Monday, April 11, 2016

EMOM  12 Minutes
Even: Hang Power Snatch + Power snatch
Odd: 1 rope climb (modify with rope 3 rope pulls or 5 strict pull ups or 5 ring rows)
*aim for all sets 70%-90% of 1RM
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
10 Power Snatches, 95/65
10 Box Jumps, 24/20
10 Burpees
Unbroken HSPU
Strict, kipping modify with abmats, or do heavy DB presses!
Min 0-2: partner bully stretch
Min 3: calf stretch R
Min 4: calf stretch L



  1. great workout except for the fall I took doing a box jump. I was a real trooper. I got back up and finished my WOD! Note to self: Keep your eyes on the box. Have a great day everyone!!!!!

  2. A) 105# close grip
    B) 3+27 RX
    Optional - 7-10-5-8 (kipping, 2 abmats. Still working on it.)


  3. A) 100#
    B) 4+2 RX
    No optional - bummed ran out of time.

  4. A) 100#
    B) 6 rounds RX
    OPT) I went down to 1 and back up to finish the 8s, my little spaghetti arms couldn't go any further, especially my right arm.

    I tried to stay ahead of Melissa because I knew she would catch up but had to break my snatches up eventually, I sprinted on my last 10 burpees to finish the 6th round. Loved it!

  5. A) 2@105, 2@115, 1@120, 1@125
    B) 6 rds rx'd - Just tried to stay with Alma :) Did PS unbroken whole time, step ups to catch my breath. First 3 rounds were 4:50, then second 3 rds were 5:10. Very happy with the consistency

  6. A)1@95#, 3@115#, 2@120#
    B) 3+10 Rx

  7. A)1@155# 1@165 1@175# 1@185# 1@195#
    B) 5+11 Rx thanks Asa for the push!
    Completed the optional in about 35 mins I want to get it in under 10