Saturday, April 16, 2016

For time:
Cash in - Run 400m
150 KBS
on the minute stop and complete:
even: 10 air squats
odd: 5 burpees
Cash out - Run 400m


  1. 13:17 with 35 lb KB. Runs did not feel good but kept 15-20 swings every minute

  2. Should've seen everyone's face when u took off on your second run. We were all dumbfounded. I think I may have been on swing number 25ish. It was priceless. #lastplaceforme

  3. i was hoping Melissa wanted to finish my reps for me. But alas...

    23ish minutes, cashed out at 100 kbs reps. Tough workout.

    finished up by coming home and cleaning out the gutters. :)

  4. 3 mile walk with family.
    100 KBS 18lb