference.

  22. 1-23
    B-protein shake
    L- eggs and bacon
    D- salad,grilled chicken and a beef patty

  23. 1-22
    B- eggs and apple
    Snack- banana
    L- grilled chicken
    D- steak and greenbeans

  24. 1-24
    B- eggs and bacon
    L-opps (I am totally having trouble eating on the go. So I just didn't eat)
    Snack- bc we were still on the go...I had a few peanuts
    Dinner taco meat, grilled chicken, salad

  25. It is getting better and better! Finally sleeping good and getting my rest!
    B- Paleo Egg and Spinich Muffins
    L- grilled Chicken Salad
    D- Homemade meatloaf with baked cabbage

    Feeling great!

  26. B-egg omlette and mango and coffee with almond milk (unsweetened)

    L- caldo de res with lots of veggies

    S- orange, grapes and almonds

    D-pork chops, avocado and cabbage and pineapple

  27. I scored a 78%, I know of many areas where I could show some improvements; I will keep working.
    B - eggs, chicken and squash
    L- chicken and collard greens
    S - protein bar
    D - Chipotle chicken bowl
    I suffered a couple missteps at work due to preparation. With two back to back nights I was not fully prepared. I will bounce back
    16oz water

  28. ? Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Protien Fruit Smoothie, 2 eggs, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Turkey Sandwich on Lettuce, Sweet Potato Fries

    S- Mixed Fruit & Almonds

    D- Baked Chicken, Spinach & squash

    Went out they had buffet style.. Snacked on finger foods I could eat fruits & veggies..THIS WAS SO HARD.. There was a chocolate fountain!

  29. 72% which I think is pretty good since this nutrition thing is new to me. I've alway been able to get to the gym, but I don't think I was seeing results because food was such a big thing in my life. When I was living downtown, I ate out (normally with drinks) 4 nights a week at least. I was very unhealthy.

    I feel better than I have in awhile. I'm clear headed and my anxiety has decreased. I food prepped today and I found it a little therapeutic (even though I still hate the grocery store). I also felt accomplished that I managed to not cheat a single day last week and I got out of the grocery store with only one bad purchase ( a bottle of wine with Ben Franklin on it called "The Federalists" that I don't want to drink but the history teacher in me had to have).

    B: Sweet Potato Hash & Eggs & Bacon
    L: Chicken Drumsticks & the rest of the hash and a cute
    D: Tuna Salad

    Maybe I'll sauté some apples for desert.

    I want to say thank you for all the positivity and support. I read the posts everyday and it's nice to know I'm not in this alone.

    1. Awesome! I love reading all the posts too! It is motivation to stay strong! Would be too easy to cave in if doing alone. But knowing all these other people are going through it with us makes it a little easier!

  30. Tuff Weekend , all things considered a sucess. Deer Hunting with buddies just north of Fredricksburg. The boys are big eaters and enjoy lots of spirits starting in the morning post A.M. hunt.
    Ill be brief after that long intro.
    Breakfast Friday Protein Shake
    Breakfast Saturday eggs, bacon, sasuge.
    Breakfast Sunday - nothing. Sleep late
    Lunch Friday - seeds, nuts, green apple
    Lunch Saturday- a slice of country ham
    Lunch Sunday - brisket and beef rib. No sauce.
    Dinner Friday- the draded mexican resterant. Hamburger Steak, guacamole salad.
    Dinner Saturday- rib eye & mixed vegetables. Didnt eat until 10:30 pm due to shooting 4 deer that i will share with am team.
    Dinner Sunday - homemade chicken broth, and a Kombucha mukti - green.
    Not alot of vegetables or fruits but under the circumstances a decnt effort. Highlighted by no alcahol and alot of venison for future use.
    Good night see you in the morning team morning wood.

  31. Yesterday was kind of a unique day of eating because of the competition.

    I needed more carbs, less protein.
    Basically all I ate was Jerky, lots of fruit, little veggies, almonds and walnuts.
    I also had two shakes that had protein powder and a complex carb mix.

  32. Michella Chappell, am crew

    Was a bum this weekend.
    Water, Two cups of coffee with creamer, a chicken pot pie, applesauce, and a salad.
    Exercise was cleaning house.
    I'm at 80%

  33. Eggs bacon
    Baked wings and salad
    Corned beef and roasted cabbage

  34. B: eggs bacon spinach
    L: pork chop sweet potatoes asparagus
    D: ground beef and veggies

  35. B scrambled eggs & grapefruit
    S nuts & turkey
    L Lara bar
    S nuts & turkey
    D taco soup

    Team Night WOD ers

  36. B - sausage and eggs

    S - protein shake

    L - leftover ck and bf fajita meat

    S - protein bar

    D - grilled chicken wings

    Steven - Team Night WOD'ers

  37. B-two eggs bacon avocado
    L-chicken and sweet potato
    D-protein shake

  38. B-Eggs in clouds w/bacon(Pintrest recipe)
    a little bit of spaghetti squash
    S-Handful of nuts and some strawberries
    L-Bowl of meat and veggie soup
    S-Coffee w/coconut milk
    D-Beef Fajitas w/sautéed onion, red and green bell peppers
    fried sweet potatoes in coconut oil and a yummy salad

  39. Andrea
    B: banana pancakes
    L: chicken fajitas and guacamole
    D: Steak and sweet potato fries

    I struggled with getting enough sleep. This weekend I had to be up early as well so I didn't get to "sleep in" (I wake up at 5am during the week) in order to catch up on sleep. I keep myself pretty busy most days but I know I need to make sleep a priority.

  40. Thelma
    B: banana pancakes
    L: chicken fajitas and guacamole and pico
    D: Steak, ribs, shrimp, sweet potato and crab, pico and avocado

  41. B. Larabar
    L. Salad with grilled chicken, paleo dressing
    D. Was tired, hungry, and out of food prep so I settled for a gluten free pizza and wine.
    Working on the food prep. Will do better tomorrow.

  42. B - Protien Shake
    L - bowl w/chicken,steak,shrimp, broccoli, pineapple and cabbage
    D- Chicken w/ broccoli

  43. Yesterday's Meal

    B: eggs with chorizo
    L: beef fajita with salad
    D: chicken fajita with salad
    S: pistachios, protein shake with fruits

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  44. B- eggs, sausage, and Avacado
    L- ground beef w/ tomatoes
    D- Grilled fish w/ zucchini and sweet potato fries

    Team Night WOD'ers

  45. B-egg and bacon muffin coconut milk
    L-fajita salad
    D-chicken breast sweet potatoes cucumbers

  46. B-Protein Shake
    L-Paleo Chili
    D-Grilled chicken and spinach.

  47. B- bacon n eggs
    L- chicken
    D- chicken n squash

  48. B: eggs with bacon
    L: made a large pot of beef stew so ate that for lunch and dinner.

  49. L- ham sausage bacon veggie omelette
    D- chicken guacamole and celery and baby peppers

  50. B: eggs, bacon, spinach and sweet potatoes
    S: banana with walnuts
    D: chicken and sausage with steam veggies

    Was so busy yesterday that I didn't have lunch.

  51. B-Protein Shake
    L-Paleo Chili
    D-Grilled chicken and spinach.