Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May Meltdown participants! This is week 2. It's time to get your waist  measurements in the challenge book (and any other measurements you decided to track). Make sure you are getting your post in before midnight for it to count!
5 rounds for time:
5 SDHP 135/95 (modify with lighter weight, very beginners can even use a KB)
10 bar facing burpees
20 sit ups
1min: cobra
1 min: down dog
2 min: calf stretch R
2 min: calf stretch L
2 min: KB box hamstring stretch
 3x3 (each set unbroken):
5 second ring support hold, 5 second lower, 5 second  hold at bottom of dip, strict ring dip.


  1. B-banana and almond butter
    L-beef pineapple tomatoes radishes
    D-steak sweet potato green beans

  2. B- protein shake
    Snack- cashews
    L- Cesar Salad
    D- ground beef and broccoli

  3. B-protein shake
    S- 2 sm orange
    L spinach salad and grilled chicken
    S- handful raw almonds
    D- banana,protein shake

    PM team!

  4. 5/16/16
    B - bacon, kale, eggs
    S - cashews
    L - bacon, kale, eggs with boiled eggs and cashews
    D - AMAZING salad then ground beef with cabbage and spinach

    Team Rise with the Rain!

  5. B - Apple
    L - chipotle bowl, barbacoa, lettuce, fajita veggies, tomato, and guacamole
    D - zucchini spaghetti and ground turkey and avocado

  6. B- egg greens bacon
    S- boiled egg cucumbers carrots cashews
    L- salad with steak Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes
    D- zucchini noodles with beef and mushrooms in light coconut milk.

  7. B - eggs,bacon, coffee, water
    L - chicken and salad
    D - steak and salad

  8. B - Protein shake w/Almond Milk & baby Spinach
    L - Grilled chicken, roasted aparagus, zucinni
    D - Pot roast/carotts
    S - protein bar/jerky

    AM Team

  9. B- sausage patty and small fruit bowl
    L- fasted
    S- cashews
    D- 3 scrambled eggs with mixed in chopped jalapeño pepper, white onion, garlic, real bacon bits & small piece of cut up pork loin and sliced tomato/avocado on the side.

    Tons of water all day.

  10. B-egg muffins with sausage, kale and spinach and 1/3 of a roasted sweet potato


    L-roasted chicken and roasted brussell sprouts

    D-beef and broccoli

    I got a heavier wire and thicker bands for my braces yesterday morning so eating was painful last night and this morning.

  11. B: 2 eggs, spinach, grilled onions and coffee
    L: grilled chicken, cabbage, grilled onions
    S: Blackberries
    D: Grilled chicken and salad
    S: Larabar

  12. B eggs and 1/2 avocado
    s almonds
    l meatballs & squash& zucchini
    S protein shake
    D Steak and sweet potato

  13. B protein shake
    S mango, strawberries, fresh coconut
    L chicken, steak, salad w nuts
    S protein shake
    D cashews, kale, sweet potato, seaweed
    S blueberries w coconut cream

  14. B: bacon, eggs, kale
    S: apple, almond butter
    L: turkey deli meat, 2 hot dogs, no bun, green smoothie (coconut milk, 1/2 banana, frozen mango, kale, 1tbs almond butter)
    D: huge salad, cabbage, ground beef, mixed veggie stir fry

    Go Night WODers!!!
    S: banana

    1. today's WOD
      10:57 (75lb on first 2 rounds felt heavy and not explosive enough so did last 3 rounds at 65lbs)burpees felt great, sit ups were slow

    2. Carmen and I were surprised to feel the same way. Connor asked what the worst part was and we both thought it was the sit ups. They seemed to take sooo long. Glad your back WOD-ing. Don't get too good too fast though. Asa is delicate.

  15. B: Egg muffins with sausauge
    L: failed...oven roasted turkey sandwich and iced latte
    S: failed....oatmeal cookie, macadamia nuts, and walnuts
    D: fish, shrimp, and carrot soup and pork chops with tomato and bell pepper

  16. B- protein shake
    L- tuna, eggs and avocado
    D- ground turkey mixed with sweet potato and mixed green veggies
    S- almonds and blueberries

    Team night WOD'ers

  17. B - banana, almonds
    L - chicken, broccoli
    D - chipotle, but it was only chicken, vegetables, hot sauce and guac!
    S - Protein shake

  18. B- egg, ham
    S- mango
    L- turkey pattie, green beans, avocado
    S- cashews
    D- Steak fajita salad

  19. B - Egg scramble w/ bacon, lean ground turkey, pico, & avocado
    L - Grilled chicken, baked zucchini
    D- Roast and carrots
    S - Trail Mix

  20. B: eggs, turkey bacon & spinach
    S: larabar
    L: ground beef and veggies
    D: same as lunch

  21. 5/16/2016

    B - 4 eggs scrambled, spinach, avocado, sausage, lots of water
    L - chipotle lettuce double chicken hot sauce guac, lots of water
    D - ground beef, spinach, asparagus, lots of water

  22. Day 7

    Breakfast: Skipped
    L: Brisket, cocked carrots
    Snack: Pistachios
    Dinner: Burger no bun, sweet potato fries
    Snack: Orange

  23. B - zucchini muffins
    S - boiled eggs
    L - spicy Cajun shrimp and cauli rice
    S - protein drink
    D - pork chop and asparagus

    10:39 RX

  24. 5/16
    B- applesauce
    L-grilled chicken, sweet potato and salad
    S- protein bar
    D-smoked chicken, nuts

  25. B. Kind bar
    L. Sweet potato, veggie burger...no bread or sauce.
    D. Grilled chicken, salad
    S. Cucumbers, cherries

    Rise & Grind

  26. wod rx'd+ with 105lbs in 8:30

  27. B- the usual boiled eggs, bacon, sweet tater, and coconut h20
    S- banana
    L- grilled chicken salad
    S- almonds and watermelon
    D- salad with beef

    Team PM

  28. Lemon/honey/cayenne pepper tonic (fasting) :)

  29. B - protein drink, boiled egg
    S - boiled egg, carrots
    L - chicken, asparagus, squash. avocado
    S - cashews, carrots
    D - chicken, crap ton of spinach and mushrooms

  30. 64oz water
    B- Smoothie Coffee w/ghee

    L- Chipotle Chicken Bowl

    S- 2oz Lunch Meat, Mixed Fruit & Walnuts

    D- Chicken Salad

  31. B: eggs and a banana
    S: walnuts and pecans
    L: FAIL! 1 chicken tender and a biscuit :(
    D: grilled chicken salad w/ an apple, egg, and carrots
    Felt pretty disappointed about my lunch but back at it today with healthier choices.

  32. Eggs bacon
    Chicken cabbage
    Chicken sweet potato

  33. Protein Shake
    B-4 egg omlette
    L-Grilled chicken, Salad, sweet potato
    D-Chicken Fajitas
    S-Protein shake

  34. B - eggs and sausage
    L - fish carrots and shrimp
    D- pork and asparagus

  35. Reaaly sore from yesterdays work out
    B eggs and a meat ball
    S Almonds
    L Chicken w tomatoes green beans mango
    S Protein shake
    D Chicken w tomatoes squash & zuchinni