Monday, February 1, 2016

Chipotle Chicken Frittata
What did you eat yesterday?
8 min AMRAP of:
MB cleans 20/14
Rest as needed
5 min to complete:
400m run
25 Dumbbell Thrusters (choose weight)
Max reps grasshoppers
EMOM 8 min:
Even: 30 sec plank transformers
Odd: couch stretch (switch legs each round)


  1. Edith
    B: chicken and egg whites, avocado and salsa
    L: beef flank steak mixed vegetables drizzle with olive oil
    D: salmon, cabbage Brussels sprouts kale broccoli salad withe salsa

  2. Lavan
    B: scrambled eggs with bacon and mixed vegetables
    L: grilled chicken and mixed greens salad
    D: salmon, cabbage Brussels sprouts kale broccoli salad withe salsa

  3. B - paleo breakfast bowl
    L - jicama slaw and chicken
    S - protein drink
    D - paleo beef and broccoli
    S - protein drink
    My prep day means "all you can eat buffet.." I really ate a lot yesterday since the food was all around me!!

  4. B: oatmeal and eggs
    L: protein shake
    S: chicken soup and spinach
    D: mustard chicken

  5. Eggs bacon
    Ground turkey broccoli

  6. Brunch
    Ribs and sweet potatoe fries
    Dinner Oranges

  7. Breakfast - black coffee, kale sweet potatoes and eggs
    Snack - sweet potato chips
    Lunch - lettuce wrapped tuna salad
    Dinner - steak, sweet potato, asparagus.
    Dessert - orange


  8. B-hot tea,spinach,avacado omelet/side of sausage and strawberries
    S- handful of nuts
    L- protein shake
    S- half a apple
    D- Roast w/leeks, mushrooms and carrots, my twist on slaw, kale
    dessert/banana filled w/almond butter

  9. Sundays meals:
    B:scrambled eggs and ground turkey
    L:sweet potato, butter, 12 oz ribeye steak
    D:none (late lunch)
    S:Krave Jerky - Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky

    AM Team

  10. B: eggs, bacon, avocado, sweet potato, and spaghetti squash
    L: salad w/ grilled chicken, oil & vinegar
    S: sweet potato chips and salsa
    D: grilled pork chops, acorn squash and sweet potato

  11. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Blueberry Banana Smoothie, Egg & Turkey Bacon, Coffee w/ghee

    L- Leftover Fake Fries Chicken Tenders, Crispy Cauliflower

    S- Protein Shake

    D- Chicken Salad

  12. B: eggs, bacon, sweet potatoes and spinach
    L: tuna salad lettuce wraps and sweet potato chips
    S: banana
    D: steak, baked sweet potato with butter, asparagus

    Go Night WOD'ers!
    Starting the second half of the challenge and feeling great! Excited to try this chipotle chicken frittata recipe!

  13. Team A.M.
    B - Eggs, Roast, Coffee
    L - Pork, sweet potato, Water
    D - Roast, Sweet potato, spinach, Water

  14. B-sweet potato hash, eggs with turkey bacon, Kale and spinach and coffee
    L- napped through lunch
    D- ribeye steak, brussel sprouts and cabbage with bacon
    S- blueberries

    Team Night WOD'ers

    1. Happy late birthday! Birthday steak looked amazing!

  15. Team Rise & Grind - Sunday (1/31/2016)

    B - scrambled eggs + peppers + onions + mushrooms
    L - skipped
    S - pistachio nuts
    D - grilled chicken + broccoli

    Too many skipped meals....fortunately, today is a new day and its going great so far.....except I'm hitting the bathroom like 3 times an hour with all this water intake!

  16. B- banana, coffee
    L- grilled chicken, ribs, green beans
    D- skipped. Ugh. So tired.
    S- banana

  17. yesterday's meals:
    B: Eggs, ham, fruit cup and coffee
    L: Grilled chicken avocado salad
    D: Rotisserie chicken with side of sweet potatoes and asparagus
    Go Team Night Wod'ers!

