Wednesday, February 10, 2016

For the past  weeks we have seen lots of determination and dedication!
Maybe every participant was not 100% cheat free and maybe you didn’t PR every workout, but you did make changes to lifestyle.  You developed some healthy habits along the way!
But the challenge ends Saturday, now what??
The changes that you started making during the challenge are not a waste of time!  Prepping and cooking meals, being more conscience when eating out, working out  more regularly, can and should continue!
Just because you do not have to journal your food on the blog does not mean these lifestyle changes are no longer of importance. What is your plan?  Are you planning on sticking to the Paleo Diet 100%?  Are there certain food items that you missed from your diet and want to add them back in, so you are more 80/20?  
Advice: Don't blow it all at once!  Establishing habits is a challenge. You spent the past 4 weeks eliminating sodas, sugars, processed foods, don't jump right back into your old habits!
These dietary changes have made you leaner, decreased your waistline, increased your energy levels and improved your workout performance.  Don't let the inches that you lost sneak back on.  
5 rounds for quality and reps:
3 snatch deadlift
3 hang snatch
Max UB reps back squat (UB = no rest at top or bottom of the squat)
Rest as needed between rounds
All reps per round are unbroken (move directly from DL to HS to OHS to BS) Increase weight each round.
Score=total back squat reps x weight for all 5 rounds
EMOM 8 min:
Even: quad smash barbell
Odd: partner bully stretch


  1. Lavan
    B: egg whites with calabaza, coffee
    Coffee coffee
    L: mixed greens, grilled chicken
    D: pollo Regio, cabbage, jicama lemon and salsa

  2. Edith
    B: egg whites with calabaza.
    L: mixed greens, grilled chicken
    D: pollo regio, cabbage, jicama lemon and salsa

  3. Breakfast - banana, burger pattie, plantain chips and something paleo
    Snack - forgot at gym
    Lunch - two burger patties with mustard at 3pm-ish
    Snack - cashews
    Dinner - burger patties with vegetables I can't remember on the plate


    1. 7,793 (34,38,30 at 45#, 27 at 75, 21 at 85#)


  4. B- protein snack
    S- lamb chops amd brocolleni
    L- 2 vegan protein bars
    S- left over paleo chicken wings
    D - corned beef, carrots , cabbage

  5. B: eggs, bacon, avocado
    S: larabar
    L: ground beef with bell peppers
    D: grilled chicken and veggies

  6. B: protein oatmeal and eggs
    L: protein shake
    S: phat fudge
    D: south beach sushi roll

  7. B Grilled Chicken
    L Grilled CHICKEN
    D Boiled Chiken Breast w California blend

  8. TEAM A.M.
    B - eggs, bacon, coffee
    L - turkey spinach, water
    D - turkey sweet potato, water

  9. B-bison chorizo and eggs over 1/2 sweet potato
    S- handful of nuts and blueberries
    L- Asian bowl
    S- Banana w/some almond butter
    D- Bison steak, sweet potato, Brussel sprout and zucchini hash
    1/2 a pear

  10. Holy Crap!! I'm going to be walking like one of those Chuck-E-Cheese robots. Hope it isn't as bad as the Death By 75# Back Squat WOD from Nov 2014. Lot's of spoiled Thanksgivings after that one.

  11. Looks like a fun workout!

    B: eggs, asparagus
    L: hamburger patty, asparagus, sweet potato
    S: blueberries, banana
    D: hamburger patty, kale, sweet potato fries
    Go Night WOD'ers! The end is near!

  12. B: broccoli, prosciutto, eggs
    L: grilled chicken salad
    S: Larabar
    D: sausage and cabbage

  13. B: Egg muffin omelet, banana, and coffee
    L: Grilled chicken avocado salad
    D: sliced beef with salsa, asparagus and sweet potatoes.
    Snacks: Almonds, Peach, Orange

  14. B:Bacon and eggs
    L: Grilled chicken salad
    D: Ground beef cabbage rolls

  15. B- banana and almond butter
    L- burger patty, pineapple, Brussels sprouts, boiled egg
    D- eggs with salsa

  16. Tuesdays meals
    B steak and egg burrito no tortillias
    L grilled chicken, 1/2 apple, jerky
    D chicken salad
    S protien bar

    Am team

  17. 2-9
    L-salad with ham
    D-salad with chicken
    Snack- almonds

  18. B - eggs, salsa, cilantro, and onions
    L - grilled chicken salad
    D - peanut chicken satay and green beans

    It's been a LONG time since I have had eggs and fruit. Not too shabby!! Definitely considered as a "treat" for me! Today was back to the norm...

  19. B-nothing
    L-chicken soup

    Lots of fluids

    Team night WOD'ers

  20. Day 25
    B:spinach omelette
    Snack: Almonds
    L: Blackened fish, broccoli
    Snack: Apple
    D: turkey burger patty, green peas

  21. B eggs, sausage and apple slices
    s almonds & turkey
    l lara bar
    s orange
    d salad w/ fajita steak

    90 oz of water

  22. Breakfast was eggs, kale and bacon

    I did not have lunch, I was so busy!

    Dinner was grilled chicken breast, green beans, okra and cabbage.

    I had a latte after dinner, not a good idea. I woke up this morning feeling a little nauseous.

  23. B - eggs muffin with egg whites and sweet potato
    L - chicken n beef fajita salad
    D - egg In Red chili

  24. B: eggs with tomato and onions
    L: chicken mix vegetables
    D: chicken mix vegetables
    S: protein shake with fruits, almonds

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  25. B. Eggs
    L. Sweet potato, grilled turkey
    D. Skipped and went to bed early so I could make the 5am wod!

  26. B - nothing

    L - ribs / grilled chicken

    D - protein shake

  27. Andrea

    B- clementines
    L - Paleo nachos
    D- Paleo nachos

  28. Thelma

    B- clementines
    L - Tuna and eggs
    D- Chicken soup

  29. B-2 boiled eggs, coffee
    D-chicken tenders, sweet potato, salad

    Go Team Night WODers

  30. B - sausage and eggs
    L - salad with hamburger
    D- none
    S - banana

  31. B egg and bacon
    L you don't want to know
    D almond butter and celery

    Night Night WOD'ers

  32. Day 26
    B:spinach omelette
    Snack: Almonds
    D: turkey burger patty, broccoli