Sunday, May 15, 2016

Today will conclude the first week of the challenge! Do you have a go to recipe? Ours is ground beef and spinach on a sweet potato! Take some time today to meal prep for the week.


  1. B-veggie omelet with tomato slices
    l-fruit smoothie
    D- brisket, chicken, green tomato salad

  2. Eggs with spinach
    Steak and sweet potatoes

  3. B: Eggs with turkey sausage
    D: Cilantro lime grilled chicken, spinach, baked squash and okra

  4. Yesterday wasn't as successful...
    B - Paleo banana pancakes
    L - chicken and green beans
    D - chicken and rice
    S - cinnamon roasted pecans
    D2: steak and sweet potato fries

  5. Yesterday was a tough day after breakfast. Went to a music festival and there wasn't much of a selection.

    B - scrambled eggs with crumbled up sausage, onions and jalapeños. Sliced avocado and tomato.
    L - 2 hot dogs (no bread)
    S - 1 hot dog (no bread) and a grilled chicken tender
    D - none
    Drank tons of water

    1. Great job! It's tough when going out, but it can be as simple as skipping the bread!

  6. 5/14/16
    B - fasted
    S - bacon, egg, kale, bone broth
    L - fasted
    S - apple, cashews, boiled egg
    D - ground beef, onion, spinach on sweet potato


  7. B protein shake
    L carrots, eggs, bacon, sautéed veggies
    S brazil nuts, cashews
    D chicken, kale w garlic, banana
    S pear

  8. 5/14/16
    B- boiled egg/bacon
    S-almond butter
    L-ham slices
    S-raisins, applesauce
    D-chicken and slaw.
    Go PM!

  9. Yesterday I pretty much FAILED. the only thing that I had that was semi paleo was the BBQ we had in Tennessee. Nice road trip but I feel gross and today will be much better. My team still gets points for this post right?

    1. Yes, cheats don't penalize the team. Eating clean today will rid you of that gross feeling! It can be hard when on the road! Stay strong today!

  10. B: eggs, bacon, kale
    S: apple, macadamia nuts
    L: no time
    D: ground beef, spinach, onion, sweet potato
    S: frozen berries and macadamia nuts

    Go team Night WODer's!!!

  11. B: 4 slices of turkey bacon, 2 scrambled eggs
    L: Taco cabana combo steak/chicken fajitas, fajita veggies, no tortillias
    D: Chili's House Salad (No croutons or cheese), 6oz sirloin steak, tea
    S: peanuts
    Go Team AM!

  12. Did a family WOD. played deck of cards with my 3 daughters. Push ups, plank shoulder taps, step up/box jumps, double unders. And yall know i hate running so aces were just 100m. But I'll be damned if all 4 aces werent pulled anyway. Kids loved it. Gonna make it a standard sunday game and just mix up the elements.

    And I'm not in the may meltdown challenge, but i had awesome quessadillas yesterday with kick ass chips and salsa. But i am encouraged by everyone eating so healthy. Keep it up!

  13. Got my food prepared for next week , down 5 lbs and determined as ever. My new neighbors own a chocolate shop and brought over chocolate covered apples . I refuse to indulge. Staying strong and on plan.
    B eggs & avacado
    L chicken breast grilled, salad, vinergarette dressing, butternut squash
    S almonds
    D salad, fajita meat, tomato, onion

  14. B: egg, potato and bacon
    L: pecans and walnuts
    D: Chicken wings

  15. B- omelette with sausage, bacon, spinach and tomatos and a cup of coffee

    S- raw, unsalted almonds, cherries and blueberries

    L- Grilled salmon, guac and mixed veggies which consisted of mushrooms, spinach, carrots and red peppers

    I didn't eat dinner, I had a long test and by the time dinner rolled around I had a big headache so I just went to bed early.

  16. B - Eggs, turkey bacon, pico, avocado
    L - Fajita chicken/steak, sautéed onions/peppers, pico, guacamole
    D - Turkey, bacon, tomato/avocado slices, asparagus

  17. B: 2 eggs, bacon, pineapple, strawberries
    S: banana
    L: grilled chicken, sauteed cabbage
    D: hamburger patty, sweet potato fries, salad w/ oil & vinegar

  18. B-protein shake
    L- rotisserie chicken and spinach salad
    D- pork chop and broccoli
    S- frozen grapes

    Team night WOD'ers

  19. 5/14 meal
    B- eggs, bacon, and kumquats
    S- protein shake
    L- Grilled Chicken and Kale
    D- Ground Beef Patty and Salad

    Team PM

  20. I had to pack a cooler to take with me to the state track meet. It was so hard sitting next to people eating pizza, funnel cakes and drinking soda in that heat!
    64oz water
    B- Banana, Turkey Bacon & eggs

    S- Mixed Veggies

    L- Lettuce Wrap chicken Sandwich

    D- Smoked Turkey Leg, Brussel Sprouts & Mashed Sweet Potatoes

  21. B - protein shake
    L - chicken, Cole slaw
    D- sausage, sweet potato

  22. B- eggs bell peppers sausage
    L- protein shake
    D- fish / shrimp and carrot soup

  23. Dani...I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that's given in!! Yesterday made the 7:30 WOD which was awesome! Made the mistake of not eating until 2:00 and was sick hungry so I ate the first thing I could get my hands on....gluten free crackers. Dinner I ate lots of greens, bacon wrapped chicken, sirloin, and a little bit of bread.

  24. Protein Shake
    Chicken fajitas
    Grilled Chicken,Sweet Potato, and steamed veggies
    Ground beef Taco Salad
    Protein shake..

  25. B: larabar
    L: chicken and veggies
    S: almonds
    D: pork chops and veggues

  26. Day 5

    Breakfast: Spinach Omelet, baby carrots
    L: chopped Brisket, Sausage
    Snack: Apple
    Dinner: Braised Pork, Spinach, Polenta

  27. B-omelette(egg white only) salsa,2 bacon strips
    S-raw almonds,orange
    D- Mexican food for my birthday but skipped the rice,beans and the dessert :(