Friday, January 22, 2016

Team Rise & Grind (AM) 504 points total
Team Night WOD'ers (PM) 510 points total
It's a close race! Stay strong through the weekend! Post your food so coaches know how you are doing!
What did you eat yesterday?
Week 1 is in the books! How do you feel? Some have had headaches and cravings. Others feel great! If you feel constantly hungry, talk to a coach! You might not be eating enough, or you might not be eating enough of the right foods! Any success stories to report?
Make sure to get measured and record it in the Nutrition Challenge Book!
For Time:
30 Farmer Carry Walking Lunge Steps (DB or KB)
30 Barbell push press
30 Barbell Front Rack Walking Lunges
30 Barbell push press
30 Barbell Overhead Walking Lunges
30 Barbell push press
100 Double Unders
We have a new level system coming soon! It will be a great  system for goal setting, goal tracking, and to evaluate our progress in CrossFit!
How does it work? Everyone must complete level 1 before going on to any other level. After level 1 is complete, you can work on skills in level 2, 3, or even 4! More details coming!
After you finish the WOD today spend some time practicing these level 1 gymnastics skills. For some they might be challenging and for others they might be simple. You must perform a skill with virtuosity in order to own it. Virtuosity is achieved through practically perfect movements even during practice so that great form becomes muscle memory.
"Consistently practicing perfect movements hard wires good movement such that it becomes the default setting. Virtuosity is gained through persistent practice." -Doug Chapman


 Level 1




Air Squat

10 wall squats (50 air squats/min)

Box Jump

10 unbroken 16”/12”



Ring Support

10 sec support

Sit Up

20/60 sec

Superman Hold

1 min


10sec wall hold

Knees to Waist



1 each leg to 20”box

Plank Hold

1 min

Pull Up


Push Up

10/5 (perfect form, no worming)

Rope Climb

2x straight leg pull



  1. Breakfast- Turkey slices, eggs, spinach and Smoothie

    Snacks- Watermelon, Seeds, almonds, orange, Apple

    Lunch- Chickeb Salad

    Dinner- baked chicken, vegetables,

    2nd Dinner/Snack- baked chicken and Sweet Potato Fries

    1. Week One was cool for me. It's been easy since I started eating right in November. I think because I know I CANT have it is making it worst and no cheat day. I'm exploring and learning about my different meal options. At first I was staying away from red meats (beef and pork) but I realized those aren't as bad as I thought. Drinking lots of water... I'm just dreaming of a margarita soon..... But we are going to make it through! I lost an inch and dropped 3 lbs since Friday. My gym performance was great this week as well.

    2. You have become quite the athlete!

  2. Edith
    B:Scrambled eggs, sweet potato
    L:Green salad And chicken breast
    D: green salad chicken breast
    S: blueberries

  3. Lavan
    B: over medium eggs, orange
    L: mixeed greens chicken breast
    D: oven baked chicken romaine salad
    S: mixed nuts handful

  4. Breakfast - black coffee
    Snack - eggs, kale, guacamole and salsa
    Lunch - hamburger patties, mushroom
    Snack - Apple, black coffee
    Snack - 2 boiled eggs, Apple
    Dinner - burger patties, kale, olives, then oranges, bananas, nuts


  5. I'm so excited about the level system!! Yay!!
    Post WOD - protein drink
    Linch - hamburger sliders, spaghetti squash, and green beans
    Snack - protein drink
    Dinner - baked flounder and Asian slaw
    Snack - wings

    1. Week 1 has been awesome for me!! I'm powering through the tough times. If I'm craving something, I am aware that the previous meal wasn't meeting my needs. Resolution: tweak the next meal and monitor my hunger, energy, cravings after that. I'm FOCUSED and have a goal to achieve!!

  6. All day

    Celery, zucchini, carrots

  7. Breakfast - protein Shake
    Snack - nuts
    Lunch -1/2lb ground beef spinach
    Snack - granny Smith
    Dinner - ribeye and brocoloni
    Alot of herb tea and water yesterday, and some dried cranberrys. Sweet tooth had cravings yesterday.

  8. 11 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Beet Smoothie, Spinach Omelet, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Leftover Lettuce Wrap Tacos & Cauliflower Rice

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Raw Veggie & Macadamia Nuts

    D- Grilled Fish w/Sautéed Spinach & Veggies

    Food choices & cravings are getting easier each day. Woke up yesterday with a little congestion hoping it goes away asap! No time to be sick, I got goals to meet!!

