Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sitting at your desk is eating your muscles.   "A recent study in Diabetologia indicates that exercising after work isn’t enough to prevent disease. Long periods of sitting were associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and death - even for those who got exercise at other times of the day."  Researchers recommend standing for at least 5 minutes for every thirty minutes of sitting to combat the catabolism (or eating of muscles) caused by prolonged sitting. Can you make that happen?

Bring a friend or family member to try their first CrossFit class for FREE today!

4 rounds for time:
400m run
5 strict pull ups
15 air squats
Rest as needed between rounds.
8 min EMOM:
Even: seated med ball twists with partner
Odd: cobra, down dog


  1. e Rivera (PM)
    B- Eggs, Ham, Bacon, and Almond Milk.
    L- chicken, snap peas, and boiled egg.
    D- chicken and broccoli
    S- 2 cutie small oranges

  2. Edith
    B: egg whites, sweet potato
    L: grilled chicken and mixed greens salad
    D: shredded chicken, squash and calabaza

  3. Lavan
    B: cottage cheese, blue berries and almond butter
    L: grilled chicken and mixed greens salad
    D: shredded chicken, squash and calabaza

  4. B- vinison and spinach
    S- apple meatballs
    L- sardines
    D- maple spice paleo pork chops & brocolli

  5. B-hot tea, eggs, sausage, avocado, strawberries
    L- chicken salad /apple lettuce wrap/sweet potato chips
    S- bulletproof coffee
    D- roast, mashed broccoli & cauliflower, salad

    GO TEAM AM!!!!!!

  6. B: eggs, turkey bacon
    S: larabar
    L: chicken fajita and cauliflower rice
    S: orange
    D: rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes

    Lets go team Night WODers!

  7. Eggs
    Salad with chicken
    Fajita meat with lettuce for tortilla and cauliflower rice(yuck)

    1. Oh no!!! Something happened to the rice... Next time just mash it up with garlic, onion powder, and butter if it tastes bad!!

  8. Yesterday's meals:
    B: egg sausage and veggie omelet, banana, and coffee.
    L: Grilled chicken avocado salad
    D: Grilled chicken side of sweet potatoes and asparagus
    Snacks: almonds, organge, slice of turkey, mango
    Go Team Night Wod'ers!

  9. TEAM A.M.
    B - Eggs, Roast, Coffee
    L - Pork, Vegetables, Water
    D - Hamburger patties, Vegetables, Water

    Week 3 almost done!!

  10. B: eggs, sweet potatoes, spinach
    L: burger with no bun but extra veggies, sweet potato fries
    D: beef stew meat, sweet potatoes, broccoli
    no time for snacks
    Go Night WOD'ers!!!

  11. Eggs bacon
    Meatloaf green beans and sweet potato

  12. 8 Blocks Total
    64oz water
    B- Spinach Smoothie, Coffee w/ghee

    S- 2oz Tuna, Mixed Veggies & Avocado

    L- Leftover Skillet Chicken, Brussel Sprouts & Mushrooms

    D- Paleo Taco Soup

    Wasn't very hungry today🙄

  13. B-none
    L-Tuna and eggs
    D-Ground beef and veggies

    Team Night WOD'ers

  14. B- eggs and bacon
    L- chicken and fruit
    D-pork and broccoli
    S- banana

  15. Sooo hungry this week... So what do I do, EAT!!!
    B - choc protein with spinach/coffee
    L - jicama slaw and protein drink
    D - chicken satay and caul mashed potatoes
    S - spaghetti squash and protein drink

  16. Breakfast - black coffee, oranges, banana
    Snack - black coffee
    Lunch - bunless burger with sweet potato fries
    Snack - black coffee
    Dinner - stew steak with broccoli and sweet potato


    1. 3:32,3:09,3:22,3:14 (400,strict pull up,2 abmat handstand push up, air squats)

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  18. Wednesdays meals:
    B:v-core Cookies & Cream protein shake w/almond milk & Baby Kale & Spinach Blend
    L: grilled chicken, 1/2 gala apple, small banana, baby carrots
    D:Rotisserie Chicken

    AM Team

  19. B: protein oatmeal and eggs
    S: cashews and almonds
    D: ground turkey, chicken soup, broccoli

  20. B:eggs w/fruit
    L: grilled chicken w/sweet potato
    D: steak w/broccoli slaw
    S: orange, cashew, apple

  21. B: 2 eggs, bacon, cauliflower
    L: taco salad
    S: Larabar
    D: ground turkey, brussel sprouts, carrots
    S: chia seed pudding

  22. Day 19
    B:spinach and mushroom omelette, 1/2 avocado
    Snack: Apple, Almonds
    L: chicken, broccoli, asparagus
    Snack: almonds
    D: 1/4 lb beef patty, lettuce, 1/2 avocado, jalapeños

  23. B- egg white omelet
    L- turkey burger tomato suave and Brussels sprouts
    S- raisins, cashews
    D-egg omelet
    Team Night WODers

  24. B - egg muffin n sweet potato
    L- salad with round beef and half an avacado
    D - same as lunch

  25. B - scrambled eggs

    L - grilled chicken thighs and asparagus

    D - bone in ribeye

    Night WODers

  26. B-protein shake
    L-groud beef mixed with tamato,onion a side of sweet potato
    D-ground beef mix with sweet potato (leftover)

  27. B- turkey bacon and mixed fruit
    L- chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli
    S- apple
    D- fajita meat mixed with onions and bell pepper and a side salad

  28. Thelma
    B- hard boiled egg
    L- hard boiled egg, tuna and lettuce
    D- chicken tenders, tomato salsa and guacamole

  29. B. Larabar
    L. Eggs
    D. Turkey burger no bread, sweet potatoes, sliver of chocolate cake and wine

  30. B coffee and eggs and bacon
    L tuna salad
    D talapia and avacado

  31. fooddddddd

    B: Boiled Egg Apples & Grapes
    S: Green Juice
    Lunch: Lettuce, Salami & Turkey wraps
    Snack: Strawberries
    Dinner: 2 lbs of Crawfish

    I'm too full

  32. B: cereal with pecans, protein powder (ezekiel 4:9 almonds <1 sugar) mmmmmm
    L: chicken with broccoli salad
    D: chicken with zucchini, tomatoand avocado
    S: protein shake, banana, apple and strawberry

    Team Night WOD'ers

    Si Se Puede ;)

  33. B- Eggs, Bacon, Sausage,
    S- Almonds
    L- Beef, lettuce, and Avocodo
    S- Protein Bar
    D- Turkey, pickles, and sweet potato

    Night WOD'ers

  34. B-3 egg vegetable omelette with bacon
    L-Grilled chicken with steamed vegetables
    D-Chicken taco salad no cheese with Guacamole
    S-Protein shake

  35. B - bacon and eggs, coffee
    L - tuna and avocado
    D - Asian chicken salad with green tea
    S - fruits, Larabars
    32 oz water

  36. B- egg and ham muffin
    L - steak and avocado
    D - chicken Alfredo :(