Monday, January 25, 2016

What did you eat yesterday? What did you prep for the week?

We will be lifting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. We are reviewing barbell etiquette for the benefit of new members and review for the rest of us! Please read and don't be a violator!

BARBELL ETIQUETTE: Adherence will help keep you and the athletes working out around you safe! It will also make the equipment last longer. Violations of these rules will result in replacing your barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell with a PVC pipe for the remainder of the wod. A dropped bar when loading or unloading weight will result in burpees. 
1. NEVER DROP (unless you are at risk of injury):
  • An empty bar- Please do not drop an empty bar.  It breaks the bearing. The sound can lead to hearing loss for the coaches.
  • A bar with metal plates- this could break a bar or plate.
  • A bar with 10lb bumper plates- Dropping a bar with just a pair of 10s will eventually bend and break the 10s, so please refrain from doing so.
  • Kettle bells
  • Dumbbells
3. USE AS FEW PLATES AS POSSIBLE- Rather than loading three 10’s on each side, grab a 25lb plate and a 5lb plate. Don’t use a 25lb + 10lb, grab a 35lb. The bigger weights are designed to disperse the load better than several smaller weights when dropped.
4. DON’T DROP BARS FROM OVERHEAD (loaded or empty). Control the bar down to the hips or follow it with open hands and settle it on the first bounce. Keep both hands on the bar as you drop it to the ground to minimize bounce. One wrong bounce could send a barbell into another athlete.
8  min AMRAP
5 Deadlifts 225/155 (155/115, 95/65, 65/35)
10 HSPU (use ab mat, box, or can do DB presses)
Rest 3 min
10 Wall Balls 20/14
10 Burpees
Test: grab a partner to count your reps1
1 min CTB pull ups (pull ups, bands, ring rows)


  1. Edith
    B: calabazas, egg whites and orange
    L: chicken breast with mixed green salad
    D: chicken,cabbage salsa and avocado

  2. Lavan
    B: over medium eggs, banana
    L: Tilapia, cabbage and mixed greens
    D: carne asada, cabbage salsa and avocado

  3. B, L, and D
    grilled chicken and California blend

  4. B - Eggs, Bacon, Coffee
    L - Pork, sweet potato, water
    D - Roast, sweet potato, spinach, water

  5. B-eggs,sausage and avocado
    some blueberries and strawberries, hot tea
    S-no snack
    L- late breakfast, munched on an apple
    S- some nuts
    D-Hamburger patties smothered in onions, green beans and 1/2 a sweet potato, salad

  6. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Turkey, Eggs & Mushrooms & Coffee w/ghee

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Raw Veggie Medley & Almonds

    D- Chicken Salad

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Fruit & Walnuts

  7. B - eggs with spinach and a slice of turkey
    L - chicken, broccoli and cauliflower
    D - calabacitas & chicken

  8. B: scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, 2 bacon, 1/4 avocado
    L: apple w/ almond butter, hard boiled egg
    S: sweet potato chips w/ salsa
    D: Roast beef, broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes and carrots
    S: blackberries and chia seed pudding

  9. Team Rise & Grind - 1/24/2016 (Sunday)

    B - skipped
    L - spinach salad + grilled chicken
    D - grilled pork chops and broccoli

  10. B- banana pancake, eggs with kale and spinach, turkey bacon
    L- Leftover Chili
    S- Buffalo cauliflower
    D- grilled chicken with broccoli
    S- frozen grapes

    Team Night WOD'ers

  11. Sundays meals:
    B: Eggwhite omelet with 3oz turkey & 2tbsp of peco
    L: grilled pork chop
    D:t-bone steak, sweet potato with 1 tbsp butter

    AM Team

  12. B- banana, coffee
    L- grilled chicken, ribs, green beans, salad
    D- burger patty, bell peppers, pineapple
    S- almonds

  13. B - Sausage and eggs

    S - Protein shake

    L - Ribs

    S - Protein Bar

    D - Ribeye

    Week 1 weight loss was good, but kinda wanted better..hoping for similar this week!

  14. Yesterday:
    B: larabar and a banana
    L: shredded pork, bell peppers, cabbage, sweet potato and an egg
    S: banana, apple, almonds
    D: steak, broccoli, baked sweet potato with butter
    dessert: blueberries

    Go Night WOD'ers!
    Food prep was minimal yesterday. Will do more today. Going to make another batch of chili.

  15. B- boiled eggs and turkey bacon
    S- banana
    L- hamburger with tomatoes, onions,avocado and bacon wrapped in lettuce leaf
    D- fajita meat and avocado with side salad

    Team Night WODers

  16. Ughh!!! Oh Sunday, you got the best of me, but today is already better!!

    B: bacon, guacamole, paleo waffle
    S: protein shake
    L: cheese pizza :(((( not paleo
    D: vegan protein shake

  17. B-bananas
    L-meatloaf (ground beef) green beans sweet potato
    D-tuna mixed with onion,tomato, and avocado

  18. Breakfast - black coffee, banana, larabar
    Snack - black coffee
    Lunch - shredded pork, bell peppers, cabbage, sweet potato and an egg
    Dinner - steak, broccoli, baked sweet potato with butter
    Late dinner - brisket, cabbage, green beans


  19. B- Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Smoothie
    L- Salmon, Vegetables, Sweet Potato fries
    S- seeds, fruits
    D- grilled chicken, beef patties

  20. B - protein drink
    L - Big Mac in a bowl... It's paleo!
    S - protein drink
    D - hot wing cauli bites and chicken
    Lots of water!!!

