Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 3 of May Meltdown! Have you completed the Baseline WOD yet? If not, find some time and get it done! Record you score in the challenge book at the box. Watch the video on how to measure that went out in the email, find a buddy, and get your measurements in the book too!

CrossFit North Mesquite will host an in house member's only competition on Saturday, June 4! This is the day that the May Meltdown ends! Celebrate with a friendly competition, great food, and awesome people! Mark your calendar! We will announce the wods soon so you can start preparing!
Min 0,1,2: 5 muscle snatch
Min 3,4,5: 5 power snatch
Min 6,7,8: 3 OHS (43X1)

1,000 Meter Row
Directly Into
21 – 15 – 9:
Kettlebell Swings 53/35

OHS 135/95

3 rounds for quality
10 GHD back extensions with 2 second pause at top/parallel to the floor (45#/35# bar on back)
15 Ab mat sit ups with barbell (45#/35#)
2 min: KB box hamstring stretch
1 min: couch stretch R, L


  1. B-banana almond butter
    L-arugula and chicken, tomatoes and snap peas
    D-bacons and eggs and tomatoes

  2. B - pancake (eggs and banana)
    L - zucchini spaghetti, chicken, grilled onions and bell pepper, pico, and guacamole
    D - chipotle bowl (lettuce, barbacoa, tomato, guacamole)
    S - mango

  3. B - eggs; banana; lots of water
    L - chipotle bowl with lettuce, double chicken, hot sauce, guac; lots of water
    D - grilled chicken; spinach; lots of water

    Yesterday's wod was lotsa fun - my abs are talking to me today.

    Go Team AM

  4. B-eggs with kale, spinach and bacon
    S- blueberries and cherries
    L- grilled salmon with 1/3 of a roasted sweet potao and roasted broccoli
    S-Apple with almond butter
    D-ribeye with sweet potato and a spinach salad with eggs, and pecans

  5. B - protein shake, 2 boiled eggs
    L - small sirloin, broccoli, roasted roma tomato
    S - curry cashews
    D - protein shake, avocado, boiled egg

  6. 5/10/16
    B - fast
    Post-WOD - protein shake
    S - 1/2 hamburger patty and cashews
    L - fast
    S - cashews
    S - hamburger patty and whole avocado with a few cashews
    D - chicken breast and kale salad


  7. B: 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, sautéed kale
    S: apple w almond butter
    L: brisket, cabbage
    S: walnuts, green smoothie (kale, almond butter, 1/4 banana, blueberries, coconut milk)
    D: huge kale, carrot, tomato salad with chicken breast. dressing balsamic vinegar and olive oil
    S: walnuts

  8. 64oz water
    B- Egg n Turkey Bacon Omelet & Coffee w/ghee

    L- Venison Lettuce Wraps

    S- Cut Fruit & Walnuts

    D- Turkey Burger Patty w/pico, Spinach & Avocado. Sweet Potato Fries.

    S-Mixed Raw Veggies

  9. B- bacon and eggs
    Lunch - salad
    Dinner- chicken and broccoli

  10. B - boiled egg and protein shake
    L - baked chicken, mixed vegetables and small amount of blackberries $ blueberries
    S - blackberries
    D - no dinner.

    Had well over 64oz of water

  11. Day 2-
    B:Protein Shake w/Almond milk
    L: 1/2 gala apple, grilled chicken, baby carrots
    D: Rotisserie Chicken, Sweet Potato w/ butter, Tea w/spenda
    S: Protein bar
    AM Team!

    1. Todays WOD was Killer!
      #75 17:30 #45KB #75 bar

  12. B: eggs, turkey bacon & spinach
    S: almonds
    L: ground beef and veggies
    D: grilled chicken and veggies

  13. I very much enjoyed today's WOD. Looking forward to the day when I'm all growed up and can Rx the heavy barbell WODs. I'm glad there's no video of the barbell sit-ups. Awkward.

  14. Bacon and banana
    Salad with chicken

  15. Just got back from California Monday night. Tuesday was pure catch up, taking kids to doc, trying to get back in the swing of things. I started the day off pretty good. Breakfast I had eggs and turkey bacon. Lunch was chicken, apples and almond butter. Dinner I had meatball soup and then I fudged up and had a couple mini chocolate bars.

    Im trying to get back on Dallas time and get mentally back on track. No more excuses. I'll see you all tomorrow, I planned out my meals for today so wish me luck!!

    Veronica Ayala team AM

  16. Todays menu
    B 2 eggs w avocado
    S protein shake
    L chicken brocilli squash
    S almonds
    D- roast,green beans& salad with tomato basil dressing

  17. Day 2 Meals:
    B: 2 scrambled eggs, broccoli, 1/3 sweet potato, guacamole, coffee
    L: ground beef and cabbage skillet w/ tomatoes
    S: apple w/ cashew butter
    D: baked chicken w/ salsa and salad

  18. B - eggs, jalapeno, onion, omelette, coffee, water
    L - baked fish, jalapeno, asparagus, brussel sprouts
    D - roast,salad

    Team A.M.

