Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nutrition Challenge Questionnaire
Are you experiencing any of the following?
  • Fat burning for energy: Your insulin response to the food you eat should be leveled out. Mood swings or sugar highs and crashes should be a thing of the past. Is your energy stable throughout the day?
  • Less inflammation: Sometimes we find that some of the processed foods and sugars that we were eating were causing inflammation in our body. Have any aches and pains disappeared?
  • Consistent mood: Hopefully your mood has improved now that the sugar highs and lows are gone. Feeling more mental clarity?
  • Less hunger: Many people find themselves very hungry during the first week or two of eating Paleo. By week 3 your body has hopefully adjusted and you have found the appropriate proportions of protein/carb/fat for each meal to feel satisfied.

For time:
42 Alt DB Snatches
21 Ring Dips
30 Alt DB Snatches
15 Ring Dips
18 Alt DB Snatches
9 Ring Dips
8 min EMOM:
Even: banded tricep stretch at rig/shoulder distraction
Odd: 30 sec hollow scissors


  1. B: eggs, sweet potato, spinach
    L: chicken lettuce wrap
    D: eggs, spinach
    snacks: oranges, sweet potato chips
    Go Night WOD'ers

  2. B- protein shake
    S- sweet potato
    L- avocado eggs and tuna
    D- chicken breast and steamed veggies

    Team Night WOD'ers

  3. Renee Rivera (PM)
    B - eggs, bacon, almond milk.
    L - chipotle salad :( but just lettuce, steak, peppers, and guacamole.
    S - orange, pineapple, grapes, strawberries (too much fruit I know lol)
    D - 3 hamburger patties!!!!!! Broccoli, snap peas, and onions.

    I was so hungry after yesterday's workout haha!!! Go team Night WOD'ers!!!

  4. B- Protein Bar
    Snack - 2 sasauges, red/green bell peppers, onions
    Lunch - meatballs , apple
    S- vegan protein bar
    D- shrimp, oyster, mussel, octopus, corviche

  5. B: protein oatmeal and eggs
    L: chicken soup and broccoli
    D: protein shake

  6. Breakfast - black coffee, eggs, kale
    Snack - black coffeess (9-3pm)
    Lunch - cabbage and sausage
    Dinner - kale, eggs on sweet potato


  7. Black coffee, eggs, beets
    Waltunts, seeds, fruit
    1/2 sweet potato
    Ground turkey, veggies
    Sausage, sweet potato

  8. Lavan
    B: over medium eggs, mixed vegetables and avocado
    L: grilled chicken and romaine salad
    D: pork tenderloin with cabbage, Brussels sprouts kale salad and lemon and avocado

  9. Edith
    B: egg whites, avocado and blueberries
    L: grilled chicken and spinach salad
    D: pork tenderloin with cabbage, Brussels sprouts kale salad and lemon and avocado

  10. Eggs bacon
    Meatloaf sweet potato

  11. Eggs banana
    Turkey and mixed nuts

  12. B-Protein shake, 2 boiled eggs
    S- handful of nuts
    L- chili, sweet potato chips and guacamole
    S- bone broth
    D-baked chicken, veggies, salad
    dessert/almond butter between a banana

  13. B: eggs, turkey bacon
    S: larabar
    L: chicken fajitas and cauliflower rice
    D: grilled chicken and veggies

  14. Team A.M.
    B - Eggs, roast. coffee
    L - Pork, Sweet Potatoes, Water
    D - Roast, Sweet Potatoes, Water

  15. Tuesdays meals:
    B:v-core Cookies & Cream protein shake w/almond milk & Baby Kale & Spinach Blend
    L: grilled chicken, 1/2 gala apple, small banana, baby carrots
    D:2 pork chops

    AM Team

  16. B - breakfast bowl with grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, spinach, jalapeño, and salsa
    L - beef and broccoli
    S - protein drink
    D - chicken drums and some veggie. I can't think for the life of me what it was...

    No workout for me!!! Resting today and feeling good.

