Thursday, February 11, 2016

7:30pm selfies

Step Up Your Salad!

Tabata Push ups
Run 400m
Tabata Knees to elbows
Run 400m
Score = total number of push ups and KTE
EMOM 8 min
Even: Partner seated med ball tosses. Sit at 45 degrees
Odd: Pigeon stretch


  1. Edith
    B: egg whites with sweet potato, almond butter
    L: mixed greens, grilled chicken
    D: pollo regio, cabbage,lemon and salsa

  2. Lavan
    B: cottage cheese, blueberries and almond butter
    L: beef fajitas, romaine salad with salsa and lemon
    D: pollo regio, cabbage,lemon and salsa

  3. B- protein shake
    S - cegan bar
    L- squid/seaweed salad salmon, tuna, and mackerel sashimi.
    S- green apple
    D- paleo tacos

  4. B- coffee w/butter, egg and veggie scramble
    L-Protein shake
    S- handful of sweet potato chips
    D- salad w/taco meat and salsa on it

  5. Eggs bacon
    Chicken sweet potato
    Chicken shrimp salad

  6. B- eggs and turkey bacon
    L- grilled salmon, salad, tuna, shrimp
    S- apples
    D- baked chicken, sweet potato fries, salad

  7. Thanks 6am for the push! Especially Kelly on those runs!!

    69, 46, total time 12:48 RX


    1. Breakfast - black coffee, banana
      Lunch - burger patties, sweet potato and kale
      Snack - cashews
      Dinner - paleo chili on sweet potato

      Down 8 pounds!

      Team Night WODers!

  8. Yesterday's meals:
    B: Egg muffin omelet, banana, coffee
    L: Grilled chicken w/ side of sweet potatoes and zucchini
    D: Grilled chicken salad from subway (Got home super late! Don't worry made sure not add anything on my salad that I couldn't have) ;)
    Snacks: orange, larabar, almonds
    Go Night Wod'ers!

  9. B: protein oatmeal, eggs
    L: protein shake/tea
    S: eggs
    D: chicken soup, mixed vegggies

  10. TEAM: A.M.
    B - Eggs, Roast, Coffee
    L - Turkey, Spinach, Water
    D - Chicken, Sweet Potato, Water...

  11. B: 2 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, avocado, blackberries
    L: sausage w/ cabbage
    S: apple, sweet potato chips
    D: baked cod, green beans, guacamole

  12. Wednesdays meals
    B protein shake with baby spinach
    L grilled chicken, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, baby carrots
    D home made chili
    S protien bar

    Am team

  13. B- eggs and coffee
    L- burger patty, pineapple, Brussels, boiled egg
    D- burger patty, pineapple
    I think I have eaten a whole cow this week.

  14. B: eggs, asparagus
    L: sweet potato fries, burger no bun, asparagus
    S: blueberries with coconut cream
    D: baked sweet potato with paleo chili on top

    Go Night WOD'ers!

  15. Everyone one team am and pm we want to meet up for drinks and food tomorrow after the challenge. Any places or time? Trying to find some place in mesquite. Razoos, Applebee's, on the border?

  16. B: eggs, turkey bacon and avocado
    S: larabar
    L: ground beef with bell peppers
    D: baked lemon pepper wings with sweet potato fries

    Lets go team Night WOD'ers!!!! We're almost there!

  17. B- nothing
    L- nothing
    D- chicken soup
    plenty of fluids
    Team Night WOD'ers

  18. B- coffee
    L- protein shake
    S-handful of Apple chips and nuts
    D-chicken salad
    Team Night WODers

  19. Breakfast was eggs, spinach and bacon

    Lunch was pan seared chipotle salmon with caulirice

    Dinner was roasted leg quarters with baked sweet potato

    I snacked on blueberries after lunch

  20. I have been sick so I have had allot of soup over the past 24 hours and medication

  21. B - oatmeal (paleo of course)
    L - peanut chicken satay with green beans
    S - protein shake
    D - ribeye and green beans

  22. B- egg white muffin with sweet potato
    L - barbacoa and pico de Gallo
    D - egg chimichanga no tortilla

  23. B- none
    Snack- carrots broccoli and little tomatoes
    L- spring salad with Apple, walnuts and blue cheese
    D- chicken and broccoli

  24. B eggs and sausage
    S almonds & turkey
    L meatballs
    S Apple slices
    D chicken sausage & sweet potato

    66 oz water

    Team Night WOD ers

  25. B. Larabar
    L. Grilled chicken, salad
    D. Eggs, bacon, potatoes

  26. B: ezekiel cereal
    L: chicken with brusells sprouts and broccoli
    D: eggs with turkey
    S: pistachios, protein shake

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  27. Andrea

    B- clementines
    L - Chicken lettuce wraps and cauliflower rice
    D- Chicken lettuce wraps and cauliflower rice

  28. Thelma

    B- egg
    L - Squash, zucchini and egg
    D- shredded beef

  29. B - eggs and spinach and kale mix
    S - protein shake
    L - meat bowl with avocado
    D - salmon and avocado

  30. B:eggs and spinach with bacon and sweet potatoes
    L: ribs with sweet potatoes and asparagus
    D:ribs with sweet potatoes and asparagus

  31. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Boiled Eggs, Coffee w/ghee

    S- 2oz Turkey, Mixed Veggies & Avocado

    L- Skillet Stir fry Leftovers & Sweet Potato

    S- 2oz Roast Beef, Mixed Fruit & Mixed Nuts

    D- Lettuce wrap turkey burger