Wednesday, March 30, 2016

  • Thai's new squat!

Which coach is responsible? Alma, Carmen, Asa, Shaun, Jason, or Jose?
A. 12 minutes to find a heavy power snatch
B. Coach’s WOD

75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.
Compare to May 22, 2015 (don't you wish you had posted your time! if you posted, did you improve?)


  1. Happy Hump Day!

    I'm going to guess this is Coach Carmen!!!

    Make it a great day!

  2. I am going with Coach Carmen as well!!!!

  3. A) 135# close grip
    B) 6:00 RX close grip (3:16 PR from last use)

    Great WOD! Great Coach! Thank you!!

  4. a) 155# PR
    b)10:11 RX

    I agree, great Coach! My guess is Carmen today. She was pretty quiet this morning! Great WOD.

  5. Definitely Jose. For those that went to the Oly classes and paid attention, his snatch is just dreamy. Amy couldn't keep her eyes off of it. It made us all uncomfortable.

    A) 155# (3 lb PR)
    B) 4:32 (I say 4:31, but Asa screwed me out of a second - a 46 sec PR vs. last May)

    1. haha! That's true!!!
      Great job on both PR's!

  6. Wow I feel so popular on the blog this morning!!
    A) 105# not a PR and pissed about it
    B) 5:29 RX (PR - did not finish 75 reps in the 6 min cap last attempt. Completed 64 snatches on 5/22).

  7. A) 95# snatch
    B) 55# - Got 65 reps in 6:00. Finished 75 reps in 7:36.
    That was tough!

  8. Man I love a strength wod to bad I'm at work well looks like I'm going to be snatching pt's today to compensate for wod

  9. A) 160# snatch
    B) 7: 54 RX

    Slower than my previous time but my wrist felt way better!

  10. Rowed 1:30 on 30 off 5x with 3 min rest then repeated..couldn't run cause of rain
    A) #210 snatch (5 pound PR with all the soreness)
    B) "randy" 2:49 Rx (idk by how much but PR Forsure
    C) 6x6 single arm dumbbell row
    D) 1x2 hang clean #185

  11. 115# which is a pR from 80#

    Finished Randy in 4:14, RX super excited about that time as well.