  9. B- apple
    L-chicken lettuce wraps and edamame
    Snack-boiled egg and avocado
    Dinner-chicken with mix veggies (carrots,green beans and squash)

  10. Eggs bacon
    Salad and sausage
    Broccoli and ground turkey

  11. B- egg white omelet Canadian bacon Veges and avocado
    S- carrots, walnuts
    L- other half of breakfast
    S- boiled egg, almond butter
    D- pork chop Brussels sprouts, 1/3 sweet potato.

  12. B- protein shake
    S- Nuts, orange
    L- Taco Salad/ half a avocado
    S- Coffee/unsweet almond/coconut milk
    D- Homemade beef soup/guacamole deviled eggs

  13. B - Eggs Bacon spinach, coffee
    L - Roast, sweet potato, water
    D - Just Fajitas, water :(

  14. B hamburger pattie w guacamole, orange
    Brunch eggs kale salsa
    S blueberries coconut cream w almonds
    D burger patty, mayo, kale, olives

    Feeling great! Eating enough and not hungry after meals. No cravings!
    Being prepared is key! It gets tough if there isn't anything ready and we are in a hurry. Going to do a little food prep today. Drinking lots of water too!

  15. B- eggs, turkey bacon, kale, spinach n sweet potato
    L- ground turkey tacos with cauliflower tortillas
    D- broccoli and cauliflower with fish

  16. B:eggs w/ground beef and squash
    L:Chicken salad
    D:eggs with bell peppers, tomatoes, and sweet potato!
    First week down, and feeling great! No headaches the last couple of days, and my cravings are not so bad anymore.

  17. B- egg omelet with onion, tomato, and peppers
    L- burger patty with grilled tomato
    S- apples
    D- cauliflower and ribs

  18. 1-21-16
    B- eggs and apple
    Lunch protein shake
    Snack- banana chips
    Dinner porkchop, greenbeans and broccoli

  19. 1/21/16-
    B: 2 hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and carrots
    S: almonds
    L: chicken & beef fajita meat, lettuce, salsa, guac
    S: carrots and cucumbers
    D: Mediterranean shrimp and veggies

  20. B: protein shake
    S: sweet potato
    L: Hard boiled eggs and avocado
    D: Rotisserie Chicken and veggies
    S: Pear

    Team Night WOD'ers

  21. B: egg whites w/spinach .25 avocado. Coffee.
    L: lean ground beef salad. .the avocado.
    S: apples with almond butter.
    D:chicken salad.

  22. B: lemon pepper cod
    S: almonds and cashews
    L: vegan protein shake, natural beef jerky
    S: protein shake
    D: lemon pepper cod

  23. B-protein shake
    L-stuff peppers(leftover)
    D-chicken with avocado

  24. B - Sausage and eggs

    S - Protein shake and apple

    L - Ribs w/ asparagus

    D - Grilled chicken wings

    Night WOD'ers

  25. B: eggs with chicken, tomatoes and onions.
    L: salmon with mix vegetables.
    D: chicken with bell peppers, tomatoes and avocado.
    S: protein shake and almonds.

    Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  26. B - skipped

    L- turkey patty + chicken patty (at airport)

    D - salmon + sweet potatoes + broccoli

    Eating right is hard on travel days.


  27. Thelma
    B: Hard boil egg
    L: tilapia and turkey chili
    D: tilapia and chicken stew and avocado

  28. Andrea
    B: 2 hard boiled eggs
    L: Spinach, grape tomato, avocado and hard boiled eggs
    D: Genghis Grill (chicken, sausage, spinach, green beans, peas, carrots)

  29. Day 6
    B:Spinach Omelet
    L:Chicken, sweet potato, salad
    D: 1/4 lb hamburger (no bun) lettuce, 1/2 avocado
    Morning snack: An apple, Almonds

  30. B-bacon spinach egg muffin coconut milk
    L-turkey patty Spinach boiled egg
    Protein shake
    D-chicken breast sweet potatoes

  31. B-coffee (black)

    Snack- Apple

    Lunch- left over caldo de pollo

    D- grilled chicken with sweet potatoes

    1. Coffee for breakfast? Just not hungry or no time?

  32. Yesterday's meals were:
    Breakfast- eggs, spinach, sweet potato and sausage

    Snack- blueberries and almonds

    Lunch- diced stew meat with asparagus and 1/3 of a roasted sweet potato

    Snack- blueberries and almonds

    Dinner- same thing as lunch. It was so good!

