Monday, February 15, 2016

Were you an athlete prior to joining CrossFit?
Congratulations to everyone who completed the nutrition challenge over the past 4 weeks!
Team PM (Night WOD'ers) 2,277 points
Team AM (Rise and Grind) 1,983 points
It was a close race the entire time! We decided to recognize and reward individuals on both teams for their consistency and discipline throughout the entire challenge! We all had different goals going into this challenge. Some wanted to lose weight and inches. Others wanted to gain weight or muscle. And some wanted to maintain. However, we all had the common goals of wanting to develop healthier nutrition habits. A proven way to develop habits and achieve goals is to keep a daily journal of your actions. That is what posting your food on the blog was about! We have made a list of all participants on either team who kept daily record of their progress (food journal posted on the blog) at least 90% of the time. This demonstrates commitment to developing a habit in order to achieve one's goal! Congratulations to these athletes! We have a speed rope for you as well as a massage (free normatec session)! Claim your prizes! Pick up your rope and choose a time to schedule your massage!
Team PM
Ashley B
Danielle G
David F
Team AM
Donny C
Julie B
Linda W
Samantha N
Sarah H

Set the clock for 30 minutes
Start at 0:00
100 Double unders (SU 3:1)
25 Power cleans 115/75 (75/55, 45/15)
45 pull ups (ring rows)
At  10:00
100 double unders
20 power cleans 135/95 (95/65, 55/35)
30 CTB pull ups
At 20:00
100 double unders
15 power cleans 155/105 (135/95, 75/55)
15 bar muscle ups (15 pull ups or ring rows +15 dips)  

Score=athletes will record their times for each section.
B. MOBILITY WOD:  set clock for 7 min
2min: barbell calf smash R
1min: calf stretch R
2 min: barbell calf smash L
1 min: calf stretch L
1 min: tricep stretch (30 sec R/L)


  1. This wod sounds like it's going to be fun!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Great job!!! We should do this one again in a few months. Bet there will be a lot more people with a lot more bar muscle ups!

  3. I walked in not thinking I stood a chance against this WOD ... No way I would make all the reps in 10 min. I proved myself wrong... And it was awesome walking out this morning! Huge confidence boost!!
    7:34 RX, 7:50 RX, 7:19 pull up + ring dip with blue band

    Awesome start to the week!!!!

    1. Wow! That's a lot of pull ups and CTB pull ups!!!

  4. Great weakness WOD for me. PU & DU - I suck at them both. Just kept chipping away. In the end, I was psyched to get my 1st ever bar MU with about 5 sec to spare. Wrapping my thumb around the bar made the difference. Great WOD

  5. Hello 6:00 am! Great WOD.....appreciate Coach Jason's motivation today. Asa and Kelly crushed it.

  6. No WOD today- instead ran an 8.15 mile race this morning. Happy with my time without any distance practice (I don't recommend it) -thanks to CFNM WODs