  18. Breakfast was two fried eggs on top of half a burger patty, sweet potato fries and fresh spinach.

    Dinner was salmon, cabbage and green beans.

    I slept most of the day, not feeling well, so I didn't eat as much as I typically do.

  19. B: scrambled eggs, Turkey bacon, cantaloupe, avacado.
    L: chicken, avocado, sweet potatoes
    D : same as lunch
    Veronica ayala

  20. B: egg with tomatoes and avocado
    L: chicken with green beans
    D: beef fajita salad
    S: almonds, orange

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  21. B- scrambled eggs w/ Veges
    S- almond butter
    L- 2 slices turkey
    S-raisins almond
    D-bone in pork chop with roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes, glass of wine

  22. B-coffee (with almond milk)

    L- turkey with bacon and sweet potatoes

    D- chicken enchiladas (friends bday- special occasion) sorry

  23. B- papaya n orange juice
    S- almonds
    L- fajitas, guacamole & baby carrots
    D- left overs from lunch

  24. Day 16
    B:spinach and mushroom omelette, 1/2 avocado, Apple
    Snack: Almonds
    L: baked chicken, broccoli, baby carrots
    D: baked chicken, broccoli
    Snack: Apple, Almonds

  25. B- poached eggs, spinach
    L- 3 hot dogs no buns
    D- paleo ribs (not good)
    S apples, cranberry, nuts, protein shake

  26. B: spinach omelette
    L: pozole ( no hominy)
    D:baked chicken with sweet potato

  27. B- Eggs and Sweet Potato
    L- Left Over Steak and Chicken
    D- Almond Butter and Celery

    Night WOD'ers

  28. B- bacon, eggs, and grapes
    L- chicken salad
    D- hamburger with lettuce for the bun
    S- protein shake

  29. B- eggs
    L- banana and walnuts
    D- chicken and green beans

  30. Thelma
    B-Banana pancakes
    L- Turkey salad from Salata
    D- turkey

  31. B - sausage and eggs

    L - grilled wings

  32. Andrea
    B - banana pancakes
    L - turkey salad from Salata
    No dinner

  33. B-eggs bacon coconut milk
    L-bun-less burger lettuce tomatoes sweet potato
    D-fajita broccoli

  34. Foodddd

    Breakfast: Protein Shake
    Snack: Plantain Chips
    Lunch: Steak Lettuce Wraps
    Snack: Strawberries & Blueberries
    Dinner: Eggs & Bacon

    ** I had ONE dark chocolate covered strawberry that a very sweet student brought to me. I didn't want to make him sad, he saved it from his lunch :)

  35. B eggs and bacon
    S almonds and ham
    L chicken & sweet potato
    S cashews & turkey
    D Lara bar

    89 oz water

    Team Night WOD ers

  36. B- egg and banana pancakes with bacon
    S- apple
    L/D- chicken salad with avocado and fresh salsa

  37. Egg,sausage
    1/2 Sweet potato
    Sausage, veggies
    Coconut cream sorbet (homemade)

  38. B-Protein shake
    L-Grilled Chicken and side salad (salsa for dressing)
    S-Protein shake
    D-Chicken and vegetables

  39. B - bacon and eggs, sweet potatoes
    L - salad with chicken, crab and tuna
    S - Larabar bar, protein bar
    D - sweet potatoes, mixed veggies and steak
    70oz water

  40. L. Grilled chicken, stir fried onions, peppers, guacamole
    D. Eggs, sweet potatoes
    S. Cranberries

  41. B: eggs, bacon, spinach and avocado
    L: rotisserie chicken and veggies
    D: ground beef and veggies

  42. B-Protein shake
    L-Grilled Chicken and side salad (salsa for dressing)
    S-Protein shake
    D-Chicken and vegetables