Saturday, January 16, 2016

Workouts scaled to any fitness level! Yes, we even have tiny kettle bells!

We welcome anyone to try out their first CrossFit class on Saturdays at either 7:30 or 8:30am.
Regardless of your fitness level, we can customize the workout to your abilities!

3 rounds for time:
42 Burpees
30 Knees to waist
18 Supine ring rows
100ft tire flip with between each round
Test: (pick one test or try them all!)
A. Max time bar hang (straight arms, just hang from bar)
B. Max time chin hang (chin over the bar)
C. Sorensen Test (The Sorensen Test is designed to ensure you are able to engage your glutes, hamstrings and scapular stabilizers while not over firing your lower back muscles. It is performed by getting to the finish position of a back extension while in a GHD machine. Your thighs should be resting on the pads while your ankles are locked in place. Try to hold that straight body position for 2 minutes without feeling any back pain.
D. Side Bridge tests - hold side bridge with side of L foot and L forearm on ground, hips neutral, for as long as possible, then R side (90sec cap each)

Nutrition Challenge Day 1:

Introduce yourself today on the blog! Let us know what your goal is for this challenge! If you have done challenges in the past, share what has worked for you? Example: food prep, throwing away junk food (temptation), hanging out with cool people who are doing the challenge too...

Team AM
Coaches: Jason, Alma, Carmen

Team PM
Coaches: Asa, Amy, Shaun, Jose
Angelica S
Brenda R
Chelsea C
Chris H
Danielle B
Donny C
Jay N
JoJo G
Julie B
Kelly R
Kevin G
Lance Y
Linda W
Michella C
Patsy G
Samantha N
Sarah H
Veronica A
Yessi M
Zab H
Aidee E
Andrea C
Art R
Ashley B
Ashley P
Christina V
Danielle G
David F
Edith G
Efren H
Enrique D
Erica B
Jolynn G
Laban G
Lee N
Liz R
Maury R
Mayra M
Melissa E
Nick R
Omid J
Steven R
Tasha R
Thai M
Thelma C
Wade D
Renee R

Get started on your food prep for the week!

Weekly prep day (check out this article to read more):
  • Hard boil a dozen eggs.
  • Steam 2 bags of kale.
  • Saute one head of chopped cabbage in coconut oil.
  • Roast diced squash.
  • Roast 6-12 sweet potatoes/yams.
  • Saute 2# of ground meat (beef, turkey, pork etc)
  • Slow cook 2-3# of chicken breasts or pork loin in the crockpot with sliced onion and peppers, a can of diced tomato and spices. Shred the meat when it’s done cooking

Great example of prepping your meals for the week. Yes, it involves work. But what are your goals? You might have to put some effort in to achieve your them!



  1. Up and at 'em early today!
    Work, muscle up clinic, airport, etc... Good thing I have some easy go to snacks to avoid derailing on the first day!
    B - protein drink
    L - steak and salad
    Snack - 1 tbsp guac, roast beef, lettuce
    D - TBD...
    Snack - protein drink or bell peppers, eggs, and 1/2 banana.

    1. My name is Carmen - duh! And I'm sooo excited to rock this challenge with my fellow AM-ers!!

    2. My goal - MANY THINGS... I could shed some body fat, increase my strict pull ups, lose about 7#, kick Travis's ass in a few more wods per week... The list is endless so I'll just post the most important ones here!

    3. Glad I made the short list, but... you better hope they are all DU WODs. Since I'm not doing the challenge, I propose a side bet. Head to head running total for the duration of the challenge. Loser must do something humiliating, TBD.

  2. Breakfast - mix of ground beef, sweet potato, broccoli, peas, carrots
    & black coffee


    1. Lunch - chicken thighs on the frying pan with broccoli, peas, carrots & black coffee

  3. Hi I'm Erica!
    My goal is to add muscle to my massive 15in thighs! I'm doing a Paleo/Zone and adding protein to reach my goal. I've done challenges in the past, including but not limited to; The Whole 30 & The 21 Day Sugar Detox. Without prepping I would not have been successful in any challenge. Happy Day One & good luck to all!

