Friday, April 15, 2016

Can you find Jose?

12 min AMRAP of "DT"
12 Deadlift, 155/105
9 Hang power clean, 155/105
6 Push jerk, 155/105
Modify so that you can complete 5 rounds.
Post rounds to comments
Accumulate 3 min in a hollow hold.
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  1. Ohhh DT... I remember you thanks to this awesome rip on my thumb.
    4+8 RX

  2. 4+18 Rx, a little break, then finished it up. I mean, it is a hero WOD...
    Wish it was for time, but I'll get it under the cap next time.

    1. I swear you were 1 more round ahead of me... And we didn't have our game of Horse - damnit.

      Next week...

  3. Awe man!!! a Strenght WOD I'm excited!!! This is my Kind of work out =D

  4. 5+16 RX

    I was excited about this WOD but my arm is still a little tight. I couldn't move as fast as I wanted to. The WOD kicked my butt but I wanted more of an ass whopn'.

  5. 8+5 rx'd Felt really good, I think I should have rested a little less.