  19. 5/10/16
    Beef with eggs greens and salsa
    Cucumber tomatoes
    Boiled egg
    Super green salad with half chicken breast and steamed veggies
    Raw almonds
    Bacon wrapped baked chicken lettuce wraps with coconut oil cooked sweet potatoes

    Coffee with coconut milk(unsweetened) and splenda

  20. Day 2
    B: eggs, salsa, half avaocdo
    L: broccoli, chicken
    S: half avocado
    D: vegan protein shake

  21. B- omelette with spinach and bacon
    S- banana
    L- chicken pho with out the glass noodles
    S- cashews
    D-protein shake
    GO PM team :)

  22. B - Protein Shake
    L - Grilled chicken breast, avocado, pico
    S - Small Gala Apple
    D - Chicken, sweet potato w/ butter, tea

  23. B - Banana, eggs
    S - apple
    L - meatloaf
    D - chicken, carrots, broccolli

  24. A) 65#, 85#, 65#
    B) 12:48 (4:08 row, 35#, 65#)

    B - protein drink and coffee
    L - shrimp and cauli rice with tomato Cajun sauce
    S - egg salad
    D - hodgepodge of things. Riley ate my dinner... I didn't starve don't worry.

    Cal - 1516 | P 149 g | C 101g | F 58 g

  25. 5/10/16 meals
    B-protien shake
    S- sweet potato
    L- tuna eggs and avocado
    D- homemade Shrimp cocktail

    Go team PM

  26. 5/10/16
    B-1 boiled egg, slice of bacon
    S/L-Root Canal
    S-small protein shake w fruit and almond milk
    D-1 chicken tender and small salad
    Go PM team!

  27. Day 2

    Breakfast: Omelet, bacon, 2 slices of avocado
    L:Pork & Summer Squash
    Snack: Apple & Cashews
    Dinner: turkey patty, green peas
    Snack: slice of Bacon

    Go Night WODer's!

  28. B: 2 boiled eggs , banana
    L: salad and grilled chicken
    S: almonds Apple
    D: olives roasted turkey plantains and hot sauce

  29. A) 75#/ 100#/ 85#
    B) 20:03 RX

    Those OHS were tough!

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  31. B - protein shake, boiled egg
    S - boiled egg
    L - pork chop, mushrooms, spinach salad w/tomato and onion
    D - Canadian bacon/egg muffin, avocado

  32. B- eggs and bacon
    S- almonds and ham
    L- salad
    S- half of a grapefruit
    D- sweet potato & sausage

  33. B: Protein shake
    S: carrots and cashews
    L: steak, sautéed kale and garlic, avocado
    S: blueberries w/ coconut cream and shredded coconut
    D: turkey sausage
    S: pear, cashews

  34. B- Eggs sausage and spinach
    L- Rotisserie chicken w/ avacado
    S- the rest of the rotisserie chicken w/ avacado
    D-Salmon and green beans

  35. B:Apple with almond butter
    S:Kind bar
    L: Grilled chicken salad
    S: BlackBerries, sliced turkey
    So, I've had the worst allergies today and just trying to three and I cheated. Had veggie enchiladas. Tomorrow is a new day.

    1. Haha I had Enchiladas too! I mean I wish I did. ;-)

  36. Yesterday's meal
    B 2 Eggs, Sweet potato, 2 slices of bacons, banana, and coconut h20.

    L Rostisserie Chicken, Sweet potato, and dry salad.

    D 2 Chicken and Spinach enchiladas and dry salad. (I know, I know)

    S Protein Shakes, Banana, and Apples

    Today I had my withdrawals and felt like crap. It was worse during today's WOD but I think the humidity and lack of calories played a part.

    Team PM

  37. Worked late but just finished a workout at home.
    Breakfast banana and water
    Lunch steak and side Salad
    Dinner steak and asparagus
    #determinedmode #missingthebox

  38. Worked late but just finished a workout at home.
    Breakfast banana and water
    Lunch steak and side Salad
    Dinner steak and asparagus
    #determinedmode #missingthebox

  39. -Protein shake
    -4 egg omelette
    -Paleo Chili
    -Chicken stir fry
    -Protein shake

  40. -Protein shake
    -4 egg omelette
    -Paleo Chili
    -Chicken stir fry
    -Protein shake

  41. Lift: 75/95/75
    WOD: 18:30 RX
    Should have been faster, but felt sick.

  42. B- Bacon, two scramble eggs
    S- Shake, almonds
    L- Salad w/ Salmon
    S- Cherries
    D- Chipotle Salad Bowl w/ Barbacoa