  4. Hi!!! My name is Jay Nelson. I love kittens, slow walks on the beach, and what i hope to achieve with this chalenge is to jump start my eventual ass kicking of all the young punks that have kicked my butt the last 4 months. It may not happen in two weeks but its going to. You all will be running home to mama crying that a senior took your lunch money. I would also like to support my fellow teamates reach there goals.
    Breakfast 11/2 cup of protein shake with Kale and Strawberry and Coconut Water.

    1. We young guys aren't going to give up without a fight, old timer.

  5. Good morning from Team Rise and Grind! I have done several challenges in the past couple of years and nutrition has been the biggest hurdle for me. This challenge I plan on meal prepping for the week and making it as simple as possible. Started off the challenge this morning with a kick butt WOD! Thanks Jay and Asa for pushing me!

  6. Good morning everyone
    I'm Lavan, I have done challenges in the past, food preparation has been the key for success, but the biggest part of achieving my goals has been my wife's support, for goals get lean and my first muscle up.

    1. Awesome! Let's start working on that first muscle up!

  7. Hi! my name is thai I'm super excited about this challenge, the most important goal for me is to get stronger, and eat cleaner.

  8. Hi, My name is Donny and I am on the AM team. I turn 40 in March so my goal is to lose as much weight in a healthy way as possible. If I could lose 25lbs, that would be amazing! I'm looking forward to the challenge. This morning my breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs, 3oz turkey, protein shake with almond milk 8oz.

  9. Rise and Grind!! My name is Samantha and I have done several challenges in the past. I'm going to make more of an effort to food prep for the week this time. Keeping things more simple but just as tasty! My mindset for this challenge is BEAST MODE! Mark my words folks: these next few months (not just few weeks) will be different for me! Love getting and giving support!! #LETSGO

    1. I'm following your lead, home girl! #letsgo

    2. OK. You're going heavier then. You know you can.

  10. I am Chris Harmon and I'll be working with the AM team for the challenge... My goal is to lose about 15 more pounds to get all the way back to my true athletic form and maintain from there. I want to be able to eat fried pickles, raising canes chicken fingers, in n out burger, spinach dip, chips and queso, lemon pepper wings, pepperoni pizza, cheese cake, not all at the same time but any combination of this once a week and it don't effect my body any. Oh And margaritas... Plus I actually like being able to complete work outs faster and lift heavier now...

  11. My name is Art and I am on team PM. I will keep the trash talking to a minimum for now but that probably won't last long! Just saying!!


  12. Good luck to everyone I am a coach for team PM. Good luck to both teams. -SP

    1. My Goal is to lose 2-4% body fat and lose no more than 5lbs. I want to keep my weight. Also the other challenges were great. Helped my physical but more importantly my mental become stronger.

  13. My name is Lee and I'm on team PM. It's been great to get back into the box recently and I think the challenge came at the right time for me, although I was "a little" reluctant to do it. LOL. Asa isn't going to let me off easy, so my goal for this challenge is to eat a lot of veggies, WOD 5 days a week, and lose 30 lbs. Let's do this Team PM!

  14. Amy here! I am a coach for Team PM. I have done several challenges in the past but this one will be different for me. I will eat more food to make sure that I am getting enough calories. (might add more coconut oil, butter and avocado to each meal) My goal for my waist to get bigger over the next several weeks!
    Muscle up clinic was AMAZING this morning! Looking forward to practicing those drills in the Spring!

    1. Meal prep going on today! Going to cut up veggies, slow roast some pork, bake lots of chicken, and boil some eggs. Will post later today or tomorrow what all we made for the week. Trying to make it super simple so that during the week we can just grab a container from the fridge and go.

  15. Hi I'm Danielle. I'm on Team PM. I've done several challenges. This 1 comes right on time. Food prep is the key. Take advantage of nice days & grill your protein for the week. My goal is to drop at least 5 pounds by adding more protein daily to get ready for The Open!!

  16. My name is Inigio Montoya you ki.......
    Just kidding! My name is Nick from the PM Team and my goal is to get back on track with the nutritional aspect of Crossfit. Finding time to workout is not an issue anymore cause it can be done anywhere. It's eating right is where I always struggle. It plays a big part in your performance. So far I'm on the right track, because I gave up Monster Energy for my New Years resolution. (I was two a day yikes). I'd also like to lose the 20 lbs I gained since the summer, but that's a long term goal. I'm excited about this challenge and so should my teammates because every team I've been on has won the nutritional challenge. I even made it rain in the box (there's footage somewhere). We got this Team PM aka Still looking for a name!!

