Monday, April 25, 2016

2016 May Meltdown Nutrition Challenge

 Sign up HERE by May 6th for $29.95.   (cost includes a t shirt!)
After May 6th cost is $39.95.

May 9-June 4

10 minutes:
Strength: Work up to a heavy single snatch (power or squat)
Endurance: work up to a heavy single snatch, then row 1000m
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power snatch 115/75 (L2 75/45, L1 45/15)
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.
Post reps for each of the 5 cycles.
EMOM 5 min
3-7 unbroken CTB pull ups
MOB WOD:  set clock for 4 min
Min 0-2: partner bully stretch
Min 3: lunge  R
Min 4: lunge L


  1. A) 95# 1-arm barbell snatch (left wrist felt great so may be ready for snatches and OHS soon)
    B) 4,4,4+1,4+10,3+4 60# 1-arm DB snatches (push ups felt great! First time since 16.5 :))
    C) optional - 7,7,7,7,7,3,7 (that was a little tough)


  2. Strength: 105# UGLY... No other comment necessary

    4+?, 3+?, 3+?, 3+?, 3+? RX

  3. I didn't feel like working out this morning but soooo glad I did.

    85# on the 1RM is not a true 1RM, I was just not feeling it today.

    4+5, 4, 3+17, 3+13, 3+12 RX

    Hoping my knees, quads and hips feel better after my appointment with Asa tonight.

  4. Replies
    1. Felt surprisingly decent today after yesterday's beating. Wasn't looking forward to more push-ups and squats, but it wasn't too bad. Maybe the soreness will hit today. Not in any condition to attempt a max snatch, but had a decent WOD trying to keep ahead with the ladies.

  5. Fun WOD this morning!
    3,3,3,3,3 RX

  6. This one looks like fun, but I'll have to settle for a 2 mile walk and 50 burpees in sets of 10.

  7. PR on Squat Snatch 150 lbs. Got under 155 twice but slight shift and dropped both, so got it easy next time!
    Wod rxd 5, 4+3, 3+16, 3+6, 4+1 Did not feel good at all. The heat was really getting to me, or maybe it was the traveling back home today. With traveling, didnt want to push it with optional.

  8. #205 on snatch felt a little rusty comming off a weekend of rest. But It helped get me refocused.
    Pulls were really high just have to work on my drop and keep tight. I feel some really big jumps comming in my lifts WOD rxd 5+16,4,4,4+9,4+3 and did the optional 7 every time