Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 rounds
Min 1: 3 strict press +20-30 DU (60-90 singles)
Min 2: 3 strict press
Min 3: 5 push press +20 jumpimg lunges
Min 4: 5 push press
Min 5: 7 jerk +5 burpees
Min 6: 7 jerk
Min 7: rest, add weight
Start at about 80% of your strict press and increase weight each round.
50 HS shoulder taps
5 min HS walking practice
1min: banded shoulder distraction R
1 min: banded shoulder distraction L
1 min: pec stretch R
1 min: pec stretch L


  1. 95,105,115 (DUs - 30,30,19)
    3rd round - only 2 strict press in min 1 & 2

    Fun WOD! Thanks TWF for the push pull.


  2. Those quads!!!!

    Fun WOD. 95, 105, 115 w/ 30 dubs. Did yesterday's CTB optional 7, 7, 5 x5. Then I fell over 2x trying the HS shoulder taps & called it a day.

  3. Dang it... Missing a good one today! I tried to get some reps in while coaching using the PVC of course. Great turn out for the 5 am!! Way to go everyone!

  4. pumped for this one! Tues/Thurs were so much cardio the past few weeks. see ya tonight

    1. You'll be breathing hard :)

    2. Newbie weight: 35, 45, 55. 1 set was easy. Last set was tough. Had to half the lunges on set 3.

      Cool down with 1500m row because fuck being fat.

  5. Pretty fun until I almost knocked my teeth out lol..
    115, 135, 145 WOD
    Optional 50 shoulder taps (modified with box)
    5 min hs walk, made a little obstical course and made it through!
    Then 3x5 snatch balance #135
    Of coarse Rom WOD

  6. Wod rxd with 90-95-100lbs
    NO optional since wrist is tweaked

  7. I want legs like Alma someday!

  8. It was great to workout again although its still a bit hard to breathe. Still recovering from pneumonia. Also did my first handstand hold in about 6 months!
    Since my wrist feels better I decided to clean my reps, also for the first time in 6 months. It felt awesome! I'm easing back into i though.

    65#, 75#, 75#

  9. 55#, 65#, 85# RX
    Fun WOD, DUs felt good.