  17. B - egg muffin & sweet potato
    S - almonds
    L - chicken salad with half an avacado
    D - got home late slice of turkey

  18. Yesterday's meals:
    B: omelet muffin with veggies and sausage, banana and coffee
    L: Grilled chicken avocado salad
    D: Brisket side of sweet potatoes and zucchinis
    Snacks: Larabar, orange, almonds, protein shake
    Go Team Night Wod'ers!

  19. B:eggs, bacon, and a banana
    L: steak shish kabobs w/ broccoli
    D: Chicken w/ broccoli slaw sweet potato
    S:cashews/apple/ orange

  20. 10 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Boiled Eggs & Bacon, Coffee w/ghee

    S- 2oz Turkey, Mixed Fruit & Macadamia Nut

    L- Squash & Zucchini Spaghetti w/Chicken Sausage

    D- Skillet Chicken, Brussel Sprouts & Mushrooms

  21. B: 2 eggs, bacon, 1/2 sweet potato
    L: coconut curry shrimp w/ sweet potato and cauliflower
    S: sweet potato chips, salsa
    D: lettuce wrap ground beef tacos

  22. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach. Busy morning!

    Lunch was picadillo, a traditional Mexican concoction. It's ground beef, green beans carrots and peas in a spicy red chile.

    Snacked on ceviche and an apple

    Dinner was roasted chicken with roasted broccoli and roasted brussel sprouts.

  23. B-protein shake
    S- raisins
    L- bun less elk burger, applesauce
    S- cashews
    D- turkey burger, Brussels sprouts
    Team Night WODers

  24. b- smoked sausage & eggs & banana
    s- almonds & turkey
    l- larabar

    57 oz of water

  25. B - bacon and eggs w/ coffee
    L - Asian chicken salad
    S - cliff bar, fruit, nuts
    D - fajita meat and sweet potato w/ green tea
    48oz water

    1. You need to up that water, bro....oh wait, you're Team PM....never mind, 48oz is plenty :)

  26. Team Rise & Grind - 2/2/2016 (Tuesday)

    B - the usual...scrambled eggs / peppers / mushrooms / spinach
    L - Chipotle, lettuce, double chicken, pico, hot sauce, guacamole
    D - Tuna / broccoli

    So much water....I can barely make it to work in the morning!

  27. B-coffee (almond milk)


    L-chicken and beef shish kabobs and a salad

    D-egg omlette with mushrooms

  28. B- egg and sweet patatoe
    L- grilled chicken fajita wrapped in lettuce
    D- steamed veggies and chicken fajita

  29. Day 18
    B:spinach and mushroom omelette, 1/2 avocado
    L: filet mignon, broccoli
    Snack: almonds
    D: chicken, broccoli, Apple

  30. B- eggs
    L- grilled chicken and fruit
    D- pork and broccoli

    No workout today. Actually went home before 8:00 tonight. Took advantage of that.

  31. Andrea
    B-Banana and apple
    L- Turkey, green beans, hard boiled egg
    D- no dinner

  32. B - sausage and eggs

    L - chicken thighs and asparagus

    S - protein shake

    D - grilled chicken legs

  33. B: eggs with tomato and avocado
    L: salmon with kale salad
    D: caldo de pollo with vegetables
    S: protein shake, almonds and sweet potato

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  34. B-Eggs, Sausage, and Bacon
    L-Salmon and Brocoli
    S-Protein Bar
    D-Leftovers Steak, Ribs, and carrots

    Night WOD'ers

  35. B:eggs, bacon and broccoli
    Dinner: ground beef with onions and sweet potatoes
    Team night WODers!!

  36. B- protein shake
    L- lettuce beef tacos
    D- meatloaf and veggies
    WOD- 10:47 (15#) green band

  37. Fooodddd

    B: Eggs & Bacon
    L: Salad with Salmon & Balsamic
    S: Beef Jerky
    D: Lettuce turkey and salami wraps
    S: Carrots & tomatos & celery

  38. B- eggs with spinach and kale and turkey bacon
    L - meatball sandwich :(
    D - beef stew

  39. B. oatmeal
    L. Grilled squash, sweet potato
    D. Chicken nuggets

  40. B-Leftover chicken/beef stir fry
    L-Grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, small sweet potato
    S-Protein shake
    D-beef taco salad with small portion of guacamole