  21. B- bacon and eggs
    L- chicken and broccoli
    D- steak fajitas w/ avocado slices

  22. B: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 turkey bacon, .25 avocado, Watermelon.

    L: salmon, broccoli, Asparagus.

    D: breakfast again

    Snacked on cantaloupe and almonds. Almond butter.

  23. B: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 turkey bacon, .25 avocado, Watermelon.

    L: salmon, broccoli, Asparagus.

    D: breakfast again

    Snacked on cantaloupe and almonds. Almond butter.

  24. Sorry guys didn't do great enough to post Friday and Saturday meals. Don't want to lie to ya'll or myself. ;)

    Yesterday's meals:
    B: sunny side up eggs, with bacon and side of fruit. & duh my cup of coffee.
    L: grilled chicken avocado salad.
    D: fajita with side of veggies
    Water, water and more water!

    Let's go Night Wod'ers!

  25. B-scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon mushrooms tomatoes peppers broccoli avocado chunks
    S-nuts and raisin mix, half protein shake
    D-chicken drumstick, carrots sticks, 1/3 Apple w/ almond butter

  26. B- Egg and Sweet potatoes w/ salsa
    No lunch
    D- Chicken and

    Today's WOD
    3+8 reps w/ 2 an mat
    3+13 RX
    11 reps c2b

    Night WOD'ers

  27. Sunday
    B. Slept in. Oh yeah!
    L. Salad with grilled chicken
    D. Skipped
    S. Cucumbers

    Eating has been tough. It's almost easier to not eat than eat when food is not prepped. Will be finishing prep first thing tomorrow morning.

  28. bacon, kale, Brussels
    Steak, veggies

  29. B-bacon and eggs
    L-chicken fajita salad
    D-chicken breast sweet potatoes

  30. Breakfast was left over ribeye with boiled eggs and spinach.

    Snacked on an apple and almonds

    Lunch was chicken, lettuce guac, we stopped at Chipotle because Sam was starving before heading back to town

    Dinner was fajitas and half of a roasted sweet potato

    Need to drink more water.


    Tried to make cauli-rice for the first time -- went well. Good thing since it is in lunch for the rest of the week.

    Breakfast: Protein Shake w/ Almond Milk
    Lunch: Leftover chicken drumsticks / cauliflower rice / 1/4 of a sweet potato /pico
    Snack : Banana
    Dinner: Salmon / Spinach / 1/2 of a small sweet potato

    Water -- not enough.

  32. B breakfast casserole
    S cashews & deli meat
    L lettuce wrap w/ chicken, Pico de gallo & avocado
    S cashews & ham
    D pulled pork & sweet potato

    81 oz of water

    Team Night WOD ers

  33. B-eggs and spinach
    L- chicken fajita and asparagus
    D- beef fajita with some grilled bell peppers

  34. Day 9
    B:Spinach omelette
    Morning snack: An apple, almonds
    L: 1/4 lb beef patty, baked sweet potatoes, baby carrots
    Afternoon snack: Apple
    D: 1/4lb beef patty, baked sweet potatoes, baby carrots
    Evening snack: Almonds

  35. Yesterday's Meal

    B: eggs with turkey, tomatoes and onions
    L: chicken green beans and mix vegetables
    D: Sweet potatoes with butter, pecans
    S: Protein shake with fruits

    Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  36. B: ground beef, sweet potatoes and eggs
    L: grilled chicken and veggies
    D: burger wrapped in iceberg lettuce with bacon, egg, onion and avocado and sweet potato fries

  37. B-coffee and boiled eggs

    S-almond and an orange

    L- caldo de pollo

    D-omlette with spinach and mushrooms

  38. B - sausage and eggs
    L - chicken drumsticks, banana
    D - pork chop, sweet potato and brussel sprouts
    S - oranges, nuts
    32 oz water

  39. B: company cafe- deep bowl, sweet potatoes, eggs, and ground beef.
    L: eggs, ground beef with onions and sweet potato
    D: same as lunch
    Let's go team night WODers!!!!

  40. B: scrambled eggs with spinach
    L:ground beef lettuce wraps
    D: chicken stew

  41. B-Protein Shake
    L-Paleo Chili
    S-Protein Shake
    D-Grilled Chicken and a salad (no dressing).

  42. B - Eggs w/spinach and arugula and breakfast sausage
    L- Chicken caesar salad
    D - Chicken with cauliflower
    S - Protein shake

  43. B-Protein Shake
    L-Paleo Chili
    S-Protein Shake
    D-Grilled Chicken and a salad (no dressing).

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