Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Strength: 10 min to find working weight for back squat (if you don't need the full 10 minutes, work on endurance)

Endurance: 3x500m row sprints, rest as needed between sprints.

3 rounds for time of:
10 BS (225#/155#)
400m run

*Back squats can be taken from the floor or a rack.

3x 8 GHD back extensions with 5 second hold at the top position
rest 90 seconds
3x 5 strict toes to bar with 3 second hold in L-sit position on the decent
-rest as needed

MOB WOD:  set clock for 4 min
1min: calf stretch R
1 min: calf stretch L
1 min: lunge stretch R
1 min lunge stretch L


  1. Today was definitely not my fave combo of movements... But powered through the run.
    13:21 RX
    Bonus work: little game of horse with Travis and toes to bar... Bar muscle up complexes were thrown in the mix, and I racked up H-O... Then ran out of time. It was super fun!!

    1. Great job! Carmen inspired me to push harder than I had in me. 95# back squats felt tough... :)

      12:51 with 205#


  2. Horse game was mucho fun. Let's do HSPU and DU next time.

    Couldn't chase down Connor on the last run. I had to break BS, even at 205#. Lame.

  3. 9:37 Rx'd with 155lbs, legs were jello the entire wod but still unbroken squats

  4. 10:53 with 145#, the back squats were tough but I think I could've managed to get it done with 10# more. The optional was fun, coming down to that L-sit without swinging was a challenge. I also got 10x10 GHD sit-ups, some strict pull ups and stretched out my calves and quads.

    I was able to get a ROM WOD routine in before the class. My body is screaming for a day off so I might do that today.