Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What did you eat yesterday?

Here's a challenge:

Getting to the gym for an hour a day is great! But often it is not enough if we are sitting at a desk for hours everyday. 

"You work out for an hour at the gym, then shower, eat, and head to work. You’ve passed the sixty-minute threshold so your body has absorbed a majority of the nutrients it’s going to from your meal. It starts to regenerate and heal. If you have poor posture with shoulders forward, a curve in your spine, and collapsed hips, your body is literally healing the micro-tears and micro-trauma into this poor position. You are actually healing in a shortened muscular state that remains static, slowly solidifying the new connections your body is making."

We challenge you to squeeze some activity and or mobility into your work day! Set an alarm on your phone and try to get in some activity every hour at work! Here are some ideas to get you through a work day! Try one or two of these each hour and let us know how it goes:

1. calf stretch-don't even have to stop working to do this one!
2. 3-5 min brisk walk
3. shoulder stretches against a wall or with hands on desk
4. take a flight of stairs or two
5. 5-10 air squats
6. wrist stretches- don't have to stop working to do this one either
7. desk push ups
8. arm circles
9. standing leg raises-to front, back and side
10 couch stretch at chair

Every 3 min for 12 min:
6 power cleans
4 front rack alternating lunges (Lunge forward and return back to stand for one rep, then switch legs)
2 jerks
Going up in weight every set

EMOM 5 min:
200m run (some will really have to sprint! Can’t make it, do 100m)
Mobility: 2 min calf stretch each leg, wrist stretching


  1. Breakfast - black coffee, snack - dried okra and a banana (only food from 9am to 3pm)
    Lunch - pork, apple, sweet potato
    Snack - plantain chips
    Dinner - pork roast and eggs
    Dessert - oranges


  2. B- eggs and Spinach, smoothie
    L- Grilled chicken
    D- baked chicken, corn, shrimp
    S- almonds, watermelon, seeds

  3. B: bacon and spinach
    L: protein shake
    D: pork chop and kale
    S: chicken wings

  4. B-vege egg white omelet
    S-carrot sticks, almond butter
    L- chicken and avocado slice
    S- 2 boiled eggs, raisins
    D-baked cod and green beans

  5. Team Rise & Grind - 1/26/2016 (Tuesday)

    B - skipped
    L - Taco Cabana fajitas
    D - grilled chicken + broccoli

    A lot of water

  6. Eggs bacon
    Sweet potato sausage Broccoli

  7. Post WOD - vanilla protein drink
    Breakfast - chicken thighs/guac/sweet pepper and jicama slaw
    Lunch - buffalo cauli bites/hamburger patty
    Dinner - chicken zoodle lo mein/sweet pepper jicama slaw
    Snack - protein drink

  8. B-Sausage,spinach and eggs on 1/2 a sweet potato/ hot tea
    S- apple slices/ some almond butter
    L- Protein shake
    S- avocado slices wrapped in organic chicken slices
    D- Egg roll in a bowl w/broccoli on the side and a orange

  9. B - Sausage and eggs

    S - Protein shake / apple

    L - Grilled chicken legs

    S - Protein Shake

    D - Bacon Wrapped chicken

    Night WOD'ers

  10. Yesterday's Meals:
    B: omelet,veggie muffin with banana and coffee.
    L: Sausage with sliced zucchinis and tomatoes, side of asparagus.
    D: Brisket with salsa side of sweet potatoes.
    Snacks: orange, almond and larabar.

  11. 9 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Leftover Skillet Chicken, Cauliflower Mash & Green Beans

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Fruit & Walnuts

    After WOD-Protein Shake

    D- Lettuce Wrap Street Tacos, Butternut Squash

  12. yesterday:
    B: eggs, salsa
    S: banana, almonds
    L: paleo chili with kale on top of mashed sweet potato
    S: blueberries and cherries, macadamia nuts
    D: pot roast, turnip, 2 eggs

    Go Team Night WOD'ers!

    1. I followed the tips above today. Had 6 hours of office work at the CrossFit/chiropractic and spend only about 10 of it sitting. propped up my laptop onto a box and stood while typing. did some calf stretching, couch stretching and hamstring stretching while working. Feeling great!

