Friday, April 8, 2016

AMRAP 13 min:
55 handstand push-ups
55-calorie row
55 wall-ball shots
55 deadlifts 225/155

Accumulate 3 min in a hollow hold.


  1. 72 (started with row, 6 HSPUs to 1 abmat, 11 to 2 abmats)

  2. Definitely should have scaled this one if I wanted to get a good workout in. Was planning to, but the abmats were all spoken for. Too much walking around betwixt sets of HSPU. 95 rx

  3. 135 RX, I broke the HSPUs up in sets of 5, knocked each set out as fast as I could in order to allow myself a little more rest in between. The last two sets of 5 were not unbroken. The row was not bad at all, the wall balls were not fun. I kept catching the ball with my face instead of my hands, not fun when you have a metal mouth.

  4. 151 heavily modified hspu with 2 ab mats, 14#