Monday, February 22, 2016

12 min AMRAP
50 Double Unders
14 KBS 70/53
7 Front Squats 185/125 (athletes can choose lighter weight or Goblet Squats for newer athletes)
*If you are really struggling with getting your elbows up due to lack of wrist flexibility, try goblet squats. Holding the KB at the chest activates all of those same back muscles that are needed to keep the torso upright in the front squat without straining the wrists.
Mobility WOD:  set clock for 5 min
2min: calf stretch R (ball of foot on bumper plate)
1 min: wrist stretching
2 min: calf stretch L


  1. Another fun wod. 6:00 am crushed it. Kelly is an Rx machine. NKOTB Joseph likes to go heavy. I flashed brilliance w/20 DUs like a champ.....and then reality set in. Thanks Coach Jason!

  2. Awesome 5 am class!!! Pretty good start to the week with a heavy WOD + dubs! Say whuuuuttt?!?
    3+54 RX
    Those front squats tho...

  3. If the box smells like a Kentucky distillery, my apologies.