Monday, April 18, 2016


Even: Power snatch  + 2 Snatch balance
Odd: add weight
* (if you can go heavier on the snatch balance than the power snatch, use a rack when you get to that point)
For time:
100 overhead squat 95/65, L2 75/45, L1 45/15
*Anytime the bar leaves the overhead position, immediately perform 15 box jumps 24/20 (SCALE with step ups and shorter box)
30 med ball toes to bar 20/14 (ball touches bar)

MOB WOD:  set clock for 4 min
Min 0-2: partner bully stretch
Min 3: lunge  R
Min 4: lunge L


  1. A) close grip 45,55,60,65,75 (1x5s)
    B) 20:35 L2 close grip (15,15,15,15,15, then on the collars 11,3,11) with box jumps


  2. Replies
    1. Ok I'm gonna try to beat this time!! Great job coach!

    2. You're gonna kill my time!!! Can't wait to hear your time!! Box jumps - ha!!! I tried 1 box jump and my legs were dead. Moved to step ups immediately for safety reasons!!!

    3. I'm hung over, but this one has piqued my interest. May give it a go at 4:30. Craft beer and hot wings are great fuel for squat intensive WODs, right? I may do it outside, just in case...

    4. Only you could have a dreadful disaster of such and show your face the next day proudly!

  3. Asa, Jason.... I got exertion headache on last Monday workout... then I did not try any workout until last Friday. I didn't have headache before that workout but I get that started in start of the workout...Today I don't have headache and I don't want to miss my workout...what should I do...Coaches please Help...... Qasim

    1. Qasim,

      Is it possible you are dehydrated? What are your meals looking like since you've started working out?

    2. Thanks Alma, it could be that, I am very strict to my diet, I eat fish/Chicken/beans and Green Salad most of the time... No red meat/No Fast Food/ No Soda's/ No Pasta's etc. what ever you think is bad I don't eat that..... But I don't drink lot of water...

    3. Just adding one thing...I never have this pain in my first 10 workouts..

    4. Qasim, Come in this afternoon, and we'll see what we can do.

    5. Qasim,

      For you being so new to Crossfit, you are an exceptional athlete. With that said, we would like to keep you that way. As athletes, sometimes we forget the most important part of staying fit. REST. I am guilty of it myself for sure. When you come in this afternoon, listen to Asa and the other coaches. Trust me we have your best interest in mind. Also, Steven went through a similar situation. He took about a week off and came back rested and refreshed. You might need to do the same.

    6. Jason you are one of my best coaches! Please don't say like that, I read plenty of stuff online it can happen to anybody who do the high intensity workout. ITs nobody's fault.

  4. Did a modified version of today's WOD here at home. Asa came home, held the baby and coached me!
    EMOM 10 min
    4 alt DB snatch 15lb
    5 good morning press outs 10lb db
    100 OHS with broom (no PVC pipe)
    had to stop 3x for box step ups on to 16" box for total of 45 step ups
    Total time either 7:17 or 7:47 can't remember!
    Thanks Asa! Wouldn't have done this wod without your coaching! Hamstrings already feeling sore!

    1. I'm positive it was 7:17 knowing you! Nice job!

    2. Haha! Thanks! Asa corrected me to 7:19. Close enough!

  5. Emom was 95, 105, 115, 120, 125
    Wod rxd 6:37 surprised I only had to break up once: 65/35
    Optional: I did somewhere around 20, but couldnt focus on holding on to the med ball :) with only 8 lbs

  6. I was able to get to 85# on the EMOM. I thought we had one more minute and was going to attempt 95#, Melissa's starting weight. Haha

    I finished the WOD is 11:04, I love OHS! Box jumps were tough, I wasn't able to connect them as usual but still jumped.

    Took me forever to finish the 30 med ball toes to bar. I almost knocked Yessi out from the back with a flying 8# med ball.

  7. #195 EMOM
    7:43 on OHS broke 4 times came into this week real sore could never really get going on EMOM Or the OHS. We'll definitely rom WOD a lot today.