Monday, May 2, 2016

This Saturday, May 7th, we will only have 1 class @ 7:30am! Get your wod in and then come join a few of us here:
2016 May Meltdown Nutrition Challenge
Sign up HERE by May 6th for $29.95.  After May 6th cost is $39.95.
May 9-June 4
Strength: 8 min to find a heavy thruster
Endurance: find heavy thruster, then row 500m as fast as possible
12-9-6 reps for time of:
Thruster 165/115
CTB pull ups
*or use 70-80% of 1rm thruster
5 min AMRAP bar muscle up! No bar muscle up? Spend 5 minutes working on muscle up progressions on the bar or the low rings.
MOB WOD:  set clock for 4 min
2 min: Pigeon stretch R
1 min: floor shoulder stretch
2 min Pigeon stretch L


  1. Great WOD this morning!! Tough for sure - but I felt great this morning!! Excited about the PR...
    A) 130#
    B) 13:13 RX

  2. HEAVY for lil' ole me. Couldn't match my thruster PR. Bummer. 11:49 Rx on the WOD. Did more of a 5 min EMOM BMU optional. Trying to string them together. Close, but no cigar. Felt good for a Monday.

    1. Probably ok not to pr day after a hero wod! :) Fast wod though! Good job!

    2. Thanks. It sure felt slow. This is one the strong kids will crush.

  3. No heavy thruster. Just did some slow, controlled goblet squats.
    thrusters 55lbs
    pull ups (sort of strict but with a little kip)
    didn't start the clock, wish I had! Guess it was a wod for quality!

  4. Worked up to 165# started the WOD but didn't feel right. Need to work on bar placement and control before I go heavy again. Did it at #95 2:32.
    Then main site cf WOD
    20 min AMRAP
    10 strick knees to elbow
    20 alt pistols
    30 ft hs walk
    Finished with 7+8
    Rom WOD

  5. A) 160 (old PR is 165) Tried 170 but denied
    B) 4:49 rx'd I was not sure how the thrusters would go but only broke up the set of 9!

    1. Wow!! That's awesome - you should have done it twice!

    2. THanks but NO! My quads are already feeling it! :)

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  7. A) 135#, 8 minutes wasn't enough time, it's a 5# PR but I think I could've got at least 140#

    B) 9:18 RX I keep trying to figure out where I could've gone faster...