  13. B - eggs, bacon & sweet potato
    S - banana
    L - tinga salad with half an avacado
    D - fish, veggies, and half an avacado

  14. B-Protein shake
    S-sweet potato
    L-Tuna, eggs and avocado
    D-Chicken breast and broccoli
    S-grapes and almonds

    Team Night WOD'ers

  15. B:eggs,bacon, and sweet potato
    L:grilled chicken with sweet potato
    D:steak with broccoli slaw

  16. Tuesday Meals:
    B:v-core Cookies & Cream protein shake w/almond milk w/4 oz Baby Kale & Spinach Blend
    L: 8 oz ground turkey w/Sauteed veggies, 1/2 gala apple, 1/2 banana
    D: Grilled chicken, grilled pork chops

    AM Team

  17. Team AM
    B - Eggs Bacon
    L - roast sweet potato
    D - pork spinach

    Missed the work this morning. The classic threw a code. Thanks General Motor Company ;(

  18. TEAM AM
    B- banana
    L-chicken salad
    D-protein shake (not so hungry)

  19. B: egg and veggie cups, banana, coffee
    L: beets, ham, avocado, blueberries
    S: Larabar
    D: sausage and cabbage
    S: chia seed pudding

  20. Edith
    B: eggs and blueberries
    L: mixed greens salad and chicken breast
    D: sweet potato, calabaza and salmon

  21. Lavan
    B: eggs and blueberries
    L: mixed greens and chicken breast
    D: salmon, calabaza and sweet potato

  22. B. Skip
    L. Larabar
    D. Sweet potato
    Snack. Dried cranberries

  23. B breakfast casserole
    S cashews & deli ham
    S Lara bar
    D fajita meat & pico de gallo

    66 oz of water

    Team Night WOD ers

  24. B- 3 eggs
    L- porkchops and strawberries
    snack- walnuts
    D- hamburger patties, sweet potatoes

  25. Day 11
    B:spinach omelette, Baby carrots
    Snack: Almonds, an apple
    L: chicken lettuce wrap with cranberries, sweet potato fries
    Snack: Almonds
    D: 1/4lb beef patty, green peas, baby carrots

  26. B:eggs with spinach and loaded sweet potatoes with chicken
    S: blueberries with walnuts
    L: chicken
    D: bun-less hamburgers.

  27. B-bacon, eggs,spinach
    Coffee with stevia
    S-nuts and seeds, fruit
    D-fruit, seeds
    Sick could not eat much

  28. B- eggs, bacon, sausage, banana, and coconut water
    L- chipotle salad w/ carnitas
    S- protein bar
    D- stuffed bell pepper

    Night WOD'ers

  29. B: eggs, bacon and spinach
    L: burger patty, avocado, sweet potato fries
    D: same as lunch

    Go Team Night WODers

  30. B: egg whites with spinach
    L: tilapia mix vegetables
    D: Ground beef mix vegetables
    S: pistachios, sweet potatoes

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  31. B-egg and bacon muffin coconut milk
    S-boiled egg
    L-turkey patty tuna muffin
    Protein shake
    D-chicken breast sweet potatoes tuna muffin

  32. B- Eggs with spinach and kale
    S - Almonds
    L- grilled chicken salad
    D -Chicken and cauliflower

  33. Fooddd

    Breakfast: Protein Shake
    Snack: Boiled Egg
    Lunch: Caulirice, ground turkey, avocado, pico, 1/4 sweet potato & frank's red hot
    Snack: Clementines
    Dinner: Chicken & side salad

    Fully 64 oz of H2O today.

  34. Breakfast was egg muffins with a cup of coffee.

    Snacked on an apple

    Lunch was a caldo de res which is beef stew. It had carrots, cabbage and squash in it. I dressed it up with lime juice, onions and cilAntro.

    Snack almonds

    Dinner was herb crusted pork loin with roasted broccoli.

  35. B- banana (I was in a hurry)
    L- burger patty, broccoli, sweet potato, boiled egg
    D- grilled chicken with sautéed bell peppers and alvacado
    S- apple with almond butter

  36. B - sausage and eggs
    L - sweet potato, green and chicken
    D - salad loaded with veggies and fruit
    S - fruit, nuts, protein bar
    32oz water

  37. B- bacon, eggs, and spinach
    L- sirloin and broccoli
    D- Burger patty with sweet potato and veggies

  38. B-eggs and Spinach
    L-grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce
    D- taco wraps Paleo style

  39. Thelma
    B: N/A
    L : Moe's chicken salad
    D: chicken, tomatoes, Kale, and guac

  40. Andrea
    B: Banana pancakes
    L : Mash cauliflower, chicken, and guac
    D: Mash cauliflower, chicken, guac, and sweet potato

  41. B- bacon n eggs
    L- steak n broccoli
    D- hamburger patty n sweet potatoes

  42. B- boiled eggs and turkey bacon
    L- fajita meat and sweet potatoes
    S- apple
    D- hamburger no bun with avocado and boiled egg wrapped in lettuce leaf and side of broccoli

  43. B-protein shake
    L-Paleo Chili
    D-6oz Steak (medium),sweet potato, and green beans.
    S-protein shake