Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This Saturday, May 7th, we will only have 1 class @ 7:30am!  No 8:30am class!

Get your wod in and then come join a few of us here:

May Meltdown starts next week!

2016 May Meltdown Nutrition Challenge
Sign up HERE by May 6th for $29.95.  After May 6th cost is $39.95.
May 9-June 4

Coach led For quality
3x5 Goblet squat (tempo 53x1) coach counts for the class

8 rounds
100m sprint (if injured and rowing, row 125m)
Max unbroken TTB
Rest as needed between rounds. Score=total TTB
3 rounds for quality
10 Turkish get up, 5R/5L (Medium weight)
8 KB good mornings
1 min: lunge stretch R
1 min: lunge stretch L
2 min: calf stretch R
2 min: calf stretch L


  1. Rest day. 1 mile walk with baby.

  2. Day 5 of ROMWOD did it with the boys.
    A) goblet squats with 5am and 9am using 10# KB
    B) watch some amazing ness on sprints and T2B from 5 & 9 classes


  3. Just did tempo goblet squats 26lb kb. 5x5

  4. Loved the tempo squats, I did mine with 53#. I wasn't able to get up to the number of T2B I wanted, just not feeling it. I got 104 T2B.

    I also did 10x10 GHD back extensions.

  5. Rom WOD
    Worked up to #185 hang squat snatch double
    Then 10 min EMOM #135 hang squat snatch doubles
    Temp squats were #70 Kbs
    Finished the WOD with 128, was going for 130+ but slipped off the bar