Friday, February 19, 2016

Were you an athlete prior to joining CrossFit?

Read more about it and register here: What is the CrossFit Open?

A. AMRAP 14 min:
6 pistols
12 unbroken wall balls 20/14
24 box jumps 24/20
B.  4 min
EMOM 4 min:
Even: supine glute stretch
Odd: hanging KB hamstring stretch on a box


  1. Breakfast - coffee with organic half and half
    Snack - pork ribs and a ridiculous amount of kale (sorry Amy for taking it all)
    Lunch - 4 fried eggs on 3 pieces of Ezekiel bread
    Snack - coffee and banana
    Dinner - chicken thighs with broccoli


    1. 6+7 RX
      First pistols on my left leg in at least a year! Thanks to Amy and CrossFit proving yet again with consistent training and great workouts you can be prepared for anything any time!!

    2. Thanking Amy publicly at 7:11am... Were you an ass to her last night???

    3. Oh... A kale fight. I can honestly say, I've never, nor will I ever, be in one of those!

    4. Haha! what's a kale fight?
      No, he wasn't an ass. He was sort of whining about how he can't do pistols on one leg but can on the other. I gave him a super positive pep talk about how our attitudes and expectations can affect our performance. And bam! Pistols! haha kidding. I probably wasn't that positive...

  2. WOD with pistols... Normally turn my head and walk away!
    Today - first WOD with pistols as RX! I'm proud of me! The struggle with knee confidence has been a 3 year battle... Not anymore!

    5+22 RX

  3. breakfast: coffee, paleo cereal
    Lunch: Shrimp ceviche
    snack: guava,halo
    water, water, water I was sick yesterday so not much food to keep down

  4. Awesome fun work out this morning I'm really glad I went I told my self this morning the work out didn't seem challenging enough but those pistols sure convinced me this morning thanks for your coaching and guidance this morning alma

  5. Great workout this morning. Jason, thanks for pushing us to keep going!!!!

  6. Another 6:00 am sausagefest.....but fun wod with Kelly. Thanks Coach Asa for pushing us.