    1. Oh another personal goal is getting my Muscle Up and Pistols!

    2. Yep, he did make it rain...

  17. Team PM!
    Hi I'm Asa, My goal is to shed about 10lbs of holiday blubber and get my sexy back for the spring. I want to be strong and ready for the Open! (and not let old a** dudes like Jay beat me at WODs. Ha!)

    Super awesome start to 2016 so far and super awesome seeing so many on Day 1!

  18. Maury here! I'm on the PM time. I'd like to wish each and everyone the best on reaching your individual goals. I'm still on the quest to shed some weight, and get leaner and stronger. I'm also looking for my first team win and challenge championship (0-3). Let's Go Team __________?

  19. Hi I'm Linda on Team Am! My goal is to be a lean mean fighting machine. To be able to do a pull up without a band would be great as well. Breakfast was eggs,bacon, half an avacado and fruit. Nuts for a snack and,salad with turkey for lunch. Go Team am!

  20. Hi I am Tasha, I am on the PM class. My goal is to be able to do 75lb thrusters and dead lift my body weight. I am eating a lot of bacon, eggs, and pork chops!! It's going to be very hard to say goodby to chocolate!!

    1. You've got this Tasha! Bacon is just as good as chocolate, right?

  21. Hey y'all! I'm Ashley B. I am so excited for this challenge. My goal is to shed these extra pounds I've been carrying around since I stopped eating Paleo. I actually started a few weeks ago and am feeling so much better already

  22. My name is Kelly R and I am on team AM. I participated in last spring's blue and orange challenge and learned a lot about the practical how to fuel your body. Some of the habits I still do today. What I am excited about is what will I learn this time. Along the way if this allows for some pr's I will take it.
    B - Eggs, bacon, and coffee
    L - Chicken, spinach, and Water
    D - Roast, salad, and Water

  23. Hola my name is Enrique my goal is to eat healthy and gain weight. My breakfast was 3 scramble eggs, 1 1/2 cup of spinach, 3 Roma tomatoes and 1 glass os water. Snacks Brazilians and almonds nuts. Lunch, Salmon with zucchini and peppers and a glass of water.

  24. Buenas Tardes or in my case Buenos Dias im Kevin Garcia and I'm apart of the AM team Basically all I've got to say is This Competion is already over AM team already won and PM can go home and practice losing
    Let's see for B,L,and Dinner today I'm not going to tell I'll just let the Weight Scale and my body do the talking GO TEAM AM #AM Numero Uno

  25. Hey y'all it's JoJo! I'm super excited about my AM team conquering their goals! I started food prepping last year n Cali and have slacked a bit and I want to get better at it. (Fruity pebbles won't be on the grocery list this weekend!)
    B-eggs, bacon coconut milk
    L-grilled chicken, broccoli water
    Snack-hand (cupped) full of almonds
    D-TBD :-)

  26. Hi my name is Aidee! I'm in the PM team! Yay! Looking forward to this challenge with an awesome team and coaches! My goal is to lose at least 10lbs. Another goal is going to be to prep my meals to achieve this goal! Let's get started!

  27. Team Rise and Grind! I am really looking forward to this challenge. I am hoping the clean eating will help me kick this febrile illness I've had all week. My goal for this challenge is to further my goal of getting back into my pre-baby shape before he turns one on April 30th. I have a few pregnancy pounds and a few holiday pounds to lose. Food prepping tomorrow. I look forward to getting back to the box next week.

  28. Hello everyone! My name is Jose. I am a coach for team PM. My goal for this challenge is to lose about 5lbs and to remove sweets. Lets go TEAM PM! We've got this!

  29. Hello Everyone! My name is Edith Grey .My Goal for this challenge is to remove sweet and to be in better shape so I can finally get the courage to participate in the Open Games.

  30. Hey y'all, this is Alma Santos. I would like to lose 5 pounds with this challenge. I would also like to see some improvements in my WODs. Lastly, I would feel great if I am able to teach and/or help anyone with anything during this challenge.