  33. Breakfast protein bar
    Lunch chicken and squash stew
    Dinner beef and veggies

    Sugar headaches of course.

    As far as success stories go?? Let's just say I found out I'm faster than I've ever been.

    Night's WOD'ers!!

  34. Yesterday's meals:
    B: omelette muffin w/ tomatoes grew pepers sausage and onion. (Once again) + banana + coffee
    L: fish w/ avocado salad
    D: steak w/ mushroom side of sweet potatoe and broccoli
    Go team Night Wod'ers!!

  35. B scrambled eggs, sweet potato fries
    S banana, almonds, deli meat
    L taco soup
    S Lara bar & cashews
    D sausage & sweet potato

    81 oz water

  36. B:egg with onions, bell peppers, spinach, and sweet potatoes
    L: salmon with sweet pototo bites
    D:eggs with onions, bell peppers, spinach, and sweet potatoes

  37. B- eggs and slices of avacado
    L- grilled salmon, broccoli and lots of water
    D-Grilled chicken breast and water

    WOD - 30 min jog

  38. L. Sweet potato, turkey
    D. Grilled chicken salad

    Great wod today!

  39. WOD- 17:00 / 35# / SU

    B- Banana and Protein Shake
    L- Chicken Cobb Salad
    D- Salmon and Brocolii
    Snack- Orange

  40. B: 3 eggs, ground beef with bell pepper and spinach
    L: grilled chicken and veggies
    D: rotisserie chicken and veggies

  41. Thursdays meals-
    B: Taco Cabana Steak and Egg Burrito (No Tortilla), Coke Zero(i had a moment of weakness)
    L:5oz T-bone steak, baby carrots, seedless red grapes
    S: almonds
    D:Grilled Pork Loin Chops, sweet potato, 1 tbsp butter
    S:v-core Cookies & Cream protein shake w/almond milk & Baby Kale & Spinach Blend

    AM Team

    Good first week. Lost 6 lbs, 1 inch in waist, 2 inches around chest. Makes the lack of sweet tea worth it.

  42. B- omelette
    L- chicken n green beans
    D- beef n cauliflower with spinach

  43. B- Omelette with spinach
    L- Chicken with green beans
    S- Post WOD protein shake
    D- Beef with cauliflower rice, spinach, and rotel

    Team Night WODers

  44. Food!

    B: Plant Based Protein Shake
    Snack: Beef Jerky
    Lunch: Turkey ( I wasn't hungry)
    Snack: Sweet Potato Chips & pico
    Dinner; Chicken Drumsticks/Frank's Red Hot & Sweet Potato

    Not enough water or food really. I'll fix it tomorrow.

    1. This week I am finally feeling more energetic, and less hungry. I lost some inches and pounds so I'm pretty stoked. I've noticed my focus is better at work, as is my energy through the day and my patience with the kids because I'm pretty clear headed. It's been nice. My workouts are still challenging, but I also get up at like 4:40 in the morning, so that's probably why.

      I think I could do this paleo thing (mostly) long term. Although I might have to have queso every now and then.

  45. Not great eat all my meals food day..
    L-Chicken Fajitas with Pico
    D-chicken stir fry with Cabbage.

  46. B- bacon and eggs
    L-chicken and creamed spinach
    S-almonds, protein bar, banana, Apple
    D-fish, greens and eggs
    32oz water

  47. It's still technically Friday for me!
    B- same egg, spinach, sausage casserole, grape tomatoes and a few dried apple rings
    L - roasted chicken and broccoli with a few bites of mashed potatoes
    D - 2 hard boiled eggs, pecans and dried apricots

    I am so proud of myself. It's Friday and my deep seated habit of a couple of glasses of wine was defeated.

  48. It's still technically Friday for me!
    B- same egg, spinach, sausage casserole, grape tomatoes and a few dried apple rings
    L - roasted chicken and broccoli with a few bites of mashed potatoes
    D - 2 hard boiled eggs, pecans and dried apricots

    I am so proud of myself. It's Friday and my deep seated habit of a couple of glasses of wine was defeated.