  31. Team AM, a/k/a Team Rise & Grind, a/k/a/ Team AM Mafia, a/k/a/ Team AMRAPPERS

    Hello athletes, my name is Lance. My goal for this challenge is to get more confidence in the kitchen preparing paleo food options, and to burn off the beer belly through healthy eating and frequent WODs.


  32. Hi everyone my name is Ashley Padilla! :))
    I am excited to start his challenge. With the previous challenges I've been super successful. Fortunately, I am not trying to go down in weight anymore so I will be trying to do a zone/paleo diet to gain some more muscle mass.
    Let's go team PM!!

  33. Hello everyone! My name is Mayra and im on the winning team, Team P.M. :) lol. My goal for this challenge is to lose the weight i gained over the holidays and to also perform better on the WODS.I wish everyone the best in this challenge and may the best team win!!
    B: scrambled eggs with bacon and sweet potato.
    L: pork chop with sweet potato (im a big fan of sweet potato)

    1. Yes, you are on the winning team! If you and Nick say it, it must be true!!!

  34. Hi everyone my name is Brenda and I am on Team Rise and Grind! My goal is to lose some weight, eat healthier and most importantly get fit overall.
    L-baked chicken with asparagus
    D-Grilled salmon and side salad

  35. Hello! My name is Christina!! I'm on the PM team. My goal is to lose 10 pounds and stay motivated. It's going to be hard work but I'm excited to see results at the end of the challange. Good luck everyone! Go PM team!!

    1. Welcome Christina!!! You've got this! Stay strict and lean on us for help! You will have not problem achieving your goals because you are on a winning team!

  36. Hi my name Sandy. I'm on team AM. My goal is to lose at least 15lbs. of fat and put on some muscle. Go Team AM! Rise and Grind!

  37. Hello, my name is Jolynn and I am on the winning PM Team! I'm excited about this latest challenge with my goal being to eat clean no sweets)and tone up. After today's muscle up clinic (thanks Amy) my other goal is to complete my first muscle up something my little CF brother can't do. :-)

  38. Hi my name is Wade. This literally is my first work out day in CrossFit. I figured the best way to start is jumping in with both feet with the food challenge as well. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. :-)

  39. Hello! I'm Chelsee and I am on the AM team. My goal is to see off can be paleo for 4 weeks. Bye bye corn tortillas and beans.

    Breakfast- sausage and eggs
    Lunch- lettuce wraps with chicken and tomatoes
    Dinner- chicken, guacamole and tomatoes at taco night. I stayed away from the tortillas, beans and sopapilla cheesecake

  40. Hi, I'm Andrea! You see that girl at the top with the tiny kettlebell? That's my sister. My favorite sister! I'm part of the PM team.

    With this challenge I hope to get back to making healthy eating part of my lifestyle. I have done healthy/balanced eating in the past and I have felt the difference in how my body appreciates the healthier options. I'm excited to do challenge and hope to meet and get to know my teammates! :)

  41. Hi, my name is Thelma! I'm the hardcore, 1-pound kettlebell girl.

    I have never done a nutrition challenge before. I'm excited about the cooking part :)

  42. Hi, I'm David. I'm excited for this challenge! PM team Rocks! #PMisBetter

  43. Hey I'm Steven and I'm on the PM Team. I had great success doing the nutrition challenge we did last year and my goal is to have similar results that I had then. I guess if I have to put a number on it, I'd like to lose 15# over the next 28 days. Let's go team PM!

  44. Hello, my name is Liz and I'm part of the pm team. I've done the challenges before and had great results. I'm so ready for this challenge since I did enjoy the holiday food.
    B: steak with egg and sweet potatoes
    L: eggs with veggies and sweet potatoes
    D: steak with sweet potatoes

  45. Team PM
    B: egg white, sweet potato,avocado
    L: spinach,chicken salad, ,avocado
    D: pork tenderloin, calabaza, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach

  46. Hi my name is Yessi. I've done a challenge before and had great results. My goal this time is to see it through strict all the way.

    B- ham omelette with tomatoes
    L/D- brisket